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How to make money on a car and your personal car – TOP ways


Own car can not only serve as a means of transportation, but also become a good assistant in making money. How to make good money with your car? We offer different ways to earn money using a personal car.

On hearing

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about how to make money on a car quickly is to provide taxi services. They are always in demand, and in order to start "taxing", great efforts and investments are not required. As a rule, the only thing that needs to be done is to conclude an agreement with one or more taxi services, download a special mobile application, and you can work.

You will also need a smartphone and a GPS navigator, some services require a taximeter to be installed in the car. The price of the device is from a thousand 🪙 and more. You can earn quite well, depending on the operator and the amount of time spent. Payment by taxi services is offered either as a percentage of the transaction, or a fixed one. Experienced drivers recommend starting with the first option: it is more profitable while there are few orders and you are gaining experience. If there are agreements with several dispatchers, the earnings will be higher.

The advantages of working on your own car in a taxi include

  • an income that often exceeds the average in the city where you live;
  • no need to invest money at the start;
  • free work schedule;
  • meeting new people;
  • the possibility of combining with other work.

However, there are also disadvantages – the rapid deterioration of the car, unstable income, high risk (an inadequate person or a criminal can get into the car)

Express delivery

How to make money on a car and your personal car - TOP ways

Courier delivery is the second popular way to make money on a personal car. You can deliver dishes from restaurants, cafes, companies offering pizza and sushi at home, or lunches to the office; flowers and gifts, online orders.

Payment basically occurs for each order – a certain percentage of the cost. Fuel reimbursement may or may not be added. In this case, fines are applied: if you do not bring the order on time, part of the payment or the entire amount is withdrawn.

The advantage of such work is the ability to choose the appropriate type of employment – full or partial, whether to prefer piecework or hourly pay. However, you won’t earn much like that, and even fines threaten.

To make the work of a car courier profitable, experts recommend using an economical inexpensive car, preferably a small car. It is easier to move in a dense stream of cars on the streets of a metropolis, and it "eats" less fuel. You will also need to know the city thoroughly so that in case of congestion on the main highways, you can quickly find "workarounds" and deliver orders on time.

At your service, sir!

How to make money on a car and your personal car - TOP ways

The third option for using your own car to earn money is to become a personal driver. Income in this case is determined only by the income and desire of the employer.

But any car will not work here. The car will definitely need air conditioning, power windows. If you plan to carry a top or middle manager, then the car must be of the appropriate class – executive.

Additional conditions – a solid driving experience, impeccable driving, a presentable appearance, tact, accuracy and punctuality. Plus irregular working hours in most cases.

Some people want a personal driver to be a bodyguard as well. If you are an athlete or a retired military man, and there are suitable cars with the appropriate personal qualities, you can earn quite well – well above average.

As a bonus, you get useful contacts and a flexible work schedule. Among the costs include the willingness to leave at any time and subordination.

How to make money with your car – Teach others

Driving instructors tend to teach beginners in their own cars. If you have a driving experience of at least three years, you are a conscientious driver, you know how to get along with people and have pedagogical abilities, working in your own car is suitable.

You will need additional clutch pedals, another rear-view mirror, a "Training" sign on the windshield, stickers with the letter "U" in front and behind the body. In addition, it is advisable to insure the car under CASCO, since novice drivers can inadvertently damage it or another car. The instructor will have to answer, so insurance will not hurt.

You can work both independently and for hire, getting a job as an employee in a driving school or concluding an agreement with it.

There are several advantages to doing this –

  • flexible schedule;
  • meeting new people;
  • income per month is higher than the average in the region.

There are also disadvantages and they consist in the fact that you will have to re-equip the car, take into account that the demand for services depends on the season (usually less in winter), and also withstand the difficult behavior of customers.

road assistant

If you’re an experienced car owner, well versed in car design, and like to dig under the hood, helping other drivers on the road may be the solution. Change a wheel, “light up" a dead battery, bring gasoline, tow a vehicle – these and other services may be needed by many. Often people prefer to save money than to call expensive assistants from a car service.

You can enjoy a free schedule and use this type of activity as a side job. True, to begin with, you will have to create a client base. You can leave ads on street boards, on the Internet, connect word of mouth through friends.

You can help fellow car owners in another way – to provide the services of a sober driver. By the way, a personal car may not be needed here at all: in the metropolis, you can get to the customer’s car by metro or minibus. The main thing is to be prompt and polite.

But it is hardly possible to count on a large stable income. Although in some seasons or on holidays you can earn some good money.

Favorite city

Do you love your own city and know a lot of interesting things about its history and present? Then you can become a tour guide – to carry those who wish around the city, talk about the sights. You can organize trips to neighboring cities, villages, villages. The main thing is to find really interesting places and be able to speak colorfully, as well as get along with people.

You can create different programs of excursions, combine car and walking tours. Come up with some tricks that will help attract new customers, for example, stop by a remarkable cafe along the way.

Such earnings on your car are still new. However, as practice shows, lately there are a lot of people who are looking for new ways to spend their free time. They strive to combine business with pleasure, to develop their children, tearing them away from gadgets. As for earnings, it depends on several factors:

  • how many interesting places you can find within a radius of 100-200 kilometers;
  • how entertaining you are;
  • your level of sociability and how pleasant you are in communication;
  • finally, from your assessment of personal work.

You can start with a small amount and gradually raise the cost as your experience and client base grow.

Cargo connection…

How to make money on a car and your personal car - TOP ways

A small truck is a good source of income. There are several directions to which you can use it to make money on a car – cargo transportation under a contract with corporate customers, for example, shops; transportation of things during office and apartment moves; transportation of building materials and specialists in agreement with the construction team and so on.

Consider moving. They happen in the lives of our contemporaries with different frequency, but in general people regularly move from place to place. And here you need a truck, as a rule, not too big, for example, a Gazelle or a Bull, sometimes a Sable will do. You can search for customers via the Internet: advertise on different sites. It is possible to conclude agreements with dispatching services of cargo taxis.

And in order to increase the client base, it is recommended to offer not just the transportation of things, but also loading and unloading, packing, assembling and disassembling furniture. You can’t do it alone, you’ll need help. Thus, you can create a team or use the services of hired movers.

How you can make money on a car – We clean, wipe

How about washing cars where the customer is located? Mobile car wash is still a new phenomenon, but the benefits of the service have already been appreciated in large cities of the country.

  • No need to get to a stationary car wash, stand in line, waste time.
  • You can call by phone or place an order on the Internet – and the car wash itself comes.
  • You can wash not only the outside of the body, but also clean the cabin, polish the glass and so on.
  • Exit wash time – 20-30 minutes.

An essential nuance is that washing a car is allowed only by the dry method, that is, using polymeric detergent compositions. Water is not needed. Would need

  • buy special detergents (car shampoo, nanopolish and others), microfiber cloths, a battery-powered car vacuum cleaner;
  • learn technology that even a teenager can;
  • practice in your car
  • engage in service promotion.

Among the minuses is the inefficiency of dry washing, when the car is very dirty: too many detergents will go away, the service will turn out to be too expensive. This leads to the need to find out to the customer upon receipt of the order how dirty his vehicle is. In addition, you will need an initial investment – more than ten thousand 🪙.

As for earnings, now the average price of such a service on the market is about five hundred 🪙. The cost of washing one car is 120-250 🪙.
It is unlikely that more than nine orders will be fulfilled per day. But in a month their number can reach two hundred or more. That is, minus the cost price, the profit will be 50 thousand 🪙.

Buy and sell

A car is a commodity like other things. And you can earn on it with the help of resale. Everything is banal – buy a car cheaper, and sell it at a higher price. In the interim – to improve its characteristics, in other words, to pump – to conduct pre-sale preparation.

In order for this to bring a stable income, people with experience in this business advise

  • look for the most profitable options for buying a car, the profitability of which is obvious;
  • take care of high-quality pre-sale preparation;
  • set a real price for the car, which corresponds to the state – and sell at this cost.

Ask, what does a private car have to do with it? It can become the very machine with which the business will start. Of course, it is important to approach the task very carefully in order to make a new business profitable. However, in case of failure, you do not lose anything – the car remains.

Between this and then

If you want to use a car to earn extra money in addition to your main income, you can take fellow travelers on trips to other cities. Ridesharing, as this type of business is called, works over long distances. If you travel by car exclusively within your locality, it will not bring any significant income.

Clients should be looked for in special Internet services. This provides an acceptable level of safety for you as a driver. Less risky than taking fellow travelers on the road.

The income will cover their own transportation costs and leave a little on top. This option is hardly suitable as a permanent income. Rather, a small part-time job if you often travel to other cities on business.

Not very troublesome earnings on your car

How to make money on a car and your personal car - TOP ways

Parking in the city center

It’s not about owning a private parking lot in a central metropolitan area. The idea is this: put an old car in a free official parking lot in the city center, and when someone needs to park, drive away and free up space. Naturally, for a fee.

With a total shortage of parking spaces in the center, such a service may be in great demand. You can conclude an agreement with one client – you get a subscription. Per month, the services of a "parking guard" can cost 10-20 thousand 🪙.


The Internet, which has long penetrated almost all spheres of our life, also comes in handy in making money on a car. You can run a video blog where you can tell something useful for other car owners.

The secret to the success of a car vlogger (which translates as a video blogger) is to find a potential viewer and give him what he is waiting for.

It is not necessary to be the owner of a cool sports car or limousine. Even if you own an ordinary car of a running make and model, owners of the same cars will be happy to watch informative reports, provided that it is interesting for them.

You can talk about how to deal with small or larger breakdowns on your own. Do reviews of models, compare different brands of cars.

The more interesting the blog will be, the more subscribers it will collect, the more willingly advertisers will advertise in it. And this is money. True, at first a thin stream, which over time, if the popularity of the vlog grows, has a chance to turn into a full-flowing river.

Doing nothing

The dream of passive income can come true if you use one of the following ways to make money on a car.

Owners of an executive class car (C and above) can rent a vehicle to those who want to ride a good car on a holiday. Renting a car for a celebration (wedding, anniversary, corporate and other events) is a common occurrence lately. A significant plus is the opportunity, without doing anything, to earn more per day than, for example, in a taxi, and even with less mileage.

But you will have to spend money on additional maintenance and maintaining a presentable appearance of your car. In addition, investments and efforts will be required to attract customers – through advertising on the Internet, in magazines and newspapers and in other ways.

Another disadvantage of this option of earning is the risk of damage to the car by tenants. To insure, it is worthwhile to think over the text of the car rental agreement well and provide for possible risks and liability of the tenant in it. CASCO insurance will also help – just in case, because it is not always possible to notice problems, for example, torn seat upholstery, when examining the car when it is returned.

car promoter

Another option is to place advertising inscriptions or banners on the body of your own car. The advertiser pays for such services in accordance with what surface area of ​​the car you allow to paste over it with advertising. You will have to guarantee the customer that you will drive at least the agreed number of kilometers daily, for example, thirty kilometers per day.

How much will such a ” work” bring on your car? Prices depend on the location of advertising: on the windshield – an average of two to three thousand 🪙 per month, a lightbox on the roof – three to six thousand; pasting the entire body – ten to twelve thousand. Enough to pay off the loan to buy the same car.

The disadvantages of this option are

  • the need to drive around the city in a car that attracts everyone’s attention and does not always look the way we would like;
  • uneven burnout of paint on the car body under the influence of a long stay on the sticker: after the ad is removed, you will either have to repaint the car or glue a new banner;
  • a condition of the agreement with the advertiser, which may include the possibility of changing the image during the contract – without agreement with the owner of the car: a new image may contradict the car owner’s own beliefs, but you will have to drive like this or pay a penalty to the client.

Like a clean slate…

You don’t like to “carry” advertising everywhere with you, or maybe the car is not running at all? Even so, it can serve the cause of increasing well-being, if turned into … a bulletin board or messages. Just allow those who wish to write different messages on the body and glasses with a marker – declarations of love, requests for a meeting, demands, and even what hurts – and take a small amount for it.

The method is exotic for the last time, but since in our country in the yards and parking lots you can see a lot of old cars standing idle, it can be in demand and bring money to the car owner.

Wind of the West

An idea that came from Europe and the USA – a hotel room on wheels. Thrifty Americans and Europeans liked the idea of ​​saving money on a hotel trip. A mobile hotel in the center of a big city costs three or more times less than a traditional hotel.

A hatchback or station wagon will do: there should be enough space in the car to accommodate a “bed”. The cost of buying an air mattress and several sets of bed linen is small, and the income can be up to a thousand 🪙 per day.

At the same time, it is important to comply with the formalities: sign an agreement with the client on hiring a car without the right to drive it. The car may not be new, most importantly, clean, and with a pleasant aroma inside.

Profitable combination

As experts in the field of making money on personal cars say, you don’t have to stop at one. You can combine different methods.

  • Taxi and sober driver services.
  • Assistant on the roads and courier delivery.
  • Advertising on the body and taxi.
  • Cargo transportation and delivery of construction teams, and so on.

Making money on your car is a realistic idea. Depending on what kind of car you have, how much time you are willing to devote to work, and also invest in this business, you can choose the right option. Choose from full-time, part-time, self-employed or self-employment.

You should first analyze your own capabilities, abilities and preferences, weigh the pros and cons. And only after that make a decision.

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