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How to freelance?


Many, having started working on tasks, come to the question of how to work as a freelancer. Usually we think that this way we will have more freedom and personal time for travel, family and hobbies.

In fact, it turns out that finding a balance is quite difficult. “I’ll make one more order, and I’ll definitely have a rest" – a permanent sponsor of freelance working evenings. Or, for example, in a studio apartment, you can spend half an hour just to tune in to work: there is no such space as an office or an office.

Below are ways to separate work from personal life.

How to separate work and leisure

Determine your work schedule

Make a schedule and take at least two days off a week. Follow the plan and tell yourself “stop” when the work day is over. Sometimes it can be difficult, but believe me – your efficiency will increase. When you know that you have to do everything before a certain time, and nothing else, you begin to be less distracted.

Organize your workspace

This applies to folders on the monitor, and papers on the table. Try not to work in the rooms where you rest. If you can’t allocate a separate room, organize at least a small space where you will only work. As a last resort, rent a space in a coworking space: it will cost 0t 10 to 15 thousand 🪙 per month.

Take breaks

Don’t be afraid to upset or lose customers. It will be much worse if you do not rest: as soon as you get tired, tasks immediately take longer to complete. Over time, the forces will run out, and you will have to take a long vacation. Then it will be more difficult to return to the sphere after a long period of time. There are many ways to be productive.

Communicate with customers more effectively

Learn to communicate effectively with clients. Ask clarifying questions, offer multiple solutions, anticipate their needs. Treat others with respect: write only during business hours. Then others will also treat you.

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