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How to make money on self-isolation: ways


How to make money in self-isolation?

Self-isolation does not slow down even after a long time. A large number of restrictions are forcing people to leave their usual places, to look for other ways to earn money. The question of how to make money on self-isolation is becoming one of the most relevant.

Fortunately, in order to have a stable remote income, you do not need to have a lot of narrowly focused skills. It is enough to put yourself into the mode of absorbing information and remember your old talents.

Job market demand

Most job search services are seeing an increase in demand for remote jobs. Earnings on self-isolation is relevant not only for young people, but also for already established professionals.
Some are trying to adapt to the conditions that have arisen and transfer their duties to a remote mode, while others, not afraid to take risks, are looking for a new area for themselves.

For companies, this alignment has advantages – you do not need to spend money on maintaining a workplace for an employee. Therefore, most of the enterprises that have the opportunity to conduct business in a self-isolation mode do not plan to return to their usual working course in the future.

Top best ways to make money on self-isolation

In order to make it easier to decide how to make money during self-isolation, it makes sense to consider current areas and activities. Some of them are easy to master on your own, for others you will have to study. The main thing to remember about the ultimate goal, then soon it will be possible to reach income at home.

income from masks

Now this is an actual form of income. With skills and a sewing machine, masks are sewn at home, advertising their own services on social networks and other resources. Sheet masks are in demand:

  • they are more comfortable;
  • more practical, they are easy to wash in a typewriter;
  • do not wear out, a long period of time.

At the initial stage, no investments are required if there is a typewriter at home. If it is not there, then it is enough to purchase something inexpensive from the Avito or Yula sites. Even a simple unit is enough to get started. Actively engaged in this direction, subsequently, most people come to income.

Important! It is easy to run into various resellers online who take ordinary medical masks from the store and resell them at an increased price. Do not get involved in such illegal ways. They have a large amount of risk, and the end does not always justify the means.

Social media income

How to make money on self-isolation: ways

Some, being in social networks, manage not only to like photos, and watch videos. They go to a stable income on self-isolation, monetizing their hobby.

There are the following options:

  • creating your own group or public in a popular social network, if the majority of the audience likes the topic and content, the resource is easily monetized;
  • blog promotion, suitable for active and popular people;
  • moderation and administration of other people’s accounts, groups and publics;
  • earnings on likes, comments, views.

Each of the options is relevant and with regular activity helps to reach income. There is no ceiling on the amount of profit here – it all depends on the chosen method and how much time and effort a person puts into work.

SMM and targeting

It is much easier for SMMs to gain an audience of like-minded people. They already know how to influence the public, how to attract an audience and how to keep it.

Some, in an attempt to make money in quarantine, promote their own groups and profiles dedicated to narrow topics or even their own lives.
Others prefer to stay in the background and help in the promotion of other people’s accounts.

Whichever method is chosen, SMM and advertising specialists earn from 50,000 or more, with the proper experience and qualifications. The path to the top is thorny, but if you set yourself a clear goal and constantly learn new things, then in 6-12 months you will have a high stable income.

Earnings on video platforms

If before there was no time for creative undertakings, and the work took all the time and effort, the time has come to try to realize yourself. Platforms like Youtube allow people with different talents, skills and ambitions to broadcast important things to a wide audience.

Attention! It is important to be prepared for the fact that profits will not appear immediately. It all depends on the speed of promotion of the channel, the number of audience and likes. The more popular the profile, the more promotional offers its owner receives. 

Commercials are most often inserted at the beginning or end of the video, some advertisers offer contextual product promotion directly in the video itself.

The opportunity to earn big money from the realization of their creative side has prompted many people to create channels and make videos on any topic. If there is no fear of competition, it is definitely worth trying and getting your part of the recognition of the audience.

Income from messengers

Not only social networks provide an opportunity to earn money in quarantine. Messengers such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber also contain relevant options. More often, administrators and moderators of groups within the application come to income. Increasingly, users prefer to gather and communicate within the same messenger, Telegram is famous for this.

The announcement of the search for such employees are in thematic groups and in the applications themselves. Also, sometimes people stumble upon similar offers on social networks.

Important! Before starting work, you will have to make sure that the content of the public is not related to something prohibited or illegal. Otherwise, instead of a pleasant income, the user will face a lot of problems.

Training courses

Only the lazy now do not try to teach the audience something. Internet users remember all their skills and abilities, raise their former knowledge and experience. They generously share this information with subscribers, charging a fee for it.
Demand creates supply: it is easier to get acquainted with the content of interest online than to go to training centers.

It is worth noting that users can easily find the vast majority of the information offered on their own, but in the presentation of the teacher, all this looks more convenient, correct and easier to perceive.
Therefore, if you have certain knowledge, it makes sense to share them with like-minded people. For these purposes, Instagram, YouTube, Live broadcasts from the Yandex site are used. The main thing is to gather around you those users who are interested in it.

Attention! The first lesson is usually free of charge so that people get familiar with the presentation of information and its main topic. For all subsequent courses, a fee is already taken, because only those who are interested in it and they are ready to pay for what they want go to them.

How to make money on self-isolation – Consultations on any issues

Answering questions of interest from other users online and getting paid for it – there is nothing easier and more useful. In the current conditions, many specialists and professionals in their field do not have the opportunity to work at full capacity, so such earnings on self-isolation are more relevant than ever.

The option is suitable for people of any age, if they are not very familiar with the basics of the Internet and have not yet mastered all its benefits. Creating your own courses requires skills in using online tools, while for small consultations it is enough to have a webcam, a computer, free time and desire.

Such specialists advertise their services on social networks, hire SMM professionals, or independently distribute invitations through acquaintances.

Psychological help "online"

How to make money on self-isolation: ways

There are resources on the network that offer, for a fee, to call an unknown interlocutor who sincerely wants to help and chat. Such platforms for mutual assistance are gaining popularity. Benefits of these sites:

  • to speak out to a stranger, whom you will no longer see in the future, is easier than to relatives and friends;
  • only those who want to help and support are gathered here;
  • such resources are useful for those who, for whatever reason, are afraid or do not want to visit a psychologist.

A small dialogue for a certain fixed fee allows one user to have a stable income during self-isolation, and the second to alleviate their psychological and mental state.

Important! It is not worth starting to work in this direction if there is no desire to delve into the problems of other people and support them. On such platforms, unstable people often gather who need empathy and participation, and not a short conversation for show and working off the funds received.

Sale of hand-made

Making money during the quarantine period, trading in goods of your own production is easier than it seems. Especially if the stock already has the skills to realize the idea. Users sell anything:

  • photo albums and photobooks;
  • paintings;
  • embroidery;
  • beadwork;
  • knitted things, it is worth noting that such manual work is paid in a large monetary equivalent;
  • clothing or accessories.

Entrepreneurial people monetize any hobby, allowing their favorite business to generate income. In order to determine the cost of your creations, it is enough to look at the offers of other people on thematic sites. This will help to compile statistics on average prices in a particular locality.

Own site

For most people who are far from making money online, creating and promoting their own website will seem like a pipe dream that they will never realize.

Modern realities have shown that any user is able to learn new skills if there is a desire. There are a lot of available and free sites, on the basis of which one-page or more complex portals are easily created. Each website builder differs in the presence or absence of certain tools, so it is recommended to review each of them before making your choice.

Attention! Before creating, you will need to decide on the subject of the Internet resource. Creating a page is not enough, it is important to fill it with interesting content. And it is easy to regularly replenish information only if there is interest and healthy enthusiasm.

How to make money on self-isolation – Affiliate programs

This method is suitable for experienced Internet users who have already tried or earned online. Affiliate programs allow anyone to earn income from a percentage of the provision of services or sales.

The principle of operation will be as follows:

  • the first step is to find a suitable thematic resource whose content is interesting;
  • subscribe to the affiliate program, for this you will need to fill out a questionnaire or get in touch with the portal administrator or moderator;
  • actively advertise a product or service so that as many users as possible respond to the offer.

Often, a referral link is issued on such resources, when a new user who wants to purchase a product follows it, the funds are automatically transferred to the owner of the link. Different sites have their own policy of maintaining affiliate programs, sometimes bonuses drip only after the purchase by each specific person.

Tailoring of textiles

If you have a sewing machine at home, this is considered the beginning of your own business. Handmade bed sets, linen, household goods are popular. The first sale is easier to make to friends or acquaintances by first asking them to advertise their purchase on social networks.

Word of mouth works quickly in small towns, so it’s easier to get promoted there. But there is an important disadvantage – a lot of competition, when you have to fight for each client.

Decorating clothes and shoes

For this lesson, it is enough to have creative thinking and a desire to experiment. Any ideas will be embodied, and connoisseurs of such creativity will appear among netizens.

Making money from cooking

If you have the ability and desire to cook a lot and tasty, it makes sense to figure out how to make money on your favorite hobby during self-isolation. Homemade products are in increasing demand, especially for baked goods.

To advertise their own services, experienced users exploit the capabilities of social networks and targeting. It is easy to launch advertising on your own, the main thing is to make sure that all the data is configured correctly before launching. An incorrectly built targeted advertising scheme will be unsuccessful, or people from other cities and countries will learn about the products, which is not required and will be superfluous for this type of small business.

Writing reviews and reviews

Well-known sites such as Reviewer and IRecommend pay to provide detailed and verified reviews of products, services, movies, and other types of products. To monetize this occupation, you will have to devote enough time to work. The steps will be as follows:

  • need to purchase a product, product or service;
  • use the purchased
  • study all the pros and cons, form your own clear opinion;
  • describe in detail and step by step, it is undesirable to embellish reality and try to make the review more colorful due to unreliable information;
  • get approval from the site moderators and a cash bonus.

Attention! Not every user receives rewards for leaving reviews. To do this, you will need to become an experienced and verified member of the site so that all reviews collect a large number of likes and comments. You will also have to regularly leave new messages about various products, any break knocks out from the general statistics.

The lesson is suitable for those who like this activity, and he is ready to devote enough time and effort to it.

Benefits of working remotely in self-isolation

How to make money on self-isolation: ways

People have to quickly and actively adapt to changing working conditions. If earlier online earnings were considered something frivolous, now many are striving to switch to remote work. This type of work seems to be more stable than the usual places of work.

No need to commute to work

Most former employees of factories and offices agree that the main advantage of remote work is that you no longer need to travel to work in the morning.

No need to spend time and money on a bus or taxi. Thanks to this, the overall level of stress is reduced, an extra couple of hours a day appear. Riding in the mornings during rush hour does not contribute to a good mood, if you add bad weather to this.

More planning options

Remote workers often have a more flexible schedule, bosses do not require them to sit in front of the monitor for certain hours, the focus is shifting to the end result, and not to the number of hours spent at the table.

This allows people to conveniently organize their own day, devoting more time to family, children or friends. With weekends and holidays, the situation also becomes freer.

Ease of relocation

Now it is not necessary to huddle in an apartment closer to the office or sit in a big metropolis if the soul is drawn closer to nature and loneliness.

Moving is easier when there is no dependence on a specific place of work. Own desires and preferences come to the fore, and not dependence on the office.

Performance improvement

According to statistics, many people have become less stressed and improved their own performance, being in self-isolation. Being forced to work remotely, they were able to get some rest.

The absence of the need for regular communication with the team also has a positive effect – often not all employees turn out to be nice and friendly, but they have to be contacted on duty. At remote work, such nuances are resolved by themselves.

Opportunity to travel

Even if the authorities require regular reports or appearances at planning meetings, they are easy to arrange in any environment where there is access to the Internet and a laptop. Therefore, working moments are easily combined with pleasant trips to other cities and countries.

Reduced risk of getting sick

The less a person has contact with other people, the less likely they are to catch any of the viruses too. This is true in the fall, when cold and flu season begins.

Your work schedule

Many people have the opportunity to build their own work schedule.

Now you do not have to build on a strict schedule. It is easy to focus on your own rhythm and biological clock. Some people are more productive in the evening and at night. But others, on the contrary, like to work only in the morning. If an employee always manages to turn in work on time, few people are interested in his work schedule.

No dress code

At home, everyone is free to look as he likes. This is not to say that showing up to online meetings in pajamas is a good idea. But no one will demand to wear a strict office suit.


Savings not only on travel, but also on lunches. Homemade food is healthier and more enjoyable. You won’t have to buy lunches in the nearest cafeterias or even have a hasty snack between the analysis of papers or contracts.

Important! Those who know how to self-organize have stable remote earnings and achieve success. Working from home requires willpower and the ability to prioritize. There will be no boss who monitors every step and reprimands for distractions from the performance of duties. 

Therefore, in self-isolation, the number of applicants is increasing. People are looking for new opportunities for implementation, and employers are interested in new motivated personnel.

If you have enthusiasm, it is easy to succeed in any of the areas of remote work. The main thing to remember is that the undertaking will require full involvement in the process, constant learning and the lion’s share of desire. Then self-isolation will turn into a pleasant experience. And even after its completion, you will no longer want to return to your usual life and your past workplace.

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