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How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips


It is impossible to find a person who would not dream of swimming in money, being a darling of fate and remaining lucky in any situation. Alas, this is not available to everyone. But how to attract luck and money?

Why is it that one person is successful in everything, no matter what he undertakes, while the other fails after failure, constantly feels a lack of money and is not very successful in life? We will try to look at the issue from a variety of angles – from psychology to esotericism, in order to better understand how to attract good luck.

Check your readiness

The first question that should be answered is as honestly as possible, because you have to answer only to yourself – are you ready for wealth and good luck? Surprisingly often, people outwardly striving for them are simply not ready.

After all, you will have to pay for excessive luck sooner or later. Wealth can turn into additional troubles and even problems. Therefore, a person who advertises the desire for money and is looking for different ways to attract good money to himself will step back at a crucial moment, find an objective reason why he cannot perform an important act – go to an interview, ask for a promotion, open his own business.

In general, there is nothing shameful in this. It is clear that a high income implies a large investment of time and effort. Not everyone is ready for this – many people want not to work hard on a part-time job or engage in self-education after work, but to relax, lie on the couch, spend time with friends or family.

Before you strive for money, just try to determine for yourself what is the compromise that allows you to remain happy. After all, money and luck are not the only components of happiness.

Until you can answer unequivocally yes to the question of whether you are ready to become rich, trying to become a financially successful person will bring nothing but disappointment.

Set up for success

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

The next step is to believe in yourself. It sounds hackneyed, but without this it will not be possible to understand how to attract good luck and money. The simplest example is the Rosenthal effect. The psychologist instructed the students to teach the rats how to navigate the maze.

He told half of the group that he was giving them the most intelligent rodents, and the other half that he was giving them the most stupid ones. As a result, the first, not doubting the intellect of the wards, quickly achieved results. The success of the latter left much to be desired – after all, they did not hope that stupid rats would achieve at least something.

But Robert Rosenthal divided the rats randomly, typing from one cell. The students believed in the wards, and they achieved results. Imagine what a person will achieve if he programs himself for good luck in advance!

How to set yourself up for success

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

How to set yourself up for success? Do not read various motivational books and celebrity biographies – they are too polished, far from reality, and sometimes not too truthful.

Look around first. Indeed, in the environment there are probably people who have achieved more than you. They didn’t have oligarch parents, influential work assistants, or wealthy distant relatives who left an inheritance.

But they have achieved more. And if a neighbor, classmate or brother could, then why can’t you? Throw away doubts, and everything will go like clockwork – the right attitude can not be overestimated is important.

How to attract good luck – Rely only on yourself

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

Another important, obvious and at the same time difficult to perceive and assimilate step, without which it is impossible to figure out how to attract money to the house, is to rely on yourself.

Alas, some people, after reading a motivating book, clearly decide for themselves – the main thing is to tune in the right way, focus your subconscious on what you want, and the money will flow like a river. For example, you can lie on the couch for days and watch TV shows, and then, suddenly, an unknown second cousin who lives on his own island near New Zealand dies and leaves you a legacy. Tempting? That’s just the likelihood of such a scenario … let’s say, not high.

Therefore, if you want to gain financial independence, then first of all remember that this can only be done with your mind, work and patience. Don’t rely on outsiders for help.

Make a program

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

One of the few useful tips that can be learned from the huge number of motivating and inspiring videos is programming.

The first step is to take a piece of paper and write down your goal. Let, roughly speaking, it will be – to accumulate a million 🪙. For some, this amount seems unattainable. Indeed, the money is impressive, especially for people who do not live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but in regional centers, where salaries are several times lower.

You won’t be able to save up a million at a stroke. But what if we divide this achievement into a hundred parts? That is, take not one huge step of a million 🪙, but a hundred small steps, each of which means the accumulation of ten thousand? Much more realistic now!

Get the rule

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

Now set a rule for yourself – take one such step every month. That is, set aside 10 thousand 🪙 every month. How to do it? Save from your basic salary, get a raise, find an additional part-time job – here already think with your head and find the option that suits you.

The main thing to remember is that this amount is fireproof! As soon as it appeared in your hands, invest it in foreign currency or put it in a bank – here you will also receive a certain additional percentage from the deposit. Don’t waste your savings under any circumstances!

After all, this money is a small brick on the way to fulfilling a dream. You may have to give up a few packs of cigarettes, hanging out with friends at a bar, or ordering sushi and pizza to take home to embark on this difficult path of accumulation. But give up the little things today to get a bonus tomorrow. This is the second point.

Is it possible to get rich immediately?

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

Yes, even if you set aside 10 thousand every month, a million will accumulate in only eight years. The term is considerable – not everyone will last that long. Therefore, you need to be patient in order to achieve the goal. Without this, it is generally difficult to achieve something in life.

Surely at some point you want to give up everything and return to your old life. But reassure yourself that every month you are one step closer to your goal. The goal seems distant and unsteady. But she is. And it is already much easier to go to it than to the amorphous and unsteady concept of “financial well-being".

In addition, although the path is long, but at the end of it you will have a good amount that you can spend on buying a car, an apartment or starting your own business. If you do not go the way, then the money will float away like water from a sieve.

Such a simple technique works not only with money, but also with any other complex and global goal. Break the path from your current self to yourself having reached your desired goal into dozens of stages and go through them – gradually, but constantly.

How to Attract Luck and Money – Don’t Forget About Investments

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

Past accomplishments are great. Career advancement, the title of the best employee of the year, a good bonus, Simple verbal praise from the authorities – all this really motivates, helps to help oneself, improve life. But you should not be satisfied with this. Achievements remain in the past, and you think about the future.

So invest in yourself. Do you choose to buy an expensive smartphone or take courses that increase your value as a professional? Do not hesitate to choose the second option. A good specialist is welcome always and everywhere.

And it doesn’t matter who you work as – an accountant, a programmer, a mechanic or a doctor. It’s one thing to get an education, get an average job and year after year pull the strap, afraid of losing, if not a warm, but familiar place. And it is quite another thing to take at least one refresher course every year, to grow as a specialist.

In this situation, you can ask for a raise at any time – a smart employer will never want to lose a valuable employee and will meet halfway. And if not, there are many more far-sighted leaders in the city and country who need a purposeful and far-sighted expert in their field. Therefore, a true professional will never be left without a job.

However, when investing in yourself, do not forget about ordinary cash investments. For example, a deposit in a bank has never bothered anyone. On the one hand, it helps to survive difficult times or any force majeure. On the other hand, it inspires confidence.

Imagine two people – one is afraid of losing his unloved job, because in a month he will not be able to pay utility bills and buy food. And the other understands that he can quit now and live comfortably for six months. Which of them will find it easier to negotiate at a new job or with a familiar employer for a raise? The answer is obvious.

Patience and more patience!

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

Why do billions of people in life fail to achieve their goals, spending decades on empty dreams? The fact is that not everyone has enough patience. Most are sure that it is enough to make minor changes in life, and everything will change in a week – it will be possible to eat black caviar from silver dishes with golden forks.

But this is not so at all. Many people are ready to change their lives. A little less changes it. But only a few are ready to get used to these changes in order to wait for the desired result.

Global goals that change a person’s life cannot be achieved in a few days or even weeks. This is a complex process that stretches over whole months, years and decades. Not ready to wait that long? Then it’s not worth trying to change something – it’s easier to go with the flow, as most ordinary people do. Do not want to put up with this state of affairs? Then tighten your belt and be prepared to give up small momentary amenities in order to achieve your goal.

Consider Progress

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

Why do people quit so often? Most often, they are not able to go all the way because they do not see progress. It will really knock down even the most stubborn and purposeful person. And you can even know about such a problem and still not avoid it. This is not a weakness, but just a feature of the human psyche.

How not to fall into this trap? Let’s go back to the old example – with the accumulation of a million 🪙. You can live and dream about this amount from month to month, for many years.

But she doesn’t show up. You start saving, but the money is still much less than a million. Here the stages into which the path was divided come to the rescue. If you make a schedule of actions and confidently follow it, then everything changes.

At least, a person sees how many steps he has taken, how much remains to be done. It really makes it easier to reach the goal. Each purposeful person understands that he is not marking time, but is really approaching his cherished dream.

Yes, if the goal is more complex, the earning a million, then it will be harder to make a suitable schedule. But isn’t it worth breaking your head over drawing up a plan for several days, if the dream of your life is at stake?

Rejoice yourself!

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

After reading, you will probably get the impression that a life dedicated to achieving the goal is devoid of joy. And the truth is, you have to refuse yourself in many ways, constantly and now. And although the goal is approaching, it is slowly and still very far away.

How not to break with such a heavy schedule? It’s really not easy to get used to. So encourage yourself to work out positive reinforcement.

Think about what you love the most and what you had to give up in order to achieve your goal? Do you love ordering pizza home, and used to do it five to ten times a month, and now you can’t afford even one? So, pizza will be a positive reinforcement.

Study the chart you have drawn up and put a bold exclamation point after each item. This means that you can treat yourself to ordering your favorite Italian dish. That is, as soon as one of the steps is done, order a pizza.

This has a double meaning. On the one hand, it will be much easier to stick to the drawn up schedule if you sometimes make such indulgences. True, the money for pizza will have to be taken not from the “million” deferred, but from some other source – for example, less frequent taxi rides or reduced consumption of cigarettes.

However, it is not difficult to allocate such an amount. On the other hand, subconsciously you will get used to the fact that taking a step is not only useful, but also damn nice! So, you will constantly strive to quickly take a new step in order to please yourself with your favorite delicacy again.

As practice shows, thanks to such insignificant trifles, impressive progress can be made!

Choose your environment

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

We all know that the environment makes a person. And often it is impossible to change without changing the environment. How it works?

You want to become financially independent. To do this, you need to get a promotion, and before that – actively work, learn new skills. Think about how your friends and colleagues will react to this. Surely someone will admire your willpower and determination, support the undertaking. But believe me, there will be a minority of them.

Many will try to pull you back into the familiar and comfortable swamp, from which you don’t want to get out at all. And it is not at all necessary that they will do it out of envy, hatred or other negative feelings. Someone really believes that it is much better to spend an evening in a bar over a glass of beer than to hunch over overtime or improve your skills in the hope of a better future. Well, they know what’s best for them. What is best for you?

It is worth taking a very close look at the environment and selecting those who are ready to go along the path with you from those who will try to slow you down, even if they think that they are doing it for your own benefit. And if communication with the former should be made more active, then with others, alas, intimacy should be reduced to a minimum.

You will even be surprised how much easier it will be to go to a clearly defined goal if there are no people around who will try to stop you, but at a difficult moment there will be comrades nearby who are ready to support, not to let you go the distance.

What do Eastern sages say?

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

Today, among women, as well as some men, feng shui is popular – an ancient oriental wisdom that connects a person’s well-being and his fate with the correct organization of the surrounding space.

How effective are these rituals? It’s hard to answer. But if a person feels more confident and calm, if there is a statuette of Buddha at his workplace, then why refuse such a simple and effective technique?

We will try to figure out how to attract good luck and money, based on the advice of the sages of Japan, Korea and China.

Let’s start with the fact that the southeast side is considered to be the zone of wealth in Asia. So, this corner should be properly arranged in your apartment, and if possible, then in the office. You can determine the direction by using a compass, or simply paying attention to where the sun rises and sets. What should be posted here?

  • Hieroglyph "Fu", which symbolizes wealth, wealth. Coins, napkins and paper talismans with it are sold in specialized stores.
  • A living tree or a violet – according to Feng Shui, these plants bring prosperity, because it is no coincidence that the leaves of these plants resemble coins.
  • Aquarium with goldfish. And it is best if their number is exactly nine.
  • The figurine of Hottei, the god of fertility and wealth, will surely be favorable to those who daily start the morning by rubbing his tummy.

So, if you are wondering how to attract money into the house, the sages from the ancient East would give such advice.

Don’t forget about omens

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

Money is an integral part of human life. It is not surprising that there are signs associated with them. Here the situation is exactly the same as with the intricacies of feng shui – perhaps if a person does not attach importance to them, then they stop working. But if a person seriously believes that the full observance of certain rules will help to figure out how to attract money to himself, then why give up this psychological technique? In the end, any way to increase self-confidence cannot be superfluous.

So, what are the signs associated with money?

  • You can not lend money or repay debts after sunset.
  • You should not pass money, like any other items, through the threshold – it is better for one person to enter the house or another to leave.
  • It is better not to count money on Mondays.
  • It is better not to pick up money found on the street – often they are specially thrown away in crowded places so that the new owner not only gets a little rich, but also takes away problems and illnesses.

To observe these signs or not is a personal matter for each person. But remembering them will be useful to everyone who is interested in how to attract good luck and money.

How to attract good luck – We read prayers

How to attract luck and money: ways + rules + ideas + tips

Finally, speaking of attracting money, it is worth mentioning prayers. Still, in Orthodoxy there are many saints whom it is customary to turn to in order to gain prosperity and happiness. Let’s deal with this aspect.

Read a prayer to St. Spyridon – most often it is suitable for cases related not only to money, but also to real estate. The optimal time is early morning. It is advisable to read every day until you manage to find what you want.

Another giver of worldly goods is the Matrona of Moscow. Surely she will not refuse those who ask for help. It is advisable to purchase an icon in the church, at least a small one, install it at home and regularly light a candle near it, reading the appropriate prayer.

Finally, they ask Nicholas the Wonderworker for prosperity and wealth – his “sphere” of help is quite extensive. It is advisable to contact him on Thursdays, as well as before discussing important transactions. If it works, go to church. If not, then read the appropriate prayer, mentally concentrating on the goal.


You can see for yourself – the ways to attract money to the house are very numerous. But thanks to such a variety, each person can choose those that fully suit him. We hope that the tips helped you achieve your goal and become wealthy and happy!

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