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How to make money as a merchandiser


Often young people think about where to get money for a living. Sooner or later, but many are wondering how to make money as a merchandiser. A merchandiser is a specialist who promotes goods in regional markets.

He promotes the products of the company he works for right at the point of sale. This specialist uses indirect methods to make the brand more attractive. Merchandising is just as important for a company as brand development, online promotions, participation in image events. For example, agencies providing such a service have long appeared.

What does a merchandiser do?

First of all, the merchandiser arranges the goods in the store. He must make sure that the buyer himself, without outside help, could find the right product. To do this, the trading floor should have special equipment, furniture, showcases. In addition, the owner must provide high-quality lighting, pleasant sound, cleanliness.

The main tools of the merchandiser:

  1. Arrangement of products by categories;
  2. Location of products;
  3. The layout of the premises;
  4. Special aesthetic layout;
  5. Use of special materials;

What are the responsibilities of a merchandiser

Many people think that a merchandiser should do only one simple task that anyone can handle – put the goods on the shelves. In fact, everything is more complicated. This specialist has a dozen responsibilities, the quality of which depends on the profit of the company.

Let’s talk about the main ones:

  1. Negotiations with company owners on conducting an advertising strategy, promoting various types of goods;
  2. Design of showcases, racks, rearrangement of goods in accordance with the plan;
  3. Creation of the company’s image through unusual and beautiful solutions in the design of trading floors;
  4. Monitoring the relevance of price tags and product expiration dates;
  5. Ensuring the stable operation of commercial equipment, monitoring its serviceability;
  6. Customer consultation and feedback;
  7. Conducting surveys to study the target audience;
  8. Completion of reports, analysis of demand and methods of competitors;

How to make money as a merchandiser

First, you can get a job in a prestigious company. Typically, the size of the salary is affected by the region of residence, the fame of the company and the number of hours worked. For example, the starting salary of a specialist is 30,000 🪙. Often a merchandiser works only part of the day, receiving 8-15 thousand per month for this.

However, such a salary is not the ceiling. Therefore, there is career growth. For example, having gained experience, you can become a marketer or sales manager.

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