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How to make money in quarantine during the coronavirus


How to make money in quarantine?

The coronavirus wave, which has changed the usual rhythm of life, has greatly affected the financial condition of people. The number of unemployed has increased in the country, the management sends unpaid leave and reduces wages, which means that the need for money is growing .

To be confident in the future and not sit idly by, you need to look for additional part-time jobs. In the article we will talk about how to make money in quarantine without leaving home, and maybe start your own business and become independent from the employer. No lotteries, pyramid schemes and fraud schemes. Only useful information, recommendations and tips with clear instructions.

Part-time job options for schoolchildren

If you do not have a basic education and you are looking for an opportunity to earn money from home, then the Internet will be the ideal place for this. To get instant money, we recommend Appbonus, AppCent services available on the App Store, Google Play platforms. The work consists in installing the required applications and games on the smartphone, for each of which payments are made. It does not take much time, but the reward is also small ̶ up to 5 🪙 for installation and 10 🪙 for additional tasks. For a month you can get 300-350 🪙, which is not bad for pocket money.

Payments are made to an electronic wallet or mobile phone number. If you need to replenish your mobile account, you can withdraw at least 20 🪙. You can also buy the game for the earned coins in the App Store, Google Play.

Applications offer additional income in the form of distribution of a referral link, through which other people register, and the user receives 7% of their income.

Long term job

How to make money in quarantine during the coronavirus

If you want to become financially independent by the age of 18 and do what you love, and in the near future you won’t need money, then you need to master technical professions.

How can a quarantined teenager make money by becoming a website developer? You can get knowledge in this area on YouTube channels, educational platforms Coursera, Stepik, BitDegree, Code Academy. The Stepik website allows you to study in the current language. Courses on programming and creating pages are absolutely free. Some teachers issue a certificate of successful completion of the course, but for this it is necessary to pass control, final work.

Other platforms contain courses in foreign languages, but with a strong desire, you can not only gain useful knowledge, but also improve your English level. Access to the materials is free, if you wish, you can purchase a certificate.

After training, you can find vacancies on the websites HH.ru, SuperJob, Fiverr and in social networks.

Creative specialties

If you like to make sketches, bring unusual ideas to life, then start mastering the creative specialty. To do this, you need a tablet, for the resale of drawings, only a smartphone, the Internet and a good camera.

How can you make money in lockdown, having mastered the profession of a graphic designer? It is enough to watch the course of video tutorials on YouTube and install Sketchbook Express, Infinite Design, Artflow or Adobe Illustrator on your tablet or smartphone.

You can find orders for a beginner illustrator on the portals HH.ru, SuperJob, Fiverr. Finished works can be sold on Shutterstock, Etsy, Creative Market. During the period of self-isolation, it is more efficient to look for clients on social networks: Intagram, Twitter, VKontakte.

Important! Be sure to make a portfolio with profitable work. The first orders will most likely be free, but this will help to gain positive feedback and an active audience. The main thing is to publish images in bulk on Pinterest, TikTok, etc.

Working with texts

If you have a competent written speech, you can easily invent texts, write essays or advertising posts ̶ test yourself in copywriting, rewriting.

You can find customers in this area on the platforms Etxt, Text.ru, Advego, Fiverr. You need to go through a quick registration to take the first task. Rewriting price ̶ from 12 🪙 per 1000 characters; copywriting ̶ from 15 🪙. As experience increases, so does pay. For a month, the performer receives from 300 🪙 (beginner). With active work, you can earn from 1400 🪙.

Money is withdrawn to an electronic wallet, debit card or current account. Depending on the method, the size of the commission and the withdrawal period change (from 1 day to 5 business days).

Important! In order to pay minimum interest to platforms for withdrawal (Etxt), it is better to apply for self-employed status. Then the performer will have access to all withdrawal methods at the lowest cost.

How to apply for self-employed status

How to make money in quarantine during the coronavirus

Self-employed ̶ a person who has become a payer of tax on professional income. From July 1, 2021, young people who have reached the age of 16 can obtain this status. To do this, you need a passport, an account on the State Services website and the My Tax application.

Unlike individual entrepreneurs, the self-employed pay a tax of 4% when cooperating with an individual, 6% with a legal entity. You do not need to file a tax return, pay contributions to the Pension Fund, or health insurance. The application itself will generate a tax receipt and show the full history of transactions.

A few rules for the self-employed:

  • employees cannot be hired;
  • engage in the resale of goods;
  • annual income should not exceed 2.4 million 🪙.

If you have suspended activities, then you do not need to pay taxes. You can apply for the status online from home on the portal of the Federal Tax Service or in the bank application where the debit card is opened.

Selling photos

During self-isolation, you can not only do what you love, but also monetize it. This includes the sale of photographs, images, illustrations (in 2D, 3D formats), videos. It is better to post material on the sites Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Fotolia, Depositphotos, Lori. There are both English-language and Russian-language platforms.

Sales on international portals are better and prices are higher (depending on the dollar). For example, professional photographers earn 12,000 – 130,000 🪙 on such streams. On the Shutterstock website, registration is the most difficult, because in order to start promoting a product, you need to pass an exam of 10 works, provide documents. The rest of the portals are much easier to use.

Important! For the best implementation of media content, create a spectacular portfolio. It is desirable that it contains images on various topics. Study what format the material is in demand, and post photos on these topics.

How to make money in quarantine – Video editing

How to make money in quarantine with video editing? It is enough to watch a few lessons on YouTube, download your favorite editing program and practice.

The demand for such content is now extremely high. Due to them, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, VKontakte applications work and are popularized. Bloggers are willing to pay big money for quality videos.

The service is also in demand among fan accounts that promote their idol. Therefore, finding a job is easy: just write to beginners or already popular personalities and show a small portfolio.

Modern applications on a smartphone allow you to make an installation that is not inferior to the popular programs Adobe, Movavi, Sony Vegas. On the Fiverr portal, clients from different countries order more professional videos, often using animation material created in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop.

Photo processing

How to make money in quarantine during the coronavirus

Retouching, photo processing in the age of social networks ̶ the most popular way to make money on the Internet. Beginners earn ≈ 100 🪙 from one order, professionals ≈ 1500 🪙. You can master editing skills in a few days, improving already in the process of work.

The biggest demand for such services is on the Fiverr site, where people are willing to pay good money for quality work. The first orders can be found in VKontakte, Jooble, Trovit. On these portals, they often look for specialists at home, there are many vacancies for creative specialties.

Important! When creating a portfolio, make selections in the style of "Before/After". The customer will be able to visually assess your professionalism. This approach attracts more customers and inspires the trust of the buyer of the service.

In Snapseed, VSCO, Canva, Afterlight, PicsArt applications, you can process a photo with high quality by adjusting color, perspective and removing unnecessary objects. A smartphone is enough to work .

A selection of interesting vacancies

Job search sites offer several interesting ways to work remotely:

  • artist;
  • presentation designer;
  • game and application tester;
  • focus group participant (passing sociological and marketing surveys);
  • typing;
  • creation of abstracts, reports;
  • writing poems, congratulations;
  • creating a slogan or company name.

Attention! Do not be afraid to write to bloggers on social networks and offer your services (writing posts, scripts, photo editing, video editing). Write ads on Avito or Yulia.

Create a personal page on popular entertainment platforms. This will attract more customers, and the service will become more in demand. Ask customers to write reviews about your work in order to create a stable, trusting reputation for yourself.

Part time job for adults

Adult people already have rich experience behind them, they have some skills and education. Therefore, finding additional income is much easier than a schoolboy.

Important! Prepare a resume or portfolio (for designers, photographers, etc.) in advance to save time searching for a suitable job. The filling template, tips and tricks for document design can be found on YouTube or a search engine.

If you love photography, are good at editing videos and writing texts, then the previous sections are for you. Next, consider the opportunities for employees of technical specialties.

In order not to waste your free time during the coronavirus pandemic, start learning programming. For the next decade, this is the most demanded, highly paid niche, where it is difficult for specialists to remain unemployed.

We do not recommend studying the direction only on YouTube videos or unverified courses. Your future success depends on the quality of the acquired knowledge.

Programming: where to study and look for jobs

How to make money in quarantine during the coronavirus

To work with foreign clients, where the pay is much higher than that of compatriots, we recommend studying in English. However, the current courses will also give a qualitative result, will allow you to work with customers from recently and the CIS countries.

Online educational platforms in the current language: Stepik, Coursera (partially), Programming School, HTML Academy, Skillbox (for a fee).

Online educational platforms in English: Codecademy, Coursera, edX (courses from European IT universities), Khan Academy.

It is better to study the base in Codecademy, where the theory is fixed with short exercises. You need to continue learning in edX or Coursera. It is free, the certificate is purchased separately.

Job search: HH.ru, SuperJob, Kadrof, Yandex. Work, LinkedIn. Similar offers can also be found on the websites of large companies. If your English level is above average, try your luck and apply to Google, Twitter, Amazon.

How you can make money in quarantine – Creating courses

Making money in quarantine at home by creating online courses is quite realistic if you have useful knowledge that you want to pass on to another person. Such an opportunity is provided by the educational platforms BitDegree and Stepik. The material can be in PDF format, video lectures, contain test surveys and written verification.

The Stepik app has a course on creating your own educational stream on the portal. It describes in detail the features of creating material, how to download it and test students’ knowledge.

There is more demand and audience on the BitDegree website . Before creating your own course, study the work of others, analyze user comments. So you can find out a convenient way of learning and the subtleties of its construction.

To attract a large flow of students, place ads on social networks. Choose communities according to the topics of your educational stream in order to achieve the desired result in a short time .

Sale of an advertising platform

If you have mastered the creation of sites and already have a page with good traffic, then you can earn money in quarantine by selling advertising space. Monetization of this method is possible when the site becomes in demand (the traffic of visits increases).

Money is credited when the user goes to the advertiser’s page or simply views the promotional offer. You should start with the Google AdSense service. Submit an application, wait for approval and you can add ads to your site.

Attention! Do not turn a web page into an advertising directory. Place ads in moderation so that they do not distract the user. When spamming, the visitor loses interest, and traffic statistics can drop sharply.

On Media, Ezoic services, earnings are higher because local systems optimize your income and evaluate the site. If you do not want to cooperate with such portals, you can independently look for sponsors.

How to make money in quarantine – Starting your own business

Because self-employed status during quarantine is issued from home, you can start your own business, which will later become the main job.

To get started, choose a niche, a type of activity that you would like and be in demand among buyers. For example:

  • sewing clothes for pets;
  • production of confectionery, bakery products;
  • sale of own production (including agricultural);
  • renting a house, apartment for rent;
  • services related to photography, video, creation of 2D, 3D content;
  • cargo transportation, taxi services;
  • manicurist;
  • creation of candles from beeswax;
  • hair stylist;
  • provision of services for the repair of premises;
  • sewing protective masks at home (especially during quarantine ) ;
  • rewriting, copywriting;
  • translation services.

To promote the brand, you need to be active on social networks (VKontakte, Instagram, TikTok). Submit ads for Avito, Yula.

Blogging: a profitable niche or a beautiful picture?

How to make money in quarantine during the coronavirus

The profession of a blogger has become more popular during the quarantine period. A person does not waste time on the road, because you can work from home, he draws up a schedule of work, vacations. Therefore, this specialty can be a great way to earn money, and a favorite thing.

To work, you need a smartphone and Internet access. Choose a blog topic that interests you, but is relevant to people. For example, tips on raising a child, education and cooking, life hacks or life videos.

If you plan to launch on YouTube, you need an idea, a well-thought-out script. To promote on TikTok, it is enough to shoot short, trendy videos, which can be found in the “Interesting" section.

The basis of making money in social networks is advertising. In YouTube, the user can cooperate with affiliate programs or personally select applicants for promotion. In a short time, you can make money on Instagram. Conditions: from 1500 active subscribers.

Investments: how to start and what to buy?

A great way to earn passive income from the comfort of your home . You can learn the basics of investing in Coursera, Udemy, edX, Stepik. The BCS website provides access to 20 free courses, after which you can start investing on the same platform with a transaction rate of no more than 0.1%. YouTube has useful channels from professionals, such as "Bad Investor". But before that, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the basic terms.

Tinkoff Bank offers to open a brokerage account, undergo training on the Tinkoff. Investments". Withdrawal, replenishment and account maintenance ̶ free of charge. Commission for the sale of securities ̶ 0.1%.

Alfa-Bank, Sberbank and other organizations offer favorable conditions for novice investors. For example, if a person purchased shares, but they fell in price, then the bank returns the money to you .

Useful information on earning money in this way can be found on the websites "Financial Culture", 4Brain. By studying in your free time, you become more experienced, and the potential risk is reduced.

Tips and tricks for the novice investor

To build a competent base for successful earnings during quarantine, we recommend that you take a free training:

  • course of lectures "Personal Finance Management" from the HSE;
  • "Stock market" from HSE;
  • Fundamentals of Financial Literacy by Zillion;
  • "Financial pyramids and financial fraud" HSE;
  • courses on the Open Education platform;
  • "Investment in the future" from "Universarium".

You can start investing from 1000 🪙, the fastest way in time is   buying securities. Before purchasing, study their growth dynamics over the year. It is profitable to invest in shares of rating companies (Gazprom, Sberbank, Tesla, Alibaba).

Attention! No need to take risks, invest the last money in the purchase of securities. Invest if there is free capital (from 2000-3000 🪙).

Useful literature:

  • "The Intelligent Investor" Benjamin Graham;
  • "The Peter Lynch Method" by Peter Lynch;
  • Warren Buffett’s Rules for Investing by Jeremy Miller.

Investment portfolio

If a person is ready to invest serious finances (15-20 thousand 🪙), then it is better to immediately draw up an investment portfolio.

An investment portfolio is a set of financial instruments for an investor to receive passive income and reduce risks in transactions. In order not to lose earnings, invested capital, make a set of shares of many foreign companies. If the prices of one enterprise fall, the growth of the second will compensate for the losses.

Along with stocks, you can invest in government bonds, invest in precious metals. Their percentage should be 3 times less. Banks also offer model portfolios, where a set of securities is formed not by a person, but by a financial index.

Important! Follow economic news on the Internet, read ideas, advice from experienced investors. Control the situation of growth / fall of the exchange rate, if necessary, quickly sell shares while losses are minimal.


We hope our selection inspired you with the idea of ​​how to make money from home during quarantine, and the proposed methods will bring additional profit or even encourage you to change activities. After all , a person becomes more confident in the future, when there are other sources of income behind him.

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