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How to make money with personal finance advice


What profession to choose?

How to become an expert in the field of financial consulting?

People often choose professions that are not in demand, but trendy.

Remember, in the 2000s it was “fashionable" to study law? Thousands of lawyers graduated.

Now you don’t have to sit out for 5 years, you can master the profession in a shorter period. And no one needs theorists. You need practices that will immediately show you what and how to do.

The market needs experts.

If you have worked 10 years in a bank, then you are in banking.

You have been working in accounting outsourcing for 7 years, you are not just an expert in accounting.

But what do I see now among the experts.

There are many new fashionable professions. For example, an Instagram manager, an online consultant, a copywriter…

Specialists begin to study hype topics and simply bury their expertise, which they have been developing for years.

They begin to compete with the young ones and completely devalue theirs. Beginners who are born with smartphones in their hands know how to sell themselves. Reduce prices and steal your customers!

Who is more comfortable with social media?

A 20-year-old girl or a 40-year-old bankruptcy expert?

And if the expert still decides to hit the hype topic, at the beginning, of course, he will enjoy it, but there will be no recognition of merits and decent pay.

If you already work with clients and are in contact with the financial sector, I suggest considering where there is no competition. Where your expertise is needed more than ever! And they are already waiting for you!

I’m talking about INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISERS (*NFC). Experts who put their finances in order first, help others and make money from it.

Independent financial advisers do not represent the interests of banks, brokerage and insurance companies. They do not have a task to sell a certain product. You will not argue with your conscience by offering something that the client does not need.

The main tasks of the NFC are to help the client deal with current finances, get out of debt, and competently manage assets. And you understand that now these are extremely relevant topics.

Now imagine.

The accountant sees that the entrepreneur is entangled in financial flows. Mixed up personal and corporate wallets, displays at random. The accountant offers to put things in order and creates a personal financial plan for the client.

The client will be grateful for such a service. The accountant will sober him up, bring him down from heaven to earth. After all, the numbers will show the reality. For such a consultation, the client will pay much more than for accounting services.

People are looking for experts to help them deal with debt and show them how to get started.

Do you want to learn new skills in the field of financial consulting?

Provide personal finance advice?

Tidy up your personal finances?

Study investments and become a specialist in them?

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