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How to take and repay debts by day of the week.


Money is the essence of worldly affairs. Money is a sign of the matter of the world. Hence the understanding of many signs related to money. Hence the possible catastrophes in case of improper repayment of debts or in obtaining loans – because the most powerful energy transmitted along with money is not taken into account.

Today’s article is about signs regarding money and repayment of debts.

How to take and repay debts by day of the week.

So what day of the week is best to pay off debts?

The very idea of ​​lending money goes back to ancient times. However, like usury. Therefore, both loans and interest on loans have always not only existed, but also flourished under any civilizations strong enough to enable the transition from barter to market exchange to take place.

So a trail of all sorts of sayings, signs, superstitions and signs stretches behind usurers and debts right from ancient times, and what is most curious – according to signs for the days of the week and other superstitions, you can simply compare watches – they work perfectly! So, even we, modern people of the 21st century, need to know how to borrow money correctly – not only the financial condition of debtors and lenders, but also their emotional and even spiritual state directly depend on these nuances .

Since time immemorial , the moon has always been a reference point for people, and that is why the year was divided into twelve segments, called "months". And this is exactly what the moon is called, which completes the lunar phase. So, our people, long before Kievan Rus was formed, even then tracked the energy of the moon and knew exactly which days you can repay debts and which days you shouldn’t.

So I will tell you when is the best time to repay debts.

How to take and repay debts by day of the week.

So. Monday

If you wondered for yourself what day of the week according to the lunar calendar is best to repay the debt, then this is definitely not Monday! The week begins on Monday, and therefore he rightfully owns the symbolic meaning of the “eternal beginning".

It is impossible to repay debts on Monday, nor to borrow money, otherwise both debtors and lenders will, like Sisyphus, again and again drag stones of financial burden on themselves, and wealth will not come to home again and again.


On Tuesday, although the ancestors do not recommend, you can borrow money. The same is true regarding the return of debts – the ancestors do not order, but it is possible. But what absolutely cannot be done is to lend money to someone! There is an old belief that by lending someone big money on Tuesday, after some time you yourself will turn into a lifelong debtor.


On Wednesday, you can’t borrow money, but lending to someone or repaying your debt is fortunate. Wednesday is the middle of the week, this is the day of the highest working tone, so issuing a loan or repaying your debt on this day will bring financial and personal (!!!) growth)). How?!


Thursday always gives a powerful energy charge to money – “the power of return”, and therefore a person who paid off his debt on Thursday will very soon receive money that exceeds what he gave.


Friday is a day of fatigue and irritation, which are transmitted through money to other people. However, Friday is also a harbinger of a relaxing holiday, which together makes the return of debt on Friday very ambiguous. That is why it is important on this day to focus on the mood of the lender and on your mood – and if both have neither irritation nor fatigue, then everything will go quite neutrally, without excesses.


The energy of Saturday, in general, is such that there is nothing negative in returning debts on Saturday, and therefore it is still possible to do some business on this day, weekly fatigue contrasts well with a good rest and with an increase in tone. The main thing is to take into account the time of day on Saturday.


Sunday is the end of the week, when the eternal cycle ends energetically on this day, and therefore it is absolutely impossible to interfere with Sunday energy. And in general, doing some business on this day is a very bad idea in itself. Well, lending money to someone or repaying your debts is an absolutely harmful occupation – there will be no benefit. On the contrary, such actions on Sunday will only bring additional problems to both sides.

It is difficult to attribute this information to financial literacy, but, nevertheless, knowledgeable people say that it works)) Although, one can take all this with a grain of salt…

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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