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How to become a copywriter: 4 ways to monetize work


How to become a copywriter and not starve to death? First, understand that a professional writer cannot be unemployed. Because this is a person who earns other people money with the help of selling texts. But not everything is so simple. In this article, we analyze 2 traps that beginners fall into, and also tell how and how copywriters make money on the Internet in 2018.

How to become a copywriter – an outside view

There is a client who needs text. The copywriter writes the text, sells the text and earns money.

Abstract, isn’t it? It’s time to detail this picture and pay attention to the main mistakes that prevent beginners (and sometimes already experienced writers) from making money with their craft.

First of all, let’s look at a little bit of history. Copywriting originated in the Russian-speaking space as an article, exchange. For this reason, the typical customer acquisition path leads newcomers to text exchanges. Here begins acquaintance with the main killers of inspiration: high competition and low wages.

How to become a copywriter and avoid falling into traps:

Let’s analyze 2 common mistakes

Trap #1 You don’t develop

How to become a copywriter: 4 ways to monetize work

And it’s not your fault. This is how it happened historically. When you try to understand how much your work on the exchange costs, it becomes obvious that you, as a novice author, are no different from Soviet journalists and writers who were paid 50 🪙 for 1000 characters.

In 2018, the situation is the same as in 1985: the work is evaluated in rubles by the number of characters – they pay for the volume, not for the meaning. This is clear to the client – and that’s good. But, in fact, this is very bad for the client. Because there is no focus on completing his task. You write on a "more is better" basis and dilute your talent for seeing meaning, raising issues, and focusing on the task at hand. Imagine that you have been working like this for more than one year, but, for example, 10 years. What craft will you hone in this case? You will become a skilled "runner" for the volume of texts, and stop developing without training the ability to convey the essence.

In this case, copywriters study texts separately from marketing. For them, the main thing is to write beautifully, interestingly. The rest is up to other departments (sales, layout, design). And this is one of the main mistakes.

So if you’re still wondering how to become a copywriter who earns more than his peers made in 1985, learn the art of writing along with marketing.

This is much more interesting: you address the psychology of site visitors, and in this regard, you build the text, taking into account the psychological characteristics of the reader, and not just your ideas about beauty.

You can’t figure it out in one day. Constant continuous development is the main requirement, relevant for both beginners and sharks of the pen.

Trap number 2 You bark at an elephant, being a Pug

Work on the copywriting exchange is an introduction to an established market. You sign an agreement that you work for a fixed price, limit growth to certain price limits. You can name a higher price, but then you will not find clients on the stock exchange. How to be? Entrepreneurs are used to paying little. It is practically impossible to prove to them that you are a golden pen among newcomers with a zero rating.

Therefore, there is a lot of competition and modest fees (from 50 🪙 for 1000 characters at the initial stage). When you start making money with copywriting, you immediately, according to the historically established tradition, fall into a vicious circle of the humiliated and underestimated. No need.

How to become a copywriter who is paid dearly by customers?

First, accept the idea that you are not a literati from 1985. Dovlatov’s words that writers are paid and will be paid only for the amount of text are already only partly true. In the modern world there is both volume and meaning – choose for yourself.

How to become a copywriter who earns to “live", and not to “survive”

Know your worth. And be able to explain it to the customer. We offer you 4 ways to monetize the craft for a copywriter in 2018.

1 Proofreading: checking texts for grammatical, spelling, punctuation, stylistic and semantic errors. You can earn up to 400-500 dollars every day by checking huge canvases of texts.

2 Transcription and text correction: 1000 🪙 for “transcribing” an hour video.

3 Rewriting: when you rewrite existing text. It is paid cheaper than all other works, since there is no complexity in this type of work on the text – you retell in your own words what someone has already described perfectly before you. As a rule, long work as a rewriter leaves an imprint of stupefaction on a creative person, so if you decide to work in this area, do not get carried away.

4 Copywriting: this is the fulfillment of the client’s business tasks. You create a story based on a script, social media posts, mailing lists, and more.

If you want to find your customers, you should bet on 4 points. If you start swinging from the first three, then you will spend a lot of money and time. And the inspiration may not return after the 50th “retracted” text. Respect yourself and your work. If you are still “floating” in prices, we bring to your attention the average prices for the market for quality texts.

Types of texts and price tags

E-mail: text + transition to the page = 700 rubles.
Landing (title, subtitle, benefit, USP, CTA buttons) = 6000 rubles.
Texts for social networks (advertising posts) = 500-1000 rubles.
Blog article = 1000 r. Cool article from 7,500 to 10,000 rubles.
The script of a specific video = 3000 rubles.
Advertising video script = 6000 rubles

These are approximate market prices. Inspiring, isn’t it?

Copywriting is a profession of one person. Pricing and fees depend on your experience, the ability to understand what the customer wants even if he himself is not able to explain, as well as the style of writing and your worldview in general.

The more educated a person is, the more interesting he writes.

You determine the cost. Here the work is evaluated as the work of a sculptor or artist. If an entrepreneur likes your style, he will work with you. Because another copywriter is not you and will never be able to write like that.

We will be glad if this article inspired you. We want to tell you a lot more interesting things about copywriting, since in 2018 content will be one of the main trends for making money on the Internet. 

Therefore, this week we are launching a series of articles about copywriting and copywriters. Who, what, why and how much – all week we will figure out the pros and cons of this way of making money on the Internet together.

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