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How to make money in self-isolation


Self-isolation does not slow down even after a long time. Restrictions force people to leave their usual places, look for other ways to earn money. The question of how to make money on self-isolation is becoming one of the most relevant.

Fortunately, in order to have a stable income, you do not need to have a lot of special knowledge. It is enough to start absorbing information and remembering old talents.

Job market demand

Interestingly, most job search services are seeing an increase in demand for remote jobs. Some adapt to the conditions that have arisen and switch to a remote mode, while others are looking for new areas for themselves.

For companies, the main advantage of the situation is that there is no need to spend money on maintaining a workplace for an employee. Therefore, most of the enterprises that have the opportunity to conduct business from home do not plan to return to their offices.

Top best ways to make money on self-isolation

In order to make it easier to decide how to make money during self-isolation, you need to consider current areas and activities. Some of them are easy to master on your own, others will require training. The main thing to remember about the ultimate goal, then you can quickly reach income at home.

How to make money on self-isolation – Income on masks

Now this is an actual form of income. With skills and a sewing machine, masks are sewn at home, advertising their own services on social networks and other resources. Sheet masks are in demand:

  • they are more comfortable;
  • more practical, they are easy to wash in a typewriter;
  • do not wear out for a long period of time.

In the beginning, investments are not needed if there is a typewriter at home. If it is not there, it is enough to purchase something inexpensive on the Avito or Yula websites. Perhaps even a simple unit is enough to start with. Actively developing in this direction, most people receive income.

Important! It is easy to run into resellers online who take ordinary medical masks from the store and resell them at a higher price. Do not get involved in such illegal ways. They are often risky, and the end does not always justify the means.

Social media income

Some have time not only to like photos and watch videos on social networks. They go to a stable income on self-isolation, monetizing their hobby.

There are the following options:

  • creating your own group: if most of the audience likes the topic and content, the resource is easily monetized;
  • blog promotion, suitable for active and popular people;
  • moderation and administration of other people’s accounts, groups and publics;
  • earnings on likes, comments, views.

Each of the options is relevant and with regular activity helps to reach income. There is no ceiling on the amount of profit here – it all depends on the chosen method and how much time and effort a person puts into work.

Furniture manufacture

Turn a hobby into a business: you will need a small amount of materials and tools to get started. You can create countertops, ottomans, chairs, cabinets, etc. This type of business brings large earnings, but not immediately: you have to wait six months.

SMM and targeting

If you are engaged in SMM, you will easily gain an audience of like-minded people and be able to keep it. Trying to make money in quarantine, promote a group or profile dedicated to a narrow topic or even your life. If you don’t feel like talking about yourself, stay in the background and help others promote your account.

Whichever method is chosen, SMM and advertising specialists earn from 50,000 or more with experience and qualifications. The path to the top is thorny, but if you set yourself a clear goal, a high stable income will appear in 6-12 months.

Sales Manager

A stable job option for those who like to communicate with people. The average salary starts from 30,000 🪙, and then everything depends on you. Good managers are constantly looking for different companies: you can find work in real estate and in the fashion industry.

Earnings on video platforms

If earlier there was no time for creativity, and the work took all the time and effort, the moment has come to be realized. Places like You Tube allow people with different talents, skills and ambitions to talk about important things to a wide audience.

Attention! Be prepared for the fact that the profit will not appear immediately. It all depends on the speed of channel promotion, the number of audience and likes. The more popular the profile, the more offers its owner receives. 

Advertising is most often inserted at the beginning or end of the video, some advertisers offer contextual product promotion directly in the video itself.

Income from messengers

Not only social networks provide an opportunity to earn money in quarantine. Messengers such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber also contain relevant options. Group moderators receive income, but some of them need assistants. Recently, users prefer to gather and communicate in Telegram.

Announcements about the search for such employees are in thematic groups and in the applications themselves. Moreover, sometimes people stumble upon similar offers on social networks.

Important! Before starting work, you will have to make sure that the content of the public is not related to something prohibited or illegal. Otherwise, instead of a pleasant income, the user will face a lot of problems.

Training courses

Only the lazy now do not try to teach the audience something. As a result, Internet users remember all their skills and experience. Ultimately, they share this information with subscribers, charging a fee for this.

If you have certain knowledge, it makes sense to share them with like-minded people. For this, Instagram, YouTube, Live broadcasts from the Yandex site are used. The main thing is to gather around you users who are interested in it.

Attention! The first lesson is usually free of charge so that people get familiar with the presentation of information and its main topic. For all subsequent courses, a fee is already taken, because only those who are interested in it and they are ready to pay for what they want go to them.

Consultations on any issues

Answer online questions of interest to other users and get paid for it – there is nothing easier! Now many are still not confident Internet users – this has become the reason for the growing popularity of such earnings on self-isolation.

For consultations of this type, a webcam, a computer and free time are enough. They advertise their services on social networks, hire SMM specialists, and tell their friends about them.

Psychological help "online"

There are resources on the network that offer, for a fee, to call an unknown interlocutor who sincerely wants to help. Benefits of these sites:

  • it is much easier to speak out to a stranger, whom you will not see again in the future, than to relatives and friends;
  • only those who want to help and support are gathered here;
  • such resources are useful for those who are afraid or do not want to visit a psychologist.

A small dialogue for a certain fixed fee allows one user to have a stable income during self-isolation, and the second to alleviate their psychological and mental state.

Important! Do not choose this direction if you do not want to delve into the problems of other people and support them. On such platforms, people often gather who need empathy and participation, and not a short conversation for show and working off the funds received.

Sale of hand-made

Making money during the quarantine period on the sale of goods of own production is easier than it seems. Especially if you already have the skills to implement the idea. Users sell anything:

  • photo albums and photobooks;
  • paintings;
  • embroidery;
  • beadwork;
  • knitted things, it is worth noting that such manual work is paid in a large monetary equivalent;
  • clothing or accessories.

First of all, it is important to look at the offers of competitors on other sites and determine the price of your creations. This will help to compile statistics on average prices in a particular locality.

Your podcast

Do you like music, follow the news, know interesting people? Record your podcast! The topic can be any, the starting capital is small. Equipment can be bought for 10,000 – 15,000 🪙. You can monetize the channel through advertising.

Own site

For many, creating and promoting a website seems like a pipe dream that they will never realize. In fact, everything is simple: a lot of sites have recently appeared that help people with no experience create websites quickly.

Website builders differ in certain tools, so we recommend that you review each of them before making your choice. In addition, you can not create a site, but buy and resell domain names.

Attention! If you want to create a website, decide on its subject. It should be interesting for both you and the audience. 

Tailoring of textiles

If you have a sewing machine at home, start your own business. Handmade bedding sets, linen, household goods are popular. The first sale is easier to make to friends or acquaintances – ask them to talk about their purchase on social networks.

Word of mouth works quickly in small towns, so it’s easier to get promoted there. But there is an important disadvantage – a lot of competition, when you have to fight for each client.

Decorating clothes and shoes

People are tired of the same clothes and accessories, they want something new. Decorated items can cost an average of 2000 to 5000 🪙. For this lesson, it is enough to have creative thinking and a desire to experiment.

Making money from cooking

If you have the skill and desire to cook a lot and tasty, try to figure out how to make money on your favorite hobby during self-isolation. Homemade meals are in increasing demand, especially pastries.

They use social media to advertise their services. It’s easy to run ads on your own, the main thing is to make sure that it is set up correctly. If something goes wrong, it will not bring results. If you are not confident in your skills, use the services of a targetologist: the cost of work is on average from 1,000 to 10,000 🪙.

Game testing

It seems that this is a dream job, but everything is not so simple. You will need to test the games: go through the same levels, quests, evaluate the simplicity, etc. Further – detailed reports on the functionality and compatibility with devices. Salary starts from 30,000 per month.

Writing reviews and reviews

Review sites like Otzovik and IRecommend pay you to write detailed reviews of products, services, movies, and other types of products. Keep in mind that in order to monetize this activity, you will have to devote a lot of time to work. The steps will be as follows:

  • need to purchase a product, product or service;
  • use the purchased
  • study all the pros and cons, form your own clear opinion;
  • describe in detail and step by step, it is undesirable to embellish reality and try to make the review more colorful;
  • get approval from the site moderators and a cash bonus.

Attention! Not every user receives rewards for leaving reviews. To do this, you will need to become an experienced and verified member of the site so that all reviews collect a large number of likes and comments. You will also have to regularly leave new messages about various products, any break knocks out from the general statistics.

The lesson is suitable for those who like this activity, and he is ready to devote enough time and effort to it.

Bankruptcy bidding

This is a variant of working for yourself: on special sites you are looking for great deals. The job takes time and perseverance. It is advisable to choose one or more niches in which you understand. It can be real estate, equipment, machinery, etc.

Benefits of working remotely in self-isolation

People have to quickly and actively adapt to changing working conditions. If earlier online earnings were considered something frivolous, now many are striving to switch to remote work.

In addition, this type of work seems more stable, and there are more opportunities to earn money in self-isolation.

Benefits of remote work:

  • No need to waste time on the road

We spend approximately 10 hours a week commuting to and from the office. Most former employees of factories and business centers believe that the main advantage of “remote work" is that you don’t have to go anywhere in the morning. You can forget about traveling during rush hour in bad weather.

  • More planning options

Remote workers have a more flexible schedule: bosses do not require certain hours to sit in front of the monitor, and the focus shifts to the final result. This allows people to plan their day, spend more time for themselves, family or friends. With weekends and holidays, the situation also becomes freer.

  • Ease of relocation

It is not necessary to huddle in an apartment closer to the office or sit in a big metropolis if the soul is drawn to nature and loneliness. In addition, moving is easier when there is no dependence on a specific place of work. Own preferences come first!

  • increased productivity

Statistically, many people have become less stressed and more productive by starting to work from home. The fact that you do not need to constantly communicate with the team also has a positive effect. Colleagues are not always friendly, but you have to discuss work issues with them. At remote work, such nuances are resolved by phone.

  • Opportunity to travel

Even if you constantly need to attend planning meetings, this will not be an obstacle. Now you can communicate with your superiors from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection and a laptop. In addition, working moments are easily combined with pleasant trips to other cities and countries.

  • Reduced risk of getting sick

The less often a person comes into contact with other people, the lower the likelihood that he, too, will catch any of the viruses. Of course, this is true in the fall, when the season of colds and flu begins.

  • Opportunity to create your own work schedule

The schedule of an employee who manages to hand over work on time is of little interest to anyone. Now you do not have to build on a strict schedule, you can focus on your rhythm and biological clock. So, if some people are more productive in the evening, others, on the contrary, like to work in the morning.

  • No dress code

At home, everyone is free to look as he likes. On the other hand, this does not mean that it is a good idea to appear at online planning meetings in pajamas, but no one will require you to wear a formal office suit.

  • Savings not only on travel, but also on lunches

You can cook proper and inexpensive meals at home: you don’t have to buy lunches at nearby cafes or have a hasty snack between work with papers.

Important! Working from home requires willpower and the ability to prioritize. Stable remote earnings are those who know how to self-organize.

There are also disadvantages of working remotely:

  • Lots of distractions

At home, there are many factors that interfere with concentration. Neighbors turn on loud music, asphalt is laid in the yard, children run around the apartment … It’s hard not to be distracted in such conditions.

  • Difficulty getting to work

At home, you constantly want to be distracted by a little cleaning, a light snack and the latest news.

  • Lack of necessary conditions

In the office, the employer provides everything you need: there is a chair, a computer, a comfortable chair, office supplies. Internet works well in business centers. At home, you may not have all of this.

  • Slow issue resolution

An issue that is solved in the office in 5 minutes can take 2 hours in a remote format.

If desired, it is easy to succeed in any field of remote work. The main thing to remember is that the undertaking will require full involvement in the process and constant learning. The results are worth it: after the end of self-isolation, you will no longer want to return to your previous workplace.

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