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How to make all people rich?


I would just like to share some thoughts, so about. I probably began to understand from the age of 14 that we live in a society where there are rich and poor. And since I myself was not born into a rich family, I became interested in the question, why are the rich rich?

Because I couldn’t afford much of what I wanted. Studying this issue, I realized that the majority of the population, and this is about 97 percent of all people in the world, live in very poor conditions. And the rest – 3 percent rich people. Personally, these data simply shocked me when I learned from them for the first time. What do these 3 percent of people know or do? How do they manage to be rich.

I wanted all the people in the world to be rich and prosperous.

I found answers to many of my questions in the books of Robert Kiyosaki. I understood the difference between rich people and poor people. In fact, it’s not about money at all, as I used to think – but in the way of thinking.

The poor work for money, while the rich create jobs. That’s the whole secret!

You can’t get rich by working for others. To become rich, you need to create your own business, you need to buy or create assets that will generate passive income for you.

Poor people have only one source of income – work.

The rich have a lot of such sources – these are businesses, real estate, investments in stocks, gold, silver … All their lives, the rich come up with new ways to make money. That’s why they are rich.

Well, now back to the question that has always bothered me – is it possible to make all the people in the world rich?

And it was in The Richest Man in Babylon that I found the answer.

Yes, that’s the answer. There is a way to make people rich.

There is a wonderful story in the book about how to do this, I will briefly describe its essence:

The king of the city of Babylon was somehow worried that people in the city live in poverty. And only a few rich people. He asked to call the richest man in Babylon to consult with him.

He asked him:

Is it possible to make all the people of the city rich? Could you share the secrets of your wealth?

To which the richest man replied:

Yes, it is possible and the secret is very simple. I will teach 10 people my secrets, and then they will teach 10 more and so, after a while all people will know the secrets of wealth and over time our city will become the richest and most prosperous and all the inhabitants in it will be rich.

And so they did.

What secrets did the rich man teach 10 of his students? More details about the secrets can be found in the book.

After reading this story – I thought – so here it is a secret!

That’s how you can make all the people in the world rich. It is enough to study these rules, and then tell others about them.

If all the people who learn these rules – apply them – then in time all the people in the world will become rich!

Post source: kiyosaki-fanclub.ru

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