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How to make money from surveys?


If you were given the opportunity to get an extra 1000 -1500 🪙 without much effort, would you take advantage of it? There is such an opportunity: you can earn extra money on surveys. How to do this, we tell below.

How to make money from surveys?

What are online surveys and how to make money on them?

According to statistics, only 9% of many users lead a healthy lifestyle, two-thirds of the country’s population use the Internet, the average resident drinks 90 to 200 cups of coffee every year lately. Researchers receive a huge amount of data through questionnaires and surveys. They allow you to find out the general picture of events in the world, to find out information about what is happening in the world. This data helps predict events and make more informed decisions.

Did you know that you can earn money online from surveys like these? Both commercial and government organizations pay for their passage. This helps them better understand the needs of people, identify demand, and look at their actions from a different perspective.

Paid surveys are a part-time job for which you need to answer customer questions on special sites. You can do this from anywhere in the world where there is Internet. No initial capital or special skills are needed – all you need is desire and time.

What sites can you earn money on?

There are more than 20 sites where you can get extra money for a survey. Here are some of them:


The project is more than 10 years old – during this time it has attracted over 900 thousand participants. For full surveys, you can earn up to 60 🪙, remuneration can be paid in three ways: the employee receives a valuable product or money to the account, and also send the profit to a charitable foundation. The advantages include the fact that there are polls all the time, as well as a clear interface.


The number of users is already more than 5 million, there are constantly new profiles. The questionnaire allows you to withdraw money to PayPal or exchange site points for goods from Ozon or Wildberries. Among the bonuses that the service gives are Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks gift cards.


The questionnaire is a partner of the Swedish research company Cint. The average cost of completing a survey is from 30 to 50 🪙. The minimum withdrawal amount is only 300 🪙. You will not be able to receive any money for the survey immediately – they are always accrued in the next month. Many questionnaires can be completed in just 10 minutes


Only many users living in million-plus cities can register. You can take up to 10 surveys per month, the cost varies from 5 to 250 points. There is also a raffle where you can win 22,000 points, and a “bring a friend" promotion. If you invited someone to the site, and he filled out the questionnaire, you get 100 points. The accumulated points can be exchanged for some certificates in different online stores.


You can take two surveys per week, each costing from 20 to 100 🪙 per survey. Topics: advertising, website development, product testing, branding, professional and scientific surveys. You can withdraw money to a bank card or an electronic wallet by earning at least 500 🪙.

How to make money from surveys?

How to make money by taking surveys on the Internet: useful tricks

You can increase your income if you take into account some of the nuances. Here are some tips that will help you in the future:

  • Work with multiple surveys and get more offers.
  • The more frequently you opt-out of service offers to complete a survey, the less often you will receive such messages.
  • Complete profile questionnaires in detail and update information about yourself.
  • Do not choose options in the survey at random – the systems will quickly recognize the deception and you will be blacklisted.
  • Give as detailed answers as possible – in the future, you will be able to receive more expensive surveys due to your responsiveness.

You should not expect that in the first month you will earn a lot: trust in you, and therefore your income will grow gradually. Many are interested in how much money you can earn on surveys on the Internet in a month: exact numbers cannot be given. It all depends on how much time you spend daily. Someone manages to withdraw 1000 🪙, and someone 10,000 🪙.

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