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How to save more money


Has it ever happened to you that your salary is getting bigger, but you have not started to save at least 10% of it? Then you start thinking how to save more money. In fact, it is better to understand how to allocate finances – this will be discussed further.

Your income should not only be enough to live on: paying rent, food, etc. Your money should work for you, and this is possible only with proper handling of them. Here are a few secrets that will help improve the situation.


Write on a piece of paper “Do you really need this?" and put it in your wallet. Think about what goals you are saving for. After that, you will realize that the second cup of coffee is not such a necessary waste, which will also throw you one step back from the main task.

Make shopping lists

Sometimes we really want to buy something spontaneously. New perfume, T-shirt, expensive tea, etc. Something so attractively lies on the counter that it becomes difficult for us to pass by. The solution is simple – follow what you wrote a few hours ago.

cook at home

What is cooked at home is often cheaper and healthier than what is prepared in cafes and restaurants. In addition, this is an option even for those who have little time: there are hundreds of recipes on the Internet that can be made in half an hour.

Consider expenses and income

Now we almost always pay by credit card. Several times a month, analyze which categories of products and services you spent the most money on. It often turns out that “on Wednesday you bought a toaster that is gathering dust in the kitchen”, and on Sunday you left a considerable amount at the bar.

Pay yourself first

Everyone first gives money to the landlord, utilities, buys groceries, and so on. Try thinking differently: put money aside first. You will stop thinking about how to save more money and start looking for new sources of income. Therefore, you will be able to grow as a professional.

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