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How to set yourself up for financial success?


The unfavorable economic situation developing all over the world is not associated with the word "success". This does not mean that you need to give up and wait until personal financial stability is destroyed to the ground.

Even in difficult times, success can be achieved. Only it will be expressed not in conquering new peaks, but in maintaining the current position. However, in a crisis, individuals manage to restructure their business in such a way that they become richer than they were in calm times.

What personal finance management strategies will help you get through 2022 with dignity? There are several.

Transition to the digital world

The pandemic contributed to the closure of shops, restaurants, cinemas. But people have not stopped eating, buying, watching movies. This activity has gone online. And it looks like a lot of people are still there.

Switching to virtual consumption can save money. Goods in online stores are often cheaper than in a store near the house.

As for earnings, he also moved online. Someone manages online boutiques, fills them with goods, keeps records, writes descriptions, photographs products …

Getting connected to the Internet world helps to get through difficult times. Even if you can’t save on purchases and find vacancies, chatting in support chats, in district groups will allow you to find solutions that make life easier.

Create a financial plan

Any path to a prosperous existence begins with the calculation of the budget. An analysis of the expenses and incomes of the past year helps to understand the prospects for the future period. That’s just the standards for profit and costs will have to be adjusted to the new realities.

Creating a financial plan for the coming months involves a number of steps.

1 Expenses study

Saving five thousand conventional units is easier than earning. So it is important to audit the costs, removing everything unnecessary from the plan.
Expenses must not exceed income. Against the background of unplanned vacations, layoffs, or a decrease in the number of freelance orders, it is very important to correct these articles in time.
Don’t expect things to get better tomorrow. It is better to immediately adapt to the amount of funds that is in stock and comes monthly.

How to set yourself up for financial success?

2 Tracking financial flows

The tougher the times, the more important it is to understand how much money is at your disposal. Special applications for personal finance accounting, spreadsheets in Excel, or even a paper notebook should become invariable companions of all financial transactions.
Financial accounting shows the real state of affairs, grounds. And it helps to weed out unnecessary expenses.

3 Adjustment of goals

Usually goals for the year are written in December. But in moments of crisis, they require immediate revision. Maybe you have to give up an expensive trip or a new car in order not to be afraid of a sudden dismissal? Or is it worth not to arrange a magnificent anniversary when you need to repair something in the apartment?

Goals should be achievable and realistic in a financial downturn. Extra disappointments are not needed: in a crisis, emotional stamina and courage are required. It helps to overcome difficulties.


Whatever crises occur in the country’s economy, the world adapts to them. Sometimes pretty fast. Successful completion of the year in a crisis is the preservation of those positions that were.

A competent approach to managing personal finances helps not to lose quality of life at times when savings are required. After all, you can always find ways not to give up the important, if the secondary ceases to draw resources.

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