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How to publish your book


How to publish your book?

Before the eyes of new writers is the successful career of many writers whose books are being read and sold. Their fees can only be envied. The question arises how to publish your book and get a high income at the same time. There are several ways to monetize the gift of writing: use the services of a publishing house, participate in free Internet services, or even become a publisher yourself.

Consider each method, choose the best and cheapest. In order for the result to exceed your expectations before writing a future bestseller, it is important to understand the interests of the modern reader. The demand for a book will be high only when it touches on truly topical topics.

Publishing a book through a publisher

Every aspiring or experienced writer dreams of having their manuscript published by a major publisher. However, it is not so easy. After all, it is not enough to write an interesting detective story and send it to one of the giants of the publishing business: Eksmo, AST, Rosman and others. Only 3% of manuscripts pass a serious selection and are suitable for those series and projects that the publishing house is currently engaged in. The first step to success is researching the market and choosing a publisher whose series you buy are close to your favorite topics.

Before writing a manuscript, it is recommended to contact the publisher and evaluate your own strengths. Studying the best-selling series of a particular publisher will allow you to either adapt to the style of the authors participating in the project, or choose a different path. The fee of a readable writer reaches 7-10% of the cost of the book.

How to publish a book on your own through Internet services

To publish your book onlineLook up the tools you need online. Take advantage of Bookscriptor’s virtual publishing services. This site was created for independent preparation of the manuscript for publication and placement for further sale. The service itself will advise printing the nominal number of copies that will pay off and make a profit. At the same time, you do not have to print 2-5 thousand books at once, as in a classic publishing house. A dedicated print-on-demand or print-on-demand service helps you print exactly as many copies as you need at the time. The virtual publishing house author’s fee is not limited by the terms of the contract, as is the case with a large publishing house. Profit is accrued from each book sold, minus a service commission of 30%. This approach is much more profitable than traditional publishing.    

The question arises how to publish your book on the Internet, without adjusting to anyone. There is a way out, raise money to publish the publication on a crowdfunding platform according to the following scheme:

  • prepare interesting material;
  • contact the printing house to calculate the required amount for different print runs;
  • create a project on a crowdfunding platform;
  • interest in the offer as many people as possible who are ready to sponsor an interesting project;
  • raise funds and start publishing the manuscript.

This method is good, because the author does not risk his own money. A small amount of funds raised will be enough to publish the book in a small edition. With it, you will build your reputation and the next project will be successful. If finances are not enough, you will return the money to sponsors and promote another idea. The only problem is spreading the word about your book. This will require maximum creativity and some marketing knowledge.

Other ways to publish a manuscript

Consider other ways to publish your book in recent times. They involve the involvement of sponsors and advertisers:

  1. Search for a literary agent.

A literary agent is a person with well-established connections who is able to publish a literary work in a short time. In the West, the profession is popular and highly paid, but recently it is still gaining momentum. However, already now the author can write a talented work, find a good agent and convince him to sell your manuscript and you, as a novice writer. This method will require a lot of financial investments, but with a successful project, they will definitely pay off.

  1. Search for a sponsor for the publication of the manuscript.

Finding a sponsor for publishing a work will save your own money and help to conclude a profitable agreement for both parties. Prepare a business proposal for different circulations, agree on advertising on the first page, promise the appearance of an informational and advertising message in the media when the circulation is released. Here the main thing is to get an appointment with the director of the company and convince him of the success of his project. Then you can release the work at the expense of the sponsor. The main thing is to negotiate with the bookstore to sell copies.

  1. Participation in literary competitions.

Another way to publish a manuscript is to win a literary competition or receive a grant. Information about events can be found on the website vsekonkursy.ru. Prestigious competition – NOS, created for prose writers. Poetry Prize Logo-rhyme promises the winner to publish a collection of poems with a circulation of 50 copies. It’s a start for a budding writer.

  1. Become an individual publisher.

This method is considered the most expensive, since the author takes care of the costs.

These are not all ways of publishing your own work. Publication of the monograph is possible only through university journals. Choose a budget option and follow the plan to the end.

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