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How to learn to write well – TOP ways to become better in copywriting


Whatever you do on the Internet, you still have to deal with text. This is the easiest way to communicate. And the most effective if you want to unobtrusively lead a person to any action.

For example, to buy your product, subscribe to a channel, or just for fun. But it just so happened that writing good lyrics seems to be something unattainable for people. Many say a simple “this is not mine" and slaughter any attempts to start.

But this is a mistake! Good writing is the result of constant practice. It is not born with it, it is taught. And you can learn too. And in this article we will tell you how to learn to write well.

Write more often

This is banal advice, we agree. But this is the most powerful piece of advice you will ever receive in the future. Think for yourself: is it possible to learn how to play the guitar by reading a couple of articles? Is it possible to speak perfect English without speaking?

Of course no. This requires long and constant practice. And in writing, too. So make it a rule to write every day. Even if no one sees it.

And very soon you will realize that you have really come a long way.

Find the purpose of the text

Text on the Internet is a tool. And like any tool, text should have a purpose. The text can, for example:

  • Teach;
  • Tell useful information;
  • Motivate;
  • Entertain.

Before writing a text, you definitely need to determine its purpose. What for? To immediately determine how exactly you will submit information. And what kind of information should be in your article, blog post or any other text format.

Keep it simple

Write as if you are talking to your friend. Try to use as little metaphor and other embellishments as possible. Because the text you write is not at all for beauty.

Your main task is to convey understandable information. To convey it as if your financial condition depends on its understanding. Because that’s the way it is.

Don’t use bureaucracy. Leave it to the hot water shutdown announcements. Write in simple language, use more verbs. And then you will be more likely to make some impression on the reader.

Write Accurately

Do not use data that cannot actually be verified. Sentences that begin with the phrase "many argue" look like complete nonsense.

Specify accurate data to increase the reader’s confidence in your words. Instead of “many say” just provide a link to analytical materials. Most likely, readers will not even check the accuracy of the information. But they will believe in your words.

Of course, this trust should not be abused. Provide only valid information. Because your reputation is still important. And not only you, believe me.

Follow others

Find a text that you really like. And start following its author. Not in the sense that you need to find out where he lives and what he has for breakfast. Not at all.

Subscribe to his blog, read every text. And try to approach it analytically. Why did he use this particular phrase in the text? Do you like structure? Why is she like this?

Ask more questions as you read. And then you will quickly understand why the text is written the way it is written. This information will allow you to create your own effective texts.

Explore tutorials and case studies

What is beautiful about the 21st century is the development of the Internet. And the educational materials that appeared thanks to this Internet. But for some reason, many do not use them.

If you are among such people, we advise you to fix it. Because theoretical knowledge is just as important as practical skills. Present your skills with water. Water is good and beautiful, but it is difficult to use it without special devices.

Drinking without a mug or bottle is not as pleasant as doing it with them. And theoretical knowledge, in our case, is these tools. They will give shape to your skills and help you do better with the previous points.

You can start with the standard advice – from the book "Write, cut" by Maxim Ilyakhov.

Well, I began to write better – what’s next?

Further, an amazing world of possibilities opens up for you. Now you can become a copywriter. And freelancing is my greatest pleasure.

But do not rush to despair. And too much hope too. On the one hand, you are only at the beginning of your career path. But on the other hand, we are here just to make this path seem easy and relaxed.

Beginning of work

A copywriter is a person who writes texts to order. We have understood how to write texts better, but what to do with these same texts? Sell ​​them, of course.

But, of course, for this you need to create a certain type of texts. Namely SEO-texts. From English Search Engine Optimization – search engine optimization. This is when you insert certain words or phrases into the text for which this text will be searched in Google or Yandex.

You can enter any phrase in the search engine, and he will kindly offer you an article that has been optimized for this very phrase. SEO copywriters are engaged in such texts. And such articles are bought on freelance exchanges.

Where to find a job as a copywriter

We won’t scare you. Finding a job as a copywriter is not difficult. Because texts, especially those written with talent, are needed by everyone. The Internet is literally built on text content, and the sale of texts has long been a developed area.

You can find orders, for example, in social networks. For this, there are special profile groups. But finding customers on social media comes with risks. Because no one can guarantee that you will be paid for your work. And without a well-established portfolio and experience, you are unlikely to get something worthy.

Another thing is copywriting exchanges. This is a place where finding a job as a copywriter is a matter of five minutes.

Copywriting exchanges

Exchanges are sites similar to message boards. Customers leave tasks there for the desired articles. And copywriters do it. Naturally, for money.

The most popular exchange at the moment is eTXT. Despite the design from the stone age, this exchange does have a lot of users. And with them – thousands of orders.

Alternative options:

Rates are about the same everywhere. The most minimal, up to 50 🪙, we suggest not to consider. We are sure that with our advice in mind, you will cope with more complex tasks. At first, focus on paying 50-70 🪙 per thousand characters.

Remember this definition – n 🪙 for a thousand characters. This is the standard payment system for your work. It means that for every thousand characters, you will get n 🪙. There is a count of the number of characters with and without spaces. And the last option is the most common.

As soon as you gain experience, you can switch to sites for copywriters. These are exactly the same exchanges, but there are more serious orders.

For example:

Orders on these sites are on average the same. But sometimes there are really good ones. And the main thing here is to build relationships with the customer in time. Because in this way it is much easier to raise the price for your services.

Choose any of these sites, and over time you will be able to reach a decent income.

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