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How to earn $50: per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways


Earning $ 50 a day is not considered high for large cities, but for medium and small settlements this is a sufficient amount to support yourself and loved ones. There are different ways to get it, everyone chooses the appropriate option for themselves.

In the article we will tell you how to make money really and quickly, with little or no investment, offline or on the Internet, doing 5-6 hours a day.

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

How to make $50 a day online

In order to earn online not a penny, but $50 a day or more, you will need special knowledge and skills. The main thing is to decide on the direction so that there is an interest in development in the chosen area.

Advantages of working on the Internet:

  • Work at home, in free time;
  • A good way to earn extra money, which over time can become the main income;
  • Gradually gaining experience, you will move to a higher level of earnings;
  • The field of activity is not limited to the location, the clients will be the whole of our country and foreign countries.

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

Through the Internet, you can freelance, that is, look for a customer yourself. In this case, the level of income will depend only on you, the skills used and the time spent. Engage in remote work, i.e. perform tasks of one customer. Remote workers are often formalized with the conclusion of an employment contract and with a specific salary.

To start earning online, you will need to create and identify an electronic wallet for crediting income or get a bank card. Please note that you will not be able to receive money immediately after the work is completed. It takes time to transfer funds, it takes up to 3-5 days.

Below are real and affordable ways to really earn $50 a day online.


How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

This is a diversified line of business. We start by registering on sites for buying and selling goods. For example, AVITO, Yula, local ad sites, subscribe to their pages in social networks.

We determine what we sell, study the principle of operation of sites and put up goods for sale. You can always find things at home that are a pity to throw away, but they are not needed.

For example, you were given a hookah that you will never use, try to sell it through an ad site.

In this way, you can earn initial capital, learn how to properly compose, raise ads, and make them more attractive. After getting the first experience, start dropshipping. This means mediation between the supplier and the buyer. You will need to sell goods without buying them. You can search for suppliers on the websites of companies and online stores.

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

A good profit can bring the sale of goods through affiliate programs. For example, the Admitad affiliate program network provides an opportunity to choose a product or service and promote it, advertise loan services and receive a percentage of the issuance, and earn income from attracting users to the game.

Pluses of earning on sales: you can start earning right today, without initial capital, the ability to simultaneously promote products of different assortments, promotion of your own brand.

Cons: Earnings will depend on your skills, selling someone else’s goods you will not be able to control its quality, high competition forces you to set minimum margins for goods, so earnings depend on sales volume.

How to make $50 a day with photos

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

Photographs have been and remain a sought-after commodity on the Internet. The main requirements are the uniqueness and quality of images, so in order to earn $ 50 or more, you need a professional video camera.

Today, there are a lot of photo stocks in order to sell or buy visual content, for example, photo banks of Lori, Photogenica. Unique pictures are especially in demand on English-language resources and the level of income on them is much higher, for example, Shutterstock, Corbis. In addition to photographs, vector images, 3D graphics, and videos are in demand.

Beginning photographers will be able to sell their pictures for 10-15🪙, professionals sell photos for 150-200🪙 apiece. If you upload 2-2.5 thousand pictures to the photo stock, you can easily earn up to 30 thousand per month.

Pros: there is the prospect of creative growth, in the future you can try your hand at layout or printing, you will receive passive income depending on the number of downloads.

Cons: the method requires financial investments for the purchase of a professional video camera, knowledge of English is required to work on foreign sites, this is not a quick way to make money.

How to make $50 freelancing

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

A method that combines various income generation options. Often professions combine knowledge in different areas of Internet technologies.

Where can beginners and professionals earn from $50 and more:

Programmer, mobile app developer

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

The highest paid are web programmers, PHP programmers, Full stack programmers who can earn up to $50/hour.

You can get basic knowledge from online training courses, for example, Codecademy, Udemy, Stepic, and further improve the experience on your own.

Specialists who have established themselves as professionals in their field are not in danger of being left without work, they can do programming permanently, remotely, or become a freelancer.

Web Designer

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

Website Design Specialist. It depends on him how the site will be user-friendly, the development of the interface, the promotion of the web page.

You will need knowledge of Photoshop and CorelDraw, HTML and CSS markup languages ​​at the advanced user level. The work is paid adequately for specialists. For example, website design can cost up to 50 thousand 🪙 or more, depending on the complexity.

You can design email newsletters, create virtual banners, create public pages on social networks. Look for job offers on the sites kwork.ru, workzilla.com., FL.


How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

Author of texts for websites. Copywriters write advertising, review articles for placement on Internet pages. Competent written speech, thematic knowledge will be required.

The highest paid SEO copywriter job. This is a specialist who writes texts, adapting them to a search query, using keywords and phrases. At the initial stage, a copywriter will be able to earn 15–30🪙 for 1000 characters, later on 150–300🪙/1000 characters.

Popular exchanges for copywriters: ETXT, ContentMonster, TXT. You can earn more by contacting direct customers. To do this, you can send out commercial offers to site administrators.


How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

If you speak foreign languages, understand the topic you are translating, you can quickly find a job translating texts.

Mastering a profession is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, you can use special online courses, restore basic school knowledge. The work is well paid, English and Chinese are considered in demand.

Orders can be searched for on specialized translation exchanges, translation agencies, and freelance exchanges. For example, Tranzilla.ru, Perevodchik.me, Fl.ru. A translator’s salary starts from 60🪙/1000 characters and can reach 300 or more🪙 when translating technical specialized texts.


How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

This is a person who studies the demand for products, develops ways to increase sales, and general analytics of the consumer market.

Internet marketers set up website advertising campaigns, analyze markets, traffic channels, and promote products and services online. You can learn a profession on special sites, for example, skillbox.ru.

Even novice marketers earn from 25-30 thousand 🪙 / month. The salary of experienced marketers reaches 100 thousand or more every month.

Content manager

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

This is a person who fills the sites with textual and graphic information, ensures the growth of the number of visitors to the Internet page, and makes the site competitive. The popularity of the site, brand promotion depends on it.

The duties of a content manager include monitoring the work of competitors, analyzing information received from site visitors, and monitoring the relevance of information posted on the site.

A feature of the profession is the need to constantly be online, to be aware of the current situation. On average, content managers earn $50 a day.

Social media specialist

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

Responsibilities: sending out advertisements, processing applications received, consulting, analysis of the target audience, conducting advertising and marketing campaigns.

The employee must own copyright, knowledge of a content manager, marketer. Successful work will require personal registration on Facebook or Twitter, etc.

The profession is gaining popularity due to the increase in the presence of companies in social networks.


How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

This is a person who keeps a diary on the Internet. News blogs, handmade, video recording, instructions are popular. A blogger can work for himself by promoting his own diary, or be corporate by advertising the company’s services.

The duties of a blogger are similar to the profession of a social media specialist, and the same skills are required. The blogger’s profit is made up of advertising, directly depends on the number of page visitors.

You can create a profile on the following sites: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Depending on the popularity of the web page, bloggers earn from $ 5 per post.

Internet coach

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

Today, one of the most sought-after professions among young people. A coach is a kind of tutor. If you are a professional in your field, you can teach all the intricacies of the profession to those who wish.

It can be online trainings, hourly courses. For example, an accountant will be able to give accounting lessons using automated programs, develop practical instructions, give advice, and assist users.

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

The topics of the courses can be built not only on the basis of professional activities, but also on classes with products of their own production, the topics of health promotion, cooking, etc. are popular.

For advertising, the coach creates his own website or group on social networks, where he presents his services and courses. Professional courses can be sold through specialized services, such as accounting services, legal advice. The cost of one course starts from 1500–3000🪙

Freelancing pros as a way to make money:

  • Professions are in demand, it will not be difficult to find customers;
  • Earnings more than when working in a stationary office;
  • You can start earning immediately by registering on the sites;
  • There is no dependence on the employer;
  • You can go to foreign sites;
  • Creative growth, constant self-education.


  • To start earning, it takes time to study, acquire professional skills;
  • The need to constantly search for customers;
  • Sedentary work, you have to spend a lot of time at the computer, this affects the back, eyes, spine;
  • Good money is earned by specialists with experience.

Sports betting

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

Players of bookmakers can earn big money by understanding the procedure and principles of sports betting. This income has recently been legalized, there are a lot of establishments that are officially registered with licenses and permits to engage in this type of activity.

For example, bookmakers 1xBet, Marathon, FONBET, Liga Stavok. The method of earning is suitable for a person who understands sports, knows how to correctly predict, understands the principle of forming betting odds.

You can bet with $50, but you will need to invest more to get a good profit. It is believed that if a beginner has a profit of 5% of the investment, this is success. It takes a year or several years to reach real profit.

  • Pros: this type of business is for gambling people who are able to take risks and accept the risk of investments. The player will receive an independent income, learn to control their own emotions. Thinking, intuition, analytical abilities develop.
  • Cons: excitement can play a bad joke on the player when the bowl of emotions outweighs the bowl of reason. High risk of losing all savings.

How not to make money online

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

If you want to have $50 a day, do not use the following options:

  • Work on boxes: clicks, surfing;
  • Joining groups in social networks;
  • Leaving comments, likes, reposts;
  • Passing paid online surveys;
  • Watch ads, download apps.

You can earn up to 100–300🪙 per day in these ways.

How to get money fast offline

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

Here are collected options for earning money that are not related to the Internet. The methods do not require special training or additional knowledge, but will help you get money quickly and reliably.

The benefits of offline activities are:

  • No bank card or e-wallet required;
  • The money will be handed over immediately after the work is completed, in cash;
  • Really earn a thousand 🪙 even for a beginner.

Construction work

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

If you are a physically healthy and active young man, go to work as a laborer at a construction site. Rates for such specialists today start at $50 per day. By gradually learning a certain type of work, you can increase your income by 2-3 times.

Pros: workers are constantly required, settlements with laborers are made daily, so you can get your earnings on the day the work starts.

Cons: seasonal work, the risk of being deceived by the contractor.

Provision of services

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

You can advertise services. The larger the range, the higher the probability of quickly finding a customer.

Requested services:

  • dog walking;
  • Purchase of products;
  • Repair of apartments, furniture, clothes;
  • Care of garden plots.

Pros: you will have to work only 2-3 hours a day, you can engage in more than one type of activity, if the work is done efficiently, customers will be permanent.

Cons: orders are not received regularly, low prices.

Taxi job

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

For drivers of cars or trucks. To earn money, you can register on special services, for example, Yandex. Taxi, and receive orders through the app.

Pros: No need to look for customers, earnings reach $50 per day.

Cons: The car wears out, the method is more suitable for large cities, in small quantities the number of orders may be limited.

How to earn $50 per day on Handmade

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

Popular trend. Being engaged in Hand Made professionally, get a decent profit. The main thing is to become the best in the chosen direction, to be able to let a large number of buyers know about your services and products.

Earnings will depend not only on the quality of goods, the popularity of services, but also on brand awareness. Advertise and sell products on social media pages. networks such as Instagram. Professionals create their own online stores.

If you live in a city with a population of less than 50 thousand, do not rely on goods that are sold only in this locality, try to enter the market of big cities, regional centers.

Popular handmade destinations:

  • Products from a natural tree, natural stones;
  • Exclusive clothes made of leather, suede;
  • Handmade dolls;
  • Paintings to order.

Earnings at the initial stage will not be large. If you become a master of business, the question of how to earn $ 50 will disappear, the income will be much higher.

The advantages of doing Hand Made: making money doing a hobby is pleasant, developing in this direction, income will grow steadily.

Minus: at the initial stage it is difficult to promote your own brand.

What Not to Do If You Want to Make $50 a Day

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

If you want to make $50 a day, don’t do the following:

  • distribute promotional materials;
  • Work as a mystery shopper;
  • Participate in gambling without knowledge;
  • Work in network marketing.

By doing this activity, you will kill your own time. If you manage to earn, then up to 300-400🪙 per day.

How to protect yourself from scammers

How to earn : per day + per day + fast + TOP 14 ways

Novice workers can get scammed, regardless of how they earn money, online or offline.

Try to protect yourself by following these recommendations:

  • Do not pay upfront if you are not sure about the resource. Study user reviews about the site on the forums, do not make purchases immediately for a large amount.
  • Do not get a job where while you are studying, the salary is not paid.
  • Additionally, check the employer if he refuses to conclude an agreement, does not explain the specific working conditions.
  • If you decide to bet on sports, work only with legal bookmakers.
  • When working on the Internet, use trusted sites.


To earn $50 a day, you need to set a goal. It is impossible to earn money without putting in effort. Even to have 100🪙 a day, you need to follow simple steps. If you want to earn more, follow these rules:

  • It is never too late to start earning, age and profession do not matter.
  • Do not be afraid to relearn, acquire new knowledge.
  • Justified risk will help increase the amount of earnings.

Learn how to present your products and services. By creating an advertisement for yourself, you will attract the attention of more buyers. Remember that "victory loves effort." Only by gaining experience, becoming a professional in the profession, increase your income to $ 50 per day or more.

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