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How to make money in a crisis and open a business: 7 ideas


We live in a time when economic and other crises occur with enviable regularity. And this affects our income and well-being. And, unfortunately, not always for the better. How to make money in a crisis? What kind of business can be opened? How to ensure financial security and protection not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones?

The article has as its purpose an exclusively exploratory character with the historical realities of our planet. Therefore, it will be said how people earned money during economic crises, honestly, including through criminal means. And also considered ways to make money in a crisis these days.

Economic section of society

To begin with, let’s look at a cross-section of society in crisis by economic class and their response to the crisis.

lower class

Representatives of this class often live in subsistence farming in the countries of the former USSR, growing potatoes and other fruits and vegetables in their own or rented gardens. It should be noted that the level of poverty is also graded, because some of these poor people can have a subsidiary farm in the form of: goats, pigs, chickens. Often they get part of their food by gathering: collecting food in garbage cans, picking mushrooms and berries, a great way to diversify their diet is fishing or hunting.

Some people think that hunters are noble and with an expensive gun, but the opinion is erroneous. When it comes to getting food, you can put snares, often made of wire or fishing line, if you are hunting for a bird. Roe deer are also snared, which by the way is prohibited by the legislation of many countries of the former USSR.

How to make money in a crisis and open a business: 7 ideas

Sales income

The poor are the least affected by the economic crisis. they have nowhere to actually fall. They already get food on their own with their own labor, without the help of the state or the employer. Therefore, it does not matter to them what the current salary or the price of food in stores is. Moreover, if the poor man is in good physical shape, he can earn much more in a crisis. Than before him! Naturally, if there is a relatively large garden, because it is in a crisis that people are looking for cheaper products to buy. Therefore, by growing the same potato and if prices for it have risen, the poor can earn more than they did before.

Middle class

A class, which in turn is divided into small subclasses, but let’s talk in general. These people suffer the most from the crisis. After all, they directly depend on the level of wages that they receive from the employer or the state. In case of dismissal, they lose their source of income and cannot provide for themselves and their families, they are forced to look for a new job.

Most often in a crisis, they find less prestigious and lower wages. Middle-class people who stay in their current jobs often work with lower wages. Moreover, officially the employer may not reduce, and even outwardly raise the salaries of his employees, but only outwardly.

We are talking about the so-called inflation and the purchasing power of the currency. Conventionally, a certain Ivan Ivanovich received 10 🪙, and began to receive 30 🪙, a clear increase in wages, but with 10 🪙 earnings per day, he could buy 2 loaves of bread with them, and at 30 🪙 per day, 1 loaf of bread costs 50 🪙 and he can afford only half a loaf. As a result, outwardly the salary increased, and the purchasing power fell by 4 times …

It is the representatives of the middle class who often, as the more economically active part of the population, go into crime. They are accustomed to a comfortable standard of living that they do not want to lose.

Top class

The rich are the people who benefit the most from the economic crisis. In our countries, capitalism, which means that the state defends the interests of the capitalists. Therefore, they will be provided with any state support, in other words, the so-called "helicopter money" will be issued, do nothing, you can receive millions and billions of investments. You can open the news of any country of the former USSR and look at the news block to learn about measures to support big business from your state. In a crisis, you can do nothing at all and earn huge incomes by simply putting your hand into the treasury.

Back to earnings

The economic collapse was known to mankind long before 2020. For example, the Great Depression in the USA or the crime of the so-called "Privatization" and "Perestroika" in the former USSR. These times are characterized by the impoverishment of large sections of society, while others are significantly richer. Unfortunately, this enrichment did not always take place in an honest way.

The dark side of earning

Illegal ways of earning money attract dishonest people with the opportunity to earn a lot without making much effort. Next, we will consider what illegal ways of earning are.

How to make money in a crisis and open a business: 7 ideas


  1. Bootlegging has been known since the Great Depression in the USA and Perestroika in the USSR. It seems to be a “business" that can flourish only under the “dry law”, but everything also worked great during the “Privatization” period. When the population is rapidly impoverished, the underground liquor dealer, it should be noted that it is extremely poor-quality alcohol, but at affordable prices for the poor, is steadily flourishing. You can recall the supply of alcohol "Royal" during the privatization of which thousands died, but continued to buy.
  2. Extortion, it’s a racket. The fact is that entrepreneurs engaged in illegal trade cannot turn to the police for protection, but they have a profit. Therefore, strong guys can put together a criminal gang and offer their “protection” to such an entrepreneur from other criminal elements. Naturally, in case of refusal, the “defenders” themselves will pose the main threat. For obvious reasons, a bootlegger cannot go to law enforcement. What should he say there? Claim that he is engaged in illegal activities and go to jail? That is why we have to negotiate.
  3. Illegal banking activities, and in particular the provision of micro-loans without any license. People who have limited sources of income are often forced to borrow: for medical treatment, clothing, or even food. Here it should be noted that such activities again give work to criminal groups, because it is important not only to have money to provide a loan, but to have physically strong guys to knock out debts from the debtor by any means. Often by depriving them of their last home or forcing them to hand over their organs for resale on the black market for transplantation.

Any near criminal trade or illegal activity concentrates the criminals around themselves, they earn big money and the society covers crime. This gives rise to an interest in who is most subjected to economic pressure during a crisis.

How – it’s not funny and at the same time sad, but it is the middle class that suffers the most. The poor and the poor, who were them even before the crisis, especially cannot notice any changes.

The bright side of earning

Considering that most of the population cannot earn illegally by putting their hand into the treasury of their own country, we need to talk about legal methods of earning money in a crisis.

  • Hobbies – Almost any hobby can provide a legitimate income. We are talking about such hobbies as: fishing, hunting, gathering mushrooms, berries, and so on.
  • A personal plot, growing one strawberry can allow you to earn some money. At the same time, if you look at the experience of the poor, you can simply grow food for food, and not spend money on buying food.
  • Not prestigious professions: a janitor or a loader, an auxiliary worker at a construction site. Usually young people go to such professions, more often students or pensioners, when it comes to the position of a cleaner, watchman, janitor. In a crisis, these activities should not be neglected. The fact is that such work is paid at the “minimum wage”, therefore it is simply impossible to reduce wages, and there is no where …

Remedy for Crisis

Many people dream of getting money out of nowhere. But in order for this dream to come true, you must first work hard.

The term passive income is a way of earning money that does not require effort, that is, funds are received about even when a person is resting.

How to make money in a crisis and open a business: 7 ideas

Plan development

Pay attention to people with income above average. They make money out of nothing. But that doesn’t happen. Before the purse began to replenish, the person worked very hard.

What is passive income?

Most of humanity lives according to the program: "home-work-home". And if you need to get additional income, they get one or more jobs. The money earned is then spent on a hospital or food and is simply not visible. Therefore, in order not to burn out professionally and not get depressed, you should create or find yourself a source of passive income.

Passive income is income that does not require active actions. For example, the card receives money from a successful investment in a business.

You have to work hard to earn passive income. You can’t get rich in one day.

How to make money in a crisis and what kind of business you can open

Many are interested in the question of how to make money in a crisis and what kind of business can be opened at this time. Let’s look at some ways that will not only make money during the economic crisis, but can also transform into a successful business.

1 – Creation of an Internet resource for making money online

Many people are now looking for jobs online. And if you still understand the basics of marketing and know the computer well, then in the aggregate it can all bring income. It does not even require start-up capital. But free time and a strong desire to learn in this matter will come in handy.

For a permanent income, you will have to work from six months to two years, devoting several hours a day to the project. People who think that having created a website you can lay down your hands and wait for the result are mistaken. No. It will take a long time to work. The main thing is not to deviate from the goal. And only after a certain period of time you can reach passive income.

But at the first financial receipts, you should not stop. The site needs to be developed. Only in this way will he be able to bring money in the right amount.

A developed website that brings in money can be sold as a ready-made business. Its price will be equal to 20 times the amount of monthly passive income. Therefore, by creating and promoting websites, you can earn a lot of money.

2 – Hobby monetization

Creative people sometimes cannot find a use for their products. At home, everything is arranged on the shelves or in the pantry. At best, creations are given to friends and acquaintances. But donations end sooner or later. Items are collected at home.

But these products can be sold. There are many different social networks on the Internet, free bulletin boards, marketplaces. Everywhere you can exhibit your work. Passion to turn into a pleasant way to earn money.

3 – Selling photos

One of the passive ways to earn money is selling photographs. To do this, you need a good camera, free time for filming and uploading to photo stocks. You can sign up with Depositphotos or Shutterstock. Money is charged for downloading pictures.

4 – Investing

Being an investor is a risky business. Everything depends on luck. When investing in a new company, there can only be two kinds of outcomes. Either the company will actively develop and generate income, or it will go bankrupt after a few months.

Investments are suitable for people who have an analytical mind, well-developed intuition. Find a successful startup and that’s it. Then you can sit on the couch to receive interest and observe the development of the company. But for this type of passive income you will need a considerable amount.

How to make money in a crisis and open a business: 7 ideas


5 – Deposit

But before you take the money to the bank, you need to decide what profit you want to receive from the investment and for how long. If you want to withdraw interest on a monthly basis, a savings account will do. A capitalization deposit will allow you to sum up the interest every month with the main deposit. The result is a large amount.

It should be borne in mind that in banks, interest on deposits is small. Therefore, in order to live on interest, you should keep several million in your account. So, with the accumulative method, the rate will be 8%, that is, from 1 million 🪙 per month you will receive approximately 6 thousand 🪙. And if you take a deposit with a capitalization for 12 months, then a year later you will receive somewhere around 83 thousand 🪙

But when concluding a long-term contract, one should not forget about inflation. Because of it, up to 10% of income is lost, since money depreciates every year.

6 – Record the webinar

Knowledge or information can also earn money. Record a video lecture or host a webinar. You only have to work hard once. And then just sell a link to a video lecture.

But the information that you will tell people should be unique. This will cut down on advertising costs . Positive reviews will quickly help you attract new people. Otherwise, promotion will take a lot of time and money.

7 – Real estate to help

Renting out an apartment or house is not a new method of passive income. It has been in operation for several centuries. If there is a free apartment or houses, you can earn money by renting out living space.

The disadvantages of this income are repairs after the congress of unscrupulous tenants. Therefore, you need to be prepared for any situation.

The positive side is the payment of utilities by the tenant. If you rent only a room, you can agree on the division of utility costs.

Another method of passive income can be the acquisition of an apartment under construction with further resale. That is, an apartment, which only in the project will cost much cheaper. For example, such an apartment will cost 4 million 🪙, and a few years after the house is put into operation, it can be sold for 4.5 million 🪙

How to make money in a crisis and open a business: 7 ideas

Passive income

Passive income will be once, but in a large amount. You should carefully choose the developer so as not to fall for scammers.

Passive income is a chance to improve your personal financial condition without spending a lot of effort. The amount depends only on the desire, the efforts made and the availability of free time. It is impossible to say specifically that it is necessary to invest or sell photographs. Because every person is different. And everyone has their own unique abilities.

Miracle time

In the end, it should be noted that we will remember 2020 as the most "bread" year and with huge incomes of the population, as a year of opportunities. The so-called "Super-crisis" has come, for example, in the countries of the former USSR, a similar "super-crisis" lasted from 1985 to 2000, or 15 years. The Great Depression in the United States lasted from 1929 to 1933. This crisis will continue for 3-15 years, and every year it will be on the rise, like a snowball, to demolish more and more destinies and destroy more and more people.

Do not be afraid of crises, you should prepare for them and use the emerging opportunities to the maximum. After all, this time allows you to create the basis of your financial well-being. The main thing is not to break the laws, but to turn on your head.

Now you know how to make money in a crisis and what kind of business you can open. We hope that this information will help someone survive and survive the economic crisis.

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