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How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways


According to statistics, 60% of many users have more than one job. Opportunities for additional income excite many. The question of how to find a part-time job is relevant not only for schoolchildren and students.

People over 35 are looking for ways to earn extra money. Additional earnings allow you to improve your financial situation and the opportunity to choose an occupation to your liking. Opportunities for part-time work and ways to find additional income are discussed in our review.

Features of a side job

To find a good part-time job, you need to decide on suitable vacancies. Then, according to the selected options, a search is made for current ads. It is not difficult to find a part-time job in large cities – Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Samara or Novosibirsk. It is worth considering the options of earning through the Internet.

Helpful Tips

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

It is important not only to find additional income, but not to fall for scammers. To do this, follow the following recommendations:

  1. Many sites offer huge sums of money for simple work. Often this is a scam, as the company cannot operate at a loss. Easy work and cost little.
  2. You can not transfer money in order to start working.
  3. Fraudsters offer to assemble handles.
  4. A free trial period or a test task without payment can also become a scam.
  5. Pyramids and online games with gardens and farms are a means to pump out money.

Where to begin

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

The ideal option is to turn your favorite hobby into a source of additional income. Work will be a motivation for further development. The Internet can be a great solution for part-time work. In this case, you can work at home, sitting at the computer.

Popular websites are used to search for jobs. Here you can find a detailed description of vacancies, you can find out the requirements for candidates and the exact working conditions. Sites are suitable for passive job search. To do this, you need to create a resume and wait for offers from employers.

  • You can post a job search ad on social networks. This method allows the employer to get maximum information about the applicant even before meeting with him.
  • Simple ways to find a part-time job include contacting friends, relatives and acquaintances.
  • Newspapers with advertisements are suitable for those who are looking for a job that does not require high qualifications. In search of a part-time job, you can contact a recruiting organization.
  • A good way is a direct appeal to the employer. Many companies post job openings on their websites. You can also fill out your resume here.
  • You can try to find a part-time job at the main place of work. For example, combine the duties of a secretary and a manager. If you have your own car, they work as a courier and earn extra money in a taxi.

It is recommended to look for opportunities for earning in the main specialty. Teachers can become tutors. An accountant can find a part-time job.

Find out how to find a part-time job online and offline. The networks present simple ways to make money for beginners. Profitable offers are also offered for competent specialists.


How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

Knowledge of a foreign language can be helpful. You can get a good part-time job on stock exchanges, on specialized sites or in companies.

The cost of translating articles depends on the complexity of the task. They also earn on foreign services. Applicants are offered jobs writing subtitles for videos or writing articles in English.

Finding a job is worth a try at Fundsfor Writers, Listverse, and Unbabel. Online publications pay money for articles. There are options for translating emails and articles.

voice acting

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

Additional earnings in your free time will bring the voice of cartoons, videos, as well as reading books in audio format.

This will require special recording equipment, a microphone and a separate room for work. Good announcers can earn from 1,000 🪙 per minute for a quality project.

Social media

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

When choosing options for how you can really earn extra money, you should try writing posts on social networks. networks. For such work, it is enough to spend several hours a day. Profit reaches 1 thousand 🪙 per day. To make money in social networks, the following methods are used:

  1. SMM promotion. To work, you will need knowledge of targeted advertising, skills in working with subscribers and the ability to maintain a public.
  2. Group development. Support for live communication and earnings on simple tasks.
  3. Placement of advertisements.
  4. Administrative work in the community.

Content management

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

Jobs in demand include the work of a content manager. For this, appropriate content is placed on the sites. The employee receives ready-made images and articles that need to be posted on the site.


You can start working on the Internet with surveys. Filling out surveys will bring additional income. Resources with surveys are searched in networks.


For good reviews and comments are willing to pay on specialized sites. Large resources include Otzovik and Irecommend. Here they leave reviews on products and services and get paid for views.

Website development

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

This kind of work requires specialized knowledge. You will need the ability to work with platforms for site building and knowledge of HTML. You also need to invest in the purchase of a domain and hosting. They earn extra money on landing pages that cost 5-10 thousand 🪙. Complex projects cost more.

Working with Applications

Additional earnings are obtained by completing simple tasks. This could be installing an app or viewing ads.


For schoolchildren and students, parents hire tutors. You can work with children with the help of special programs. The cost of an hour of work varies between 500-2000 🪙.

The most popular disciplines include current, mathematics and foreign languages. To find a job, you need to place ads on Yulia or Avito.

Catch, brooks

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

Simple work does not require knowledge and skills. It is offered to earn extra money on special services. Brooks earn 100 🪙 per day. There are about 150 captchas. They do this in their free time.

Work with abstracts and term papers

Part-time work on writing control and term papers is suitable for those who know the school curriculum well. Finding a part-time job is really on specialized sites where students apply. Advertisements are posted independently.

Work in a call center

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

When choosing what to do to earn money, it is worth trying the profession of an operator. This option is suitable for people with good diction. Part-time work is done without leaving home. Operator vacancies are offered by online stores, banks and taxi services.


A professional dietitian can give good weight loss advice. Modern people do not have enough time to draw up the right menu and they turn to specialists. A nutritionist helps you get in shape without using physical activity. A detailed menu for a month, including calories, vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, costs 2 thousand 🪙.

Crowd marketing

The option is not only suitable for beginners. To work, they register on the crowd marketing exchange, and then perform tasks for payment. The specialist leaves links on forums, in social media posts and in comments. Linkbuilder.ru and linkum services are popular.

Freelance exchanges

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

Not everyone knows how to earn good money on specialized freelance exchanges. This method is suitable for specialists in any field. Knowledge in the field of the Internet and graphics will help. At first, it is recommended to take small tasks and work on the account and portfolio.

Working as an editor

Editing brings in extra money. The duties of a specialist include checking texts, finding errors and sending them for revision, if necessary. Then the editor passes the articles to the content manager for further placement. The speed of work depends on professionalism and skills. Often choose performers with a philological education. The cost of the order depends on the goals:

  1. Technical fixes.
  2. Text style editing.
  3. Improvement of the expert – corrections of inaccuracies.
  4. Abbreviation – reducing the amount of text.

web designer

You can get this position if you have experience in graphic editors. Responsibilities include photo editing.


Experts in this field are highly valued. It will take several years to master the profession. But with experience, income will also increase.


How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

If you have experience and knowledge in any field, they begin to work as a consultant. Paid consultations are carried out in any area. These may be design services or the preparation of psychological tests. Consultations take different forms. This may be the compilation of individual programs or analysis. Income depends on the demand for a specialist.

Consultation in the form of analysis allows you to identify the problem, study the causes of its occurrence and help in eliminating the causes. Compilation of individual programs is popular. Professionals analyze situations and then create detailed programs to achieve goals. Specialists such as fitness trainers, psychologists, nutritionists and tarologists are in demand.

Seo specialist

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

The services of masters are used by product sites, bulletin boards, news resources, corporate sites, forums and online stores. The professional performs the following tasks:

  1. Site visibility analysis by requests.
  2. Comparative analysis of competitor sites.
  3. Analysis of the resource structure.
  4. Formation of requests. Analysis based on search results.

How to find a part-time job – Tester

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

Software testing requires special training. You will need knowledge of the programming language, English and testing methods. The services of a tester are in demand when writing code during product development and for test cases.

The specialist performs the following types of work:

  • unit testing;
  • integration testing;
  • Stress Testing;
  • functional testing;
  • testing security and user behavior.


How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

To get a job in this specialty, you need special knowledge. The layout designer must know HTML editors, text editors, markup languages ​​and special programs for checking work. Responsibilities include creating an html template. To do this, the graphic design of the site is analyzed, suitable template models are selected, graphic sprites are cut and the template is assembled.

Let’s figure out how to find additional income offline.

Collection of medicines

You can earn money by collecting medicinal herbs. This option is suitable for those who live near forest plantations or fields. To work, you need to find manufacturers of herbs. Earnings are seasonal.

Photography and video filming

Some specialized sites offer jobs for photography lovers. Some projects require photos of products, others of buildings or sports equipment. There are special photostock exchanges where they sell pictures.

Beauty Services

A profitable way to earn money is haircut and manicure at home. A part-time job will bring profit if you offer prices lower than in beauty salons. A home master earns several thousand 🪙 in 4-5 hours.

Delivery service

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

Courier delivery is one of the most common ways of working part-time. Having your own transport will be an advantage. You can get a job as a courier at Yandex.food. The average payout for 1 order is 100 🪙. There are incentives for employees. If you get into the top couriers, earnings increase.

cake baking

A good additional income can bring the production of cakes. Your favorite hobby can become a profitable business. To start selling, you need to create a group in social networks with your products and advertise them. In this case, word of mouth works. It is important to create a portfolio with beautiful photos of work.

Territory cleaning

Part-time work is suitable for those who are looking for a job without skills. To search for vacancies, they post resumes on sites such as Yula or Avito. The work is hard enough, but it pays well. Home maintenance services are in high demand.

Nanny for animals

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

The applicant must advertise that he is ready to take the animals to himself and for how long. Such services are in demand among people who go on vacation. Carrying, food will be required for care. Be sure to stipulate the exact terms of looking after the pet. Payment 250-400 🪙 per day.

Distribution of leaflets

This kind of work is not just for young people. You can take part in the opening of stores with the distribution of flyers. Distribution of leaflets in shopping centers and on boulevards is paid. Work is paid hourly.

Construction works

For strong men, physical work is a good option. You can start your career as a handyman or helper. Improving skills and abilities will allow you to earn more.

Warehouse work

A simple solution to get money can be a job as a loader. This profession is in demand in warehouses and markets. The schedule is flexible and allows you to work at your convenience.

Network marketing

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

The combination of the main place of work and network business is popular. It consists in the distribution of goods among acquaintances and friends. Part-time work is suitable for sociable and persistent people.

Night clubs

In the evening, they earn extra money in various entertainment venues. The positions of waiters, DJs, hookahs and bartenders are in demand. It is easy for young people to get a job in a nightclub.

Making crafts

Interesting products are made by hand. These can be author’s bouquets, toys, souvenirs, handmade jewelry, jewelry boxes and original paintings. You can promote an original product using social networks. networks. Needlework will allow you not to depend on employers.

How to find a part-time job – Breeding pets

This option is labor intensive. For breeding thoroughbred pets, special documents will be required. It is important to provide animals with care and nutrition. In the countryside, chickens and geese are bred.


Babysitting services are well paid. For this job, you need to be able to get along with any child.

Posting ads

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

You can find an employer on Avito. Some large organizations offer part-time job posting ads.

Participation in extras

In a large city, a part-time job in a talk show is in demand. Employers pay for attendance and clapping. Price for shooting 500 🪙. You can find a job on the official websites of TV shows or on portals such as massovki.net. Applicants are subject to age or appearance requirements.

Event host

With communication skills and the ability to cheer up those around you, you should try your hand at organizing holidays. The job is to help organize graduations, weddings and children’s events. In one evening, the host earns 5-10 thousand 🪙

home repair master

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

You can also earn extra money with a daily payment as a home repair master. The specialist provides assistance in various problems – from repairing plumbing to replacing electrical wiring. The scope of work is extensive and you can find a suitable activity for yourself. Depending on employment, an experienced master receives from 20 thousand per month. You can look for a part-time job through private companies or resources such as Avito.

How to find a part-time job – Taxi job

Universal options include working in a taxi. To do this, you need a car in a technically sound condition. They earn 1.5-2 thousand a day, but you need to take into account the cost of gasoline and depreciation.

Job search sites

How to find a part-time job: in your free time + without investments + real ways

There is a choice of Internet resources where you can find a part-time job.

One of the major portals is youdo.com. The resource is ideal for solving various problems. Here you can find vacancies in courier services, repair work, cleaning, participation in promotions and computer assistance. The site is also available in a mobile version and has a clear interface. For some work, it is required to provide documents for identity verification. Performers with experience can earn from 15 to 100 thousand 🪙

  • Avito is a large-scale resource that is popular with many users. Here you can find vacancies for remote work and part-time work.
  • On the site helper.ru you can find a part-time job in different categories. Here are some suggestions for remote work. A verification system is provided to protect against fraudsters. The site offers a variety of assignments. The resource has a rating system.
  • Applicants also know the portal rabota.mail.ru. The site has posted a lot of job offers in different parts recently. Applicants can find a part-time job without experience. It also provides the opportunity to combine study and work.

When searching for part-time jobs, you need to use trusted sources of information. If possible, it is better to formalize an employment relationship with the help of a contract.

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