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How to earn without investments


If you are tired of working in an office, you have a lot of ways to earn money in other ways. And completely free. But how to make money without investments?

Believe me, if you have the Internet at hand and the desire to receive real money, then you are already halfway there. Now, in the age of information technology development, there is a huge number of types of earnings. And they are all available to anyone. But the earnings without investments on the Internet can be as follows:

  • Writing articles for sites on freelance exchanges;
  • Working with mobile applications;
  • Participation in paid surveys;
  • Maintaining a channel on Yandex Zen;
  • Earning income from the use of their social networks.

It’s time to start changing your life. And not exist from paycheck to paycheck. In addition, there are examples of freelancers who receive hundreds of thousands of 🪙 per month. But this is far from the limit!

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

An easy way to make quick money is to use smartphone apps. But for work you need a tablet, a smartphone and a stable working Internet. Because most tasks involve testing gaming software. And there are rewards for those actions. And their withdrawal can be carried out on an electronic wallet or a bank card.

The cost of one task varies from two to twenty 🪙. TOP applications are headed by AppCent. Therefore, in it you can find a large number of available tasks. And do them at any time of the day. It is also safe to use AdvertApp. This is also the bottom of the top mobile applications with simple functionality. Therefore, students, teenagers, mothers on maternity leave can use mobile applications. And in general, any category of people with the right devices.

Copywriting or writing texts

How to earn fast without investments if you do not have specialized freelancing skills? A great option is writing texts on copywriting exchanges. And besides, it takes very little to get started. You need to choose an exchange, register on it, carefully read the rules. And pass the necessary tests, if any.

On copywriting exchanges, you can write selling, informational texts, reviews, reviews. But there are also sites where you can find specialized assignments for writing term papers and dissertations. Reliable and popular copywriting exchanges:

  • Etxt;
  • Advego;
  • Text.ru;
  • Turbotext;
  • ContentMonster;
  • CopyLancer;
  • Miratext.

On average, on exchanges, depending on the complexity of the task, copywriters are paid 20 to 100 🪙 per thousand characters. Therefore, for one article of 5 thousand characters, you can get 500 🪙. But this is if you write at a rate of 100/1000. In a month, novice authors earn about 10-15 thousand. And with experience, this amount is constantly growing.

Channel on the Yandex Zen service

You can now earn money without investments using the Yandex Zen channel. Publishing on it news materials are published. We have already talked about how to make money on Yandex Zen. Therefore, it will be shorter here.

Moreover, it is realistic to receive an amount of about 25-30 thousand per month. To do this, you need to start a mail on Yandex and create your own channel, properly formatting it and adding an interesting name. Next, you should write a couple of articles, publishing them. If you achieve monetization when reading articles over 7 thousand per week, then you can count on adding banner ads.

It is on them that the principle of making money on Yandex Zen is built, since for one placed banner the author receives from 30 to 180 🪙 and there may be several of them in the article. The authors of promoted channels earn more than 200-300 thousand 🪙 per month. If we talk about the minuses, then this is high competition, which is made up of large news channels. The success of the channel depends on how high-quality material you are ready to offer users.

Working with social networks

Earnings with the help of social networks are popular. This is writing comments, participating in voting, likes, reposting records. There are special exchanges that host hundreds of tasks every day, the most difficult of which is writing comments that a student can handle.

For beginners, you can recommend such a web resource as VKtarget, which is guaranteed to pay money to users. The number of tasks available for completion depends on how many accounts from your social networks you have linked to the service. The more activity and friends you have, the better. On average, you can earn about 50-100 🪙 per day.

earn without investments on YouTube

Blogging brings good income. Thanks to video hosting, channel authors receive tens and hundreds of thousands 🪙 a month just doing what they love, making videos about life, travel, family or work.

Several factors affect the level of income, such as the popularity of the channel, the number of subscribers, ad views, and user activity. The channel is monetized using the popular Google Adsense service.

For every thousand views from recently, you can get about two dollars. A channel with about 20 thousand subscribers earns 25-30 thousand per month and this is without income received from donations or streaming for subscribers. Popular blog topics are cooking, travel, personal care, finance, life.

Working with surveys and questionnaires

Surveys will help you get money quickly and without leaving your home. There are special services on the Internet, such as Anketka. After registering there, users are selected surveys for the passage of which a monetary reward is due.

On the same Anketka.ru, the cost of one survey is 50-100 🪙. You can register on several sites and then the profit can reach 300-600 🪙 per day. Registration on two or more resources at the same time will allow you to receive daily income.

Such work will be of interest to those who want to share their impressions about the purchased goods or services received. Even students can use it. Registration is simple and notifications about new surveys are usually sent to users by e-mail specified in their personal account.

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