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How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways


If you want to learn how to make money blogging, there is a lot to learn. And before testing ways to make money, the blog needs to be made popular. Only the resource that is visited by thousands of active users involved in the subject every month will make a profit.

How to increase attendance and enhance guest engagement? Competent promotion, proper maintenance of the resource, writing high-quality articles will help solve these problems.

If all the conditions have already been met, we begin to consider ways to make money on a blog on the Internet.

How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways

Promotion of own products

Let’s take 2 areas – network marketing and infobusiness. Businessmen in both niches host webinars, where they usually sell courses, products, and training. Guests are invited to online meetings through mailing letters to their databases, recommendations from partners, advertising on the Internet, posts on social networks and … blog articles.

This is not just a webinar but really useful information for users. The articles give practical recommendations for solving a problem here and now.

The topic of the content, of course, is close to the topic of the future online meeting, where readers are invited. And at the webinar, businessmen competently sell their services or goods at a high price.

You can also make money on a blog through a more straightforward scheme of selling cheap products worth up to 1000 🪙. For example, you wrote an article to get to know your readers.

It gives a direct link to purchase inexpensive, while useful goods, or it is proposed to subscribe to the newsletter, where the selling offer is in the first letter. Your site already gives monetization, and after purchasing quality products, users become more attached to you.

Promotion of affiliate products

How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways

If you don’t have your own offers, just as you don’t have the desire to create them, move forward through affiliate programs. Invite users to other people’s webinars through useful content, motivate people to go to merchant sites, place orders and make purchases. Use a scheme similar to promoting your own products.

To the question of how much you can earn on a blog. For the sale of goods and services, sellers offer partner remuneration from 10% to 30%, and someone pays even 40-50%. If a person who came from you made a purchase for 50,000 🪙, you can earn 15,000-25,000 🪙 from this!

Find offers with the affiliate program option and promote them through thematic, useful content on your resource – these actions can bring good money!

direct trade

How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways

In the language of business, this is "sales in the forehead." Popular in the West and still slightly alien, even repulsive reception for Russian-speaking people. Therefore, you need to trade carefully, and do not try to directly sell information products for 50,000 🪙, since the idea is useless. Let’s figure out how it works.

You need to sell your talents directly. You may be engaged in translations, photography, legal advice.

Creating a personal website to promote your services is either a waste of time learning website builders or spending money on a programmer. This is done for free on your site.

To make money on a blog, talk about your talents, post customer reviews. If you are into hand-made, even better! Post photos of what you have created with your own hands and now want to sell. The price can be set low, handmade is respected by everyone, so the demand is guaranteed!


How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways

Affiliate programs will bring more, and we are talking about it honestly. But in addition to active sales, in the question “how to make money on a blog?" It is possible to create passive income. Moreover, one source of monetization includes several directions. Let’s study? Read below.

You’ve probably seen banner ads. Advertisers turn to popular bloggers with an offer to place banners on their promoted resources. Users click on these banners and then go to the advertising site. For each click, the blogger is charged a certain amount.

And these are other types of advertising:

  • Contextual ads;
  • teasers;
  • strings or links.

We analyze in more detail below.

contextual advertising

How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways

The user, when studying materials on your resource, sees ad units. When you click on them, a person gets to ads in the contextual advertising services YAN (Yandex Advertising Network) and Google Adsense. For each click and transition, you are credited with the agreed amount.

We will study the scheme of how to make money on a blog on the Internet using such blocks. Your resource must be registered in Yandex and Google advertising services. Then wait for successful moderation (we’ll talk about the requirements for moderation later). After approval, you install codes on the blog to connect to the advertising network and display commercial blocks.

What ads do users see? Relevant to their search queries. If a person searched for information about bedding in search engines, he will see offers promoted in YAN and Google Adsense for the purchase of pillows, blankets, beds.

Now about the requirements for the site. To connect to the Google advertising network, a resource must be visited by at least 10 unique users per day. The requirements of the YAN affiliate program are more stringent – attendance of 500 people in 24 hours. If the site satisfies the conditions, moderation is successful.

It’s time to calculate how much you can earn on a blog using commercial blocks. One click brings a small amount, and the minimum threshold in the American Google network is $100. The YAN network allows you to withdraw funds when you accumulate 3000 🪙.

Using both systems is the best way to increase income. However, advertising networks track attempts to cheat clicks, and guilty sites are blocked forever. Real, uninterested users should view ads, and in order to increase their number, promote your blog.

teaser advertising

How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways

Intrusive and enticing type of ads. The word "lure" is appropriate to describe the essence of advertising. Even its name, a teaser, is translated from English as “lure, teaser”. Teasers advertise certain resources and attract users to go to them.

Outwardly, it looks like miniature pictures with little text. It is the text message that plays a key role, since it indicates defiant, sometimes shocking, provocative information. Outwardly, advertising does not look attractive, but such a picture has been drawn up to influence people. The system works because clicks on teasers are made.

Blocks work most effectively on entertainment resources. Although you can place a teaser on a site of any subject, the return will be different. The theme also works well on women’s portals, where the eye of emotional visitors clings to the picture.

The essence of how to make money on a blog on the Internet through such ads is similar to contextual blocks. An interested user clicks on a defiant, enticing advertisement. You receive money for each such transition, and upon reaching the minimum threshold, you can withdraw them.

The blog must be registered in teaser networks, for example, LadyCash, Bodyclick, DirectAdvert. For successful moderation, the resource must attract from 50 to 500 unique visitors per day. Payments are made from once a week to once a month, the minimum threshold is from 15 🪙 to $20 (dollar rewards are paid in commodity chains).

The risks here are no less than the potential income. In terms of quality, such advertising is “jaundice” and dubious offers. For example, “To stop baldness, take 5 drops of this before going to bed…”, and so on. Harmless products can also be advertised, but this will generate less revenue.

Frankly shocking pictures, whether they are visual images of diseases, dead animals, exposed parts of the body, are punished by search engines. For such teasers, promoted sites are lowered in search results. Therefore, before posting enticing pictures, think twice.

Advertising lines and links

How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways

On the Nolix service, you can find advertisers offering the promotion of their goods or services. The essence of the promotion is to place an advertising line with an active link on the blog. You get money no longer for clicks, but for a specified number of impressions on your resource.

The ad line format is more user friendly. It is tolerable for the eye, unlike the defiant teasers.

The reward and the number of impressions are individually negotiated by you and the advertiser. For example, you set a base price for 1000 impressions. And the advertiser places an order for 7,000 impressions.

The cost starts from $0.1 per 1000 impressions. This is the minimum for non-promoted blogs with daily traffic of less than 500 users. If the site is popular, you can set the cost from $0.3 and higher.

CPA networks

How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways

Half advertising revenue, as one click or user transition is not enough. You get money only when a person has completed a given action on the advertiser’s website. Whether it’s registration, filling out a contact form, downloading a file, placing an order or paying for goods. To induce a person to take an action, you need to analyze and generate ideas.

The blogger must:

  1. study your audience
  2. choose an interesting offer for users
  3. induce to perform a given action.

For example, the analysis showed that one of the articles is visited daily by people entering thematic search queries. In CPA networks, you need to find an advertising offer on the subject of these requests.

An existing article can then be edited by adding an advertising description and a link. By clicking on the link, the user gets to the advertiser’s website, places an order, and the blogger receives his reward.

We consider how much you can earn on a blog through CPA networks. Several services allow you to withdraw any amount daily. Most networks practice daily or weekly payouts from 300 to 3000 🪙.

If you have the time and opportunity to analyze your target audience, try blogging CPA earnings. The more thorough the analysis, the easier it is to motivate users to act. And the potential income is twice as much as compared to contextual advertising.

Placement of advertising articles

How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways

Advertisers themselves turn to the authors of popular blogs with a proposal to publish promotional materials. For example, reviews on new earning projects, services, gadgets, etc. The article is provided by the advertiser or compiled by you personally. You receive income not for clicks or performing a specified action, but only for posting content. Conditions, whether prepaid or postpaid, are negotiated individually.

In addition to money, keep the reputation of your blog in mind. Ask yourself “Can I in good conscience recommend this service or project to my readers?”…

If not, we recommend politely and reasonably refusing the potential advertiser. Perhaps you are not satisfied with the proposed terms of cooperation, and then, in addition to a reasoned refusal, you must offer your own scheme of work.

Post prepaid articles – our simple and useful advice for you. We believe in the honesty and decency of advertisers, but trust must always be checked. As customers deceive copywriters, the advertiser may not pay for the posted article. Therefore, money in the morning – accommodation in the evening!

Brand income

How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways

You can make money on a blog through know-how – placing branded advertising. The method is used infrequently, since advertisers apply with an offer only to the authors of large, promoted sites. Another reason is the high cost, which requires a large advertising budget and replenishes the blogger’s personal budget with large sums.

On the substrate or background of the blog is a huge advertising image. The image area is large, so it does not remain invisible to users. The picture, of course, is clickable, and when you click the mouse, a person gets to the advertiser’s website. You should have seen such ads on major resources.

Images are posted more often on standard sites than on blogs. But if you own a promoted and visited site, it will arouse the interest of advertisers. Since such earnings are the most profitable, scaling your resource makes sense!

How much can you earn from branding? Against the background of the Kinopoisk website, for example, cinemas will place advertisements about the premiere of a new film so that viewers can purchase tickets online. Advertising on such a promoted resource costs 2000-3000 thousand dollars a day!

Tempting offer, right? All investments in the large-scale promotion of your blog pay off instantly!

Selling your site

How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways

The site can be profitably sold. Let’s say thousands of unique users visit your resource every day. It is filled with useful materials, and advertisers include big businessmen, well-known investors, owners of the largest trading platforms. Selling a blog that is at the peak of popularity will bring a lot of money.

If you pay attention to the promotion and content of the site every day, for 3 or more years, it becomes a tasty morsel for buyers. Getting over 1,000,000 🪙 for blog sales is a feasible goal.

Invalid earning methods

How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways

We intentionally did not mention the “black” and “gray” ways of income. They offer good money for this, but a blogger who respects himself and his users does not place such advertising. And the resources where this “disgrace” is found are blacklisted by search engines.

Pop-up, jumping windows are an example of a black method of making money. The user who reads the text is suddenly disturbed by a window with questionable content. The advertised service is not needed by a person, but this annoying block cannot be closed. To get rid of this, you have to click on an advertisement leading to a site of dubious content.

Selling temporary or permanent links refers to "gray" earnings. Link building is initially frowned upon by search engines. And when the ad has questionable content, the blog is heavily penalized.

Read about unacceptable methods of earning and promise yourself not to use them for monetization.

How to increase income

How to make money on a blog: on the Internet + for a beginner + from scratch + without investments + ways

Use several advertising systems, while knowing when to stop. Sites, at times, turn into a Christmas tree, where each branch is hung with advertising. The sad consequences of such actions are: 1) users will close the page once and for all, and you will lose both loyal readers and potential income; 2) search engines will impose filters on the promoted resource, and then daily visits will rush to zero.

Learn to write articles. We have already talked about the possibilities of earning on content. Delight readers with high-quality, useful materials with proven, honest advertising. You and your commercial recommendations will be trusted.

If promotion is just beginning, arm yourself with checklists on how to make money on a blog on the Internet in the foreseeable future:

  • Be patient and continue to strengthen your position on the Internet every day (the result will come with time);
  • Resist the temptation to make money on a blog through “black, gray” methods;
  • Follow a systematic approach in writing and posting materials;
  • With every penny received from this or that advertisement, set aside a certain percentage for the further promotion of the resource.

Over time, large advertisers will reach out to you. And this is an opportunity to raise prices for promoting their products or services through your blog, in the future, you can get to branding. And for the sale of a large-scale site thundering on the Internet, you will receive a tidy sum!

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