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Knowing these rules, you will receive a cornucopia of money


Do you keep money in the right place?

Esotericists say that in order for money to multiply, they need to find the right cache – a place where they will calmly accumulate their energy. They should not be placed where monetary energy is destroyed.

The first piece of advice is don’t hide your savings in the bedroom. The bedroom is a place of rest and the money will “loose" there, they will “sleep” there. The only exception is pay day. On this day, you need to bring the entire salary to the penny home and put it under the mattress. After sleeping on your savings, you can start spending them. Be sure – they will quickly return to you. Such a ritual shows that you are so rich that you sleep on money. And, as everyone knows, money goes to the rich.

Therefore, to be rich, never hide bills in the bathroom or toilet, because your "hard money" will float away like water. People who keep banknotes in the bathroom will always be in debt, without understanding why they do not accumulate and flow away. The same fate awaits those who keep money near the fireplace or stove. The energy of fire is detrimental to them! Money will "burn" in your hands.

But where your banknotes will definitely like it is in the living room or in the kitchen. If you keep money in the dining room or in the living room, where the movement takes place, then the money begins to work and "move" to increase. The living room is a place where the family gathers, a place where guests come. And guests, as you know, do not go empty-handed. Therefore, there is a constant circulation of the energy of joy and profit. Thus, the bills hidden in the living room will attract their fellows.

In the kitchen, savings work for the accumulation and growth of your wealth. It is good to keep money in closed jars of cereals, as they carry the energy of the reserve. An unexpected but effective move is to hide money savings in the refrigerator. So you can increase your fortune, and constantly ensure the availability of food in the house. You can not store savings near the gas stove.

Feng Shui experts advise keeping money in those banknotes in which green or purple color prevails. But the envelope in which you put the banknotes for storage should be red. If you make it yourself, enhance the action of the necessary energies, since the red color activates the monetary energy.

Remember! In order for your money to multiply, you must add it in the correct order. The smallest denominations of denominations should lie at the bottom, and larger large banknotes should always lie on top.

What is the right way to give money?

Another mistake is to transfer money from hand to hand, even if you pay for something. When paying, always put money on the counter or stand near the cash register (it is there not only for convenience).

The fact is that with money a person can transfer his energy, and not everyone has it healthy and clean.

Money taken from a bad or sick person will not bring good luck if you do not follow certain rules. It is best that, when handing you money, such a person puts it on something wooden: a tree has an excellent ability to extinguish bad energy. Well, if you didn’t manage to immediately “pass” the money through the “wooden strainer”, do it as soon as you come home or to work. Let the bills lie on the "tree" for half an hour – an hour.

This is especially true for paying off debts. Remember that debts are not repaid in the evening (money is already sleeping!) In general, money (like all nature) wakes up at dawn and falls asleep at sunset. That is why "he who gets up early, God gives to him." Don’t believe? Check it out in practice!

Any moral violation is an energy violation, and energy "takes revenge" on people for infringing on its laws, sometimes very cruelly … And always so cruelly and without any exceptions to the rules that it remains only to ask a meaningless question into space: why, why do I ?!

And if you say at this moment to a person: “For a careless attitude to money, for ignorance of the laws of their relationship with people”, the majority will not only not believe, but will be indignant, considering such an answer a mockery.

Move on. How to lend money so as not to incur damage yourself, and much more serious than financial.

Important advice!

Remember: you can lend even to your closest friends only those amounts that we can painlessly withdraw from our spending money, the amount the loss of which will not significantly hit your pocket, that is, as much money as you, in general, do not sorry to lose.

So, if it’s not difficult for you to lend three hundred conditional units, never give more, it’s better to give less, and it’s up to the debtor to take or not the amount you offer.

He will take it and not return it – it’s not a pity to lose such an amount; refuses – his problem: you are clean before the Higher powers, you did not refuse the person’s request, they offered a contribution that was feasible for you. If we are talking about the need for a large loan from fixed capital or one that plays the role of “irreplaceable currency units” in your house, set aside for personal needs, this can be done in one single case: under some kind of material security, provided that the amount is occupied for a specific period and will be returned not in parts, but all at once, in full!

Learn to tactfully refuse irresponsible friends, otherwise you will lose both money and friends.

Credits and loans

This is a rule in case you need borrowed money. Although it is better to avoid such situations, but in today’s life anything can happen …

Borrowing money is worth it only in extreme cases. If the villain-fate has left you with an empty wallet, then you have violated your bioenergetic balance, which sooner or later will lead to physical illness.

In hopeless situations, go to relatives or friends and ask for money, but only … for food – at the rate of 100 conventional units per day.

It is not worthwhile to arrange holidays with other people’s money, be content with the minimum amount: for bread, milk. It is useful to sit on a strict diet for several days, so that later you can rationally allocate the budget.

Other people’s money conflicts with their own money at very subtle sacred levels, but the consequences of these conflicts can be extremely destructive. The statement is absolutely true: "You take someone else’s – for a while, but you give yours forever."

Other people’s money corrupts, increases uncontrolled spending, attracts new debts to itself, and in the end drags the debtor into a debt hole, from which it is sometimes impossible to get out.

Important advice!

With a request for a loan, first of all, contact your relatives and friends – so that financial difficulties are resolved within the family. From an energy point of view, this is a redistribution of monetary energy among members of the same family, and not attracting someone else’s monetary luck with the subsequent return of one’s own.

attitude towards loans. Recently, a way to solve money problems with the help of loans has been widely advertised. Like, all of Europe and America live happily ever after on loans. On the one hand, a debt with interest, a loan is a short way to solve a major financial problem. This is the most acceptable compromise between your own and other people’s money.

Decide on a loan only when you are absolutely sure of its painless return and have calculated all the options on paper. On the other hand, by using a loan, you take away your future financial success and stability from yourself.

Remember a few "money" signs:

  • Never ask for a loan on Tuesday – otherwise you will be in debt for a whole year as if in silks.
  • You should borrow money only in the first week after the new moon, when the moon is just beginning to grow, and return it on the waning moon, after the full moon.
  • It is best to borrow in the morning or in the afternoon: even the smallest amount borrowed in the evening is very difficult to repay.
  • Borrow money in large denominations, and give in small ones, so that the Higher Powers see how much money you have collected by saving a ruble every day. Appreciating your diligence, they will continue to send you more money for basic expenses.

Also, do not forget that the primary field substance of money is an energy dump, in which you can find other people’s diseases, other people’s karmic working off, all kinds of bad luck of those who previously held them in their hands.

Simply put, other people’s money is dangerous, whether it is borrowed from an unkind person, found, stolen or received fraudulently. Money is a strange thing. On the one hand, it is only a means to achieve a certain goal, and on the other hand, it is a measure and a manifestation of the moral qualities of a person.

Such a concept as "sense of duty" is also applicable to material, monetary, moral debt, and this is not accidental.

In the days of the "damned" autocracy, there were such concepts as "honor" and "duty" – as synonyms, since repaying a debt was considered a matter of honor. The nobleman, who did not return the card debt, put a bullet in his forehead.

Today, in our long-suffering country, no one is going to repay the debts of millions of robbed people. Therefore, the attitude towards duty can be considered a mirror of the morality that prevails in society. Unpaid debts, along with theft, are sooner or later punished by the very energy of money and the things purchased with them.

Important advice!

Make sure that your loan, if there is no other way out, is necessarily secured by some material value, even if the lender resists, takes the word and is generally outraged by the attempt to guarantee a return. Anything can act as collateral – from real estate and a car (depending on the amount) to a VCR, a valuable painting, etc. It is best, if everything is in order with your work, to agree on the required amount on account of a future salary – this is a security, guaranteed in the sense that one way or another you will return the money to the lender at the expense of the upcoming deduction from the traditional amount, and certainly on time.

Your own gain from the right borrowing of money again has a lot to do with Destiny.

By borrowing "just like that" and delaying the return of the debt or returning it in parts, you simultaneously borrow a part of someone else’s fate. And if you get, for example, luck in business that was previously unusual at the same time, such a loan can have the most negative impact on your personal life, God forbid – on children, parents, relatives in general, which is not at all uncommon.

Knowing these rules, you will receive a cornucopia of money

How to accept money?

To begin with, consider the question of why it is right to accept money.

Money is a part of life energy, currently it is a measure of exchange. It is important to be able to accept money. I assume that you have already heard about the balancing of reception and return. That is, it is important to know how to give and receive. And this applies not only to money, but to any energy, love, gratitude, attention, warmth. That is, to be a kind of throughput vessel of energy.

Then, when we block some channel, in our case, the receiving channel, it affects the entire vessel, in our case, the physical body, it begins to suffer and the flow is distorted.

A little about the reasons. Most often this is a lack of information as it may be, a lack of information about oneself, a distorted self-esteem. That is, the unconscious perception of reality.

Now to the point. How to accept money for the benefit of yourself and for the benefit of others?

1 This is gratitude. It is very important at the time of reception to accept openly and with gratitude (money, gifts, help), without embarrassment and guilt. If this is in your life, immediately draw a conclusion about low self-esteem. If a person, on the contrary, takes it for granted, this indicates an overestimated self-esteem and position of the consumer.

In the case of a grateful reception, you calmly accept money into your space, and they do not flow out right away, you feel comfortable, calm and dignified. In addition, you thereby encourage the one who gave you money or made a gift or provided assistance. The other person accepts your feeling of gratitude and wants to do more, he is pleased, he experiences positive feelings and wants to experience them again. All is well))).

2 Don’t focus on scarcity. Like this? For example, you asked someone for help or for some amount of money or something like that. Another person responded, but only partially satisfied your request. He gave not the full amount, or helped, but partially to the best of his ability. And here, very often, people immediately switch to what is not enough for them, lack, lack, demand more or express dissatisfaction instead of accepting and thanking. A person is unlikely to have a desire to help you again, he experienced negative feelings at that moment, why should he do it again.

At the time of the reception, it is better to thank and direct your thoughts towards the fact that the part is already there, wonderful, it remains to accept a little more and the request will be satisfied. You are already grateful for what you have received, by the law of nature, you are expanding the space at this moment to receive more. Again, you encourage both yourself and the other. Everyone is fine.

3 Reception is always positive feelings. Strive to experience positive feelings while accepting, in this case you will have a connection. Gradually, you will attract with feelings, anticipating. Just remember what you experience yourself when you buy a thing that you like, when you give a gift and see feedback in the form of the joy of a child, in the form of gratitude from a loved one, in the form of delight from friends, etc. Give people feedback, and money will become your inseparable companions.

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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