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How to find a remote job: ways + tips


How to find a remote job? After all, many people are interested in remote work or the profession of a digital nomad, and this is understandable: most of the vacancies of the World Wide Web provide an opportunity to earn decent money, enjoying the homely atmosphere of warmth and comfort, without compromising the result.

If you too want to try your hand at what you love, working from anywhere in the world, check out the selection below.

What does remote work mean?

It will not be possible to quickly and easily earn income while lying under a palm tree in Bali. This issue requires a capital approach. It will be difficult, there is no one to tell, and there is a lot of unnecessary and unreliable information on special resources and thematic forums.

After all, the most popular query of search engines is ” How to find a remote job without experience." Remote workers mean by the phrase “no experience” not the totality of knowledge and skills of a particular profession in practice, but the absence of a complex professional experience. Remote work is replete with offers for unskilled personnel. One has only to determine for oneself not a profitable, but a suitable vacancy for one’s abilities.

Remote work is our tomorrow, and partly ours today.

Unlike tedious work in the office, telecommuting is action for the result. There is no boss and a clear work schedule, and the level of earnings depends on the quality of the work layer. Therefore, you should not try to find a remote job, hoping for instant material profit. It should be, first of all, to your liking and where you want it right now. Believe me, your favorite business will eventually bring prosperity.

Organization of remote work

How to find a remote job: ways + tips

In accordance with the legislation of our state, remote work is called remote work and is regulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

If there is no permanent employer, then you are a freelancer, and your occupation is called freelancing. Remote work and freelancing are completely different job niches, but they are equally popular among remote workers.

The organization of remote work is based on the use of special services and programs to carry out work for a specific company.

Personnel can work via remote desktop: connect from a personal device to a common server and work in a single system with all documentation and access.

Remote Team

The remote team communicates through messaging programs: by mail or Skype. If the workflow requires the installation of special programs, software, employers often help with the installation or provide the necessary tools.

Virtually anyone whose work involves mental work can be engaged in remote work: from a web development specialist, project manager, illustrator, copywriter or editor to an online marketplace consultant, call center operator or a self-taught craftsman creating art objects. Habitual office workers can also work remotely (in law and accounting, HR inspectors, executive assistants).

Where to start: assessing your own knowledge

How to find a remote job: ways + tips

If you have already reached the age of majority and are confident in using a computer, then you can safely boast of the basic ability to work on the Internet. "I can’t do anything – this is an underestimation of my skills."

Beginners who are interested in how to quickly find a remote job at home usually know how to do something from the following list:

  • confidently use a computer, laptop or tablet;
  • surf the Internet – use the World Wide Web at high speed, browsing many pages on web resources;
  • chat online with strangers in chat rooms;
  • process photos and pictures in Photoshop;
  • like and comment on social media posts;
  • translate texts in foreign languages.

Make a similar individual list on a piece of paper. For example, you are fluent in computer-aided design software that creates 2D and 3D drawings, or you have a great singing voice. Are you into video games? Or do you get thousands of likes in Stories on Instagram? Do you run a thematic channel in a telegram, a group on Vkontakte for the residents of Kotovsk? Record on paper everything that will help you navigate the choice of remote work.

Sphere selection

How to find a remote job: ways + tips

Most of the unfilled positions are in digital marketing, a direction that involves the promotion of services and goods using digital technologies. A beginner can always find remote work for himself, related to calling the database of potential customers.

List of popular areas where people look for work from home online:

  • search engine optimization (SEO);
  • promotion of products in social media (SMM);
  • online education;
  • infobusiness in the blogosphere;
  • multiplayer online games;
  • web design and graphic design;
  • Internet trade;
  • foreign languages.

Finding a good remote job in programming, analytics and other financial industries is not suitable for beginners. These areas require strong technical abilities and professional skills from job applicants at the start.

Remember! In 99.9% of cases, scammers place advertisements for the search for a "typist". Try not to contact such dubious sites.

Popular remote professions for beginners

How to find a remote job: ways + tips

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t know much yet. There are a lot of remote work for "dummies" on the network, the main thing is not to run into deceivers.

Below we will tell you how to quickly find a remote job for a beginner and present an overview of the easiest, proven ways to make money on the Internet.

Tasks and clicks

There are a lot of sites on the Internet that create an opportunity for advertising and making money on the Internet on clicks. These platforms are called boxes.

Work on boxes is to view advertised sites. The performer needs to go to various resources using the links provided and stay on each of them for 30-60 seconds.

In addition to surfing (browsing sites), there are other types of earnings on the boxes:

  1. Reading letters. The contractor’s task is to read the customer’s letter. Familiarize yourself with the prerequisites for correct execution. Follow the links provided, following the required algorithm of actions. Get money.
  2. Tests. The contractor reads the customer’s text. Using the information from the task, he finds the advertiser’s website and answers questions.
  3. Other tasks. Here they earn on registration, clicks, likes, reposts. Arbitrary paid orders are possible. The conditions for receiving monetary rewards for certain actions are described in the text of a specific task.

Popular and interesting boxes: Seosprint, Social Public.

Enter captcha

One of the easiest and most reliable earnings on the Internet. The essence of this type of remote work is that there are many pictures that cannot be recognized automatically, and web developers are willing to pay for recognition. Similar test checks (captchas) generated by the program are collected in a convenient service. All that is required for a registered user is to enter the text from the picture correctly. Each entry is estimated at an average of 3-8 kopecks.

The most popular captcha earning site is RuCaptcha.

Social media

Every second Internet visitor probably maintains accounts in social networks. With a personal active profile on a social website, it is realistic to provide yourself with additional income. Here you can put likes, repost posts, become a member of interesting communities, place ads. Many of these activities are already performed on a daily basis, but only without financial incentives.

The best site for making money in social networks can rightfully be called VKTarget.

Reviews and comments

To make money on comments and reviews, you do not need to have a higher education or special knowledge. Anyone can write negative, positive or neutral comments, and this does not even require literacy. With operational work, it’s realistic to get up to 200 🪙 per day.

Excellent exchanges for writing reviews are: QComment and Advego. Even for beginners, these sites always have suitable tasks.


An interesting option for those who do not know how to find a remote job for a real beginner without experience. The specificity of earnings is to fill out thematic questionnaires posted on specialized services. Most of the questions in the questionnaire are about goods and services.

The data of such questionnaires allow the company to find out how potential buyers evaluate products, what requirements they put forward. It is not the service itself that pays for the completed questionnaire, but the company that compiles the survey.

Of the existing sites for making money on questionnaires, it is worth highlighting "Paid Survey".

Retirement with decent pay

How to find a remote job: ways + tips

Working remotely and making good money is much easier than it seems. However, be prepared to work a little for the idea. Think of starting an online career as a profitable investment that will pay off over time. Below will be offered professions and methods of earning, which are worth paying attention to.


This method of earning income is perhaps one of the best. The profession of "copywriter" is associated with writing text content for websites and not only. You can write:

  • commercial offers;
  • selling texts;
  • SEO-optimized and informative articles;
  • press releases;
  • electronic books;
  • term papers, dissertations, etc.

Copywriting in general is based on the promotion of goods and services, as well as sites on the Internet. Millions of customers are ready to pay for such work. The only thing you need to know is to write quickly and correctly.

The level of earnings in this way depends on how effectively you can find customers for yourself and how many orders you can complete per day. Searching for a good remote job as a copywriter is recommended to start with open content exchanges on the Internet. It is better to register a profile on several sites at once.

Recommended exchanges: Advego, text. ru, eTxt.

At first, you will have to write for a penny. Prepare mentally for this. If you work on the stock exchange efficiently and a lot, then in a couple of months your income can reach 1000 🪙 per day.


This type of income is also worthy of attention. In fact, rewriting is the same copywriting, only a few steps lower. Here it is required to rewrite old articles in a new way. The material is created on the basis of one or more sources and must be unique. This is a kind of rewriting of the text according to the type of presentation in school.

It is strictly forbidden to steal texts and articles from other sites!

Basically, rewriting is used by information sites that publish a large amount of news daily. Also, the owners of web resources who want to promote the site in several regions through links need to process the source text materials. For these purposes, you need a unique text, but it is unprofitable to buy copyrighted works. Therefore, there are always orders for editing texts in order to increase uniqueness for search engines. Therefore, rewriting can also be considered a decent remote job.

Where to find such a job: Advego, text. ru, eTxt.


A good income comes from selling your pictures. The implementation of high-quality photographs is usually carried out through popular photo banks – image databases with their own audience and certain requirements. Earnings in this niche have great inertia, therefore, for positive results, it is recommended to follow a number of rules:

  • not be afraid to experiment;
  • update your personal photo catalog daily;
  • keep track of which shots are better bought;
  • shoot "for the soul."

An important feature of this kind of activity on the Internet is that one picture can be sold an unlimited number of times, flying around the world.

The following images sell best:

  • manifestations of feelings and emotions of people;
  • meaningful accident in travel, sports, work;
  • manifestations of friendship, care;
  • attractions (for example, the Golden Gate Bridge in California, the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ on the Blood in recent times, the pyramids of Giza, etc.);
  • natural beautiful locations depending on the season;
  • seasonal holiday themes (Christmas, Easter, Spas).

Income in this case can reach $ 800 per month. But remember, this is the salary of a professional photographer. Aspiring photo makers get paid much less.

Finding a normal remote job as a photographer is not difficult. Just copy the link to the popular photo stock www.shutterstock.com into the address bar.


A great way to make money while traveling the world. You will have to work with texts, as in copywriting and rewriting, but in this case, you cannot do without good knowledge of a foreign language. More often translators deal with narrowly focused scientific and technical texts and documents. Therefore, it is important to have sufficient vocabulary, constantly learn new words and expressions in specific areas. Over time, it will be possible to quickly translate such texts.

Before starting work, it is important to write a resume correctly. Pay special attention to this. Then regular customers will not keep themselves waiting long. Experienced translators receive approximately $500 per month.

Skype consultations

It should be noted that this activity is quite profitable. The only negative is that you have to work online.

Higher paid consultations in the following areas:

  • jurisprudence;
  • psychology;
  • nutrition.

If experience in one of these areas can help someone, feel free to download the Skype program, register an electronic wallet and start working.

To achieve maximum success in this matter, always act in accordance with the following algorithm:

  1. Consult new clients only on prepaid basis.
  2. After receiving an advance payment on a card or an electronic wallet, discuss with the client the duration and convenient time of the consultation.
  3. Turn on Skype 10-15 minutes before work starts.
  4. When communicating, be friendly, affable, speak competently, show full involvement in the process.
  5. Always plan your consultation with a time frame in mind. This option of remote work can rightfully be called a business without investments. Just to start, it is recommended to create your own website with a description of the services and cost.

What else can beginner remote workers work for?

How to find a remote job: ways + tips

There are many ways to make money online. The main thing is not to be lazy and remain for yourself a leader and an employee in one person. Know how to sew dolls – create a trade group in social networks and sell your creations. If you like making funny videos, open a YouTube channel and make money on your own hobby. An important rule is to start a project, first of all, for the soul and only then for financial gain.

In addition to all the above professions and ways to make money on the Internet, we have compiled a list of no less top specialties today:

  • HR manager (digital companies);
  • subtitle compiler (video production);
  • audio transcriber (editing studios);
  • advertising manager (advertising agencies);
  • application manager (online courses);
  • meme designer (entertainment publics);
  • moderator (chats, publics, computer games, shops, companies, etc.);
  • curator (online training);
  • manager of Direct on Instagram.

It is better to look for remote work in the listed professions on channels with vacancies and in chats with vacancies and resumes.

To sum up: advantages and disadvantages of remote work

If you want to earn remotely, this means becoming completely independent right now. But before you start mastering the professions proposed in the article and ways to earn income on the Internet, check out the advantages and disadvantages of remote work.

So the pros:

  1. You will no longer be tied to a place of work. In order to go on vacation, go to the village to relatives or to your own dacha, you do not need to write an application for a vacation or take time off.
  2. Career growth, solid salary. Working for yourself makes it easier to increase your income. I improved my knowledge, made a couple of orders with high quality – I found generous customers.
  3. Saving money. Yes, you will have to pay for electricity. But on the other hand, you no longer need to buy clothes for the office, spend money on travel and lunch.
  4. Free and flexible schedule. Headache. Tired back. Wanted to take a nap. You can pause and relax at any time.

And of course, the cons, where without them:

  1. There is no self-discipline. You will have to stock up on willpower in order to clearly plan your working day. Nothing will work if the deadline is not met.
  2. You will have to constantly remind the household that you do not rest all day, but work. Try to intelligibly tell relatives about employment at the beginning of a remote worker career. Otherwise, you will be constantly distracted by trifles.
  3. Irregular schedule and inconsistent income. At the enterprise or in the office, on average, an 8-hour working day. And remotely, an order with a specific deadline can arrive at any time of the day.

If you think that there is no money on the World Wide Web and all methods of making money online are nothing more than a myth, then for you they really are not there. Finding the right remote job for you is really easy. It is much more difficult to take small steps every day on this path. Remember, the first six months you will work for a penny. Of course, there are exceptions. But prepare yourself for the fact that at the initial stage everything will turn out that way.

Good luck in your endeavors, work without pitfalls. And do not forget that remote work requires responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and learning.

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