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How simple and easy is it to make a living?


In the article we will tell you how to earn a decent living, regardless of social status. The options are suitable for both schoolchildren, students, women on maternity leave, pensioners, and already working people. They do not require additional investments or special skills. All you need to get started is a laptop/phone and some free time. An employment contract is not required.

Which is better: working for yourself or an employer?

The answer to the question is individual. Someone is comfortable working in a company where the employee is provided with stable wages and social guarantees (vacation, sick leave, insurance, pension contributions and other benefits). But the amount of income is limited by the position, which sets limits for a person, both in career growth and in financial resources.

To purchase real estate, a car, you will have to take loans or use installments, since the standard payment is only enough for everyday expenses. With self-employment, profit figures are inconsistent, but the likelihood of saving up for an expensive purchase is much higher.

Working for yourself provides a free schedule, without limiting the amount of possible profit. Allows you to do what you love that pays off. But it is also characterized by unstable income, lack of social guarantees and pension contributions.

Ways to earn money for a living without drawing up an employment contract:

  • employment;
  • own business (self-employment);
  • earnings on the Internet.

They do not require financial investment, only desires, ideas and free time for their implementation.


How simple and easy is it to make a living?

It is possible to work for a manager, but without an agreement under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. This includes the execution of company orders: delivery, acceptance of applications, assistance with documents, work in the warehouse. If the provision of the service takes 3-4 hours a day, then documentation is not required.

Enterprises require mystery shoppers who, on the instructions of the manager, check the quality of services at their own or competitive points of sale. Average payout amount: 500-1500 🪙 per visit.

Companies also recruit focus groups for sociological research. Special education is not required, the management department needs to receive unique research information (about a product, service) from the participants in the form of a survey.

Such vacancies will help to earn a living for any student, schoolchild or worker with free time (3-4 hours a day). You can find job offers from companies on the websites HH.ru, Avito, Yandex.Services, Superjob.


Working for oneself is the dream of every third person. Control over the work schedule, setting wages, drawing up acts, contracts now rests with the entrepreneur himself. For registration and opening of an IP, serious investments, knowledge of the accounting component are needed. The main task is not only the receipt of money, but also the timely payment of taxes with the filing of tax returns.

In 2019, the government of the Russian Federation introduced a special regime ̶ a tax on professional income. Reduced rate ̶ 4-6%. The innovation allowed many users to legally conduct business without the threat of fines and license revocation. The financial report is generated and controlled in the mobile version of My Tax. Therefore, the self-employed does not have to send reports, declarations.

The purchase receipt is generated directly on the platform, without the need to purchase a cash register. Insurance premiums, deductions to the pension fund are made on a voluntary basis. For a full list of possible insurances and additional services, see the My Tax mobile application.

Who is self-employed for?

How simple and easy is it to make a living?

To qualify for the state program, there are several conditions for an entrepreneur:

  1. Income comes from personal services or sales (made without staff). Outsiders registered as employees under an employment contract do not participate in the business. It is allowed to sell goods of own manufacture (not to resell). Services are also provided personally by the entrepreneur.
  2. A self-employed person should not work in the chosen field of activity for the employer (according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).
  3. Entrepreneurial activity and the amount of profit must comply with the requirements of the tax regime.

Individuals or individual entrepreneurs whose maximum annual income does not exceed 2,400,000 🪙 (200 thousand monthly) are transferred to this program. The regime was introduced for 10 years, so this will be a great opportunity to turn your favorite business into a profitable activity.

What can you do as a self-employed person

The project has been operating in the territory recently, but citizens of neighboring states: Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan can also join it. Participants receive a tax deduction of 10 thousand 🪙. The tax itself is generated automatically in the application, you can set its monthly deduction from the linked card.

How to earn a living while being self-employed:

  • provide cosmetic services (make-up artist, hairdresser);
  • services of manicure, depilation, massage, eyebrow correction;
  • to carry out photo/video filming;
  • conduct holidays, events;
  • sell goods of own production (jewelry, clothes for tailoring, carvings, furniture);
  • to rent out houses/apartments;
  • sell products of own production: cakes, pies, pastries, chocolate;
  • courier services (without an employer), cargo transportation;
  • construction, installation, interior decoration (including the creation of a design project).

Earnings on the Internet

How simple and easy is it to make a living?

How to earn a living on the Internet without special skills and investments? Easily! Indeed, in recent years, network part-time work brings a lot of money. You can monetize your blog, shoot entertaining/educational videos, write custom texts. There are enough vacancies for freelancers, as well as sites for work.

Freelance jobs can be found at:

  • HH.ru;
  • iJob;
  • ru;
  • net.

If you know how to write competent texts, then try yourself in copywriting or rewriting. Do you love taking pictures? Sell ​​images on stock portals. Writing music, video processing, professional color correction, photo retouching ̶ everything is monetized and brings a decent income to the performer (15,000-100,000 🪙).

Top 5 best portals where you can quickly get your first income:

  • Etxt.ru;
  • DepositPhotos;
  • ru;
  • Advego;

To get started, you need to register and pass a test (on sites for copywriters). Payments are made to an electronic account or bank card.

Etxt and Text.ru

One of the answers to the question: " How to make a living on the Internet ?" are content resources. "Etxt", "Text.ru" – exchanges for the sale of finished material (articles, photographs, translations) for direct work with performers. Registration takes 3-5 minutes, after which a test task is performed. By following the terms of the site, you can get to work. Payment is made for the number of characters, the terms for execution vary from several hours to 2-3 weeks.

The theme of the activity is configured in the personal account. Political news, selling texts, creating scripts, poems, congratulations are only a small part of the platform’s available works. Translations are well paid. In order to improve the status of the performer, it is recommended to upload a diploma of secondary vocational or higher education, as well as undergo retraining to assign a category.

To sell images, you need to upload them to the appropriate section and set a price. The exchange takes a commission of 5% of the total order amount.


Works similarly to the previous sites. Among the free tasks, you need to create SEO articles, advertising clippings, comments, likes, and maintain communication on forums. To get started, you need a computer (laptop) and Internet access. Money is paid to Webmoney, Qiwi e-wallets or a current account. Average order price: 50🪙/1000 characters.

Schoolchildren and students will like tasks for visiting sites, participating in surveys, joining groups and reposting posts on social networks. For technically knowledgeable guys, the work of a tester of mobile applications, sites, links is suitable. You can earn 200-800 🪙 per day (for 3 hours of work). Payment increases with the growth of the artist’s rating. Try to get positive feedback about your work.

Depositphotos и Shutterstock

How to make a living from your own photos? Via stock image portals, where the client, through a paid subscription, gets access to exclusive materials for projects.

You can take photos on any device without camera skills. Popular topics are presented on the site in the appropriate section. Materials are also required from videographers, designers, illustrators. Experience is not important, even beginner’s works are sold for 100-200 🪙.

You can become an author after completing a short registration. After uploading an image, it is checked by a moderator. If the photo meets the requirements, it is put up for sale. High implementation is provided by keywords that define the theme of the picture. The system analyzer located in the "Personal Account" helps to track activity, the need of the audience. For 1000 photos per month, the author receives 4000 🪙.

Income from maintaining social networks

How simple and easy is it to make a living?

Along with the specialties of a lawyer, accountant, architect, there is a demand for website creators, SMM managers, and targetologists. Moreover, the salary of experts is 3 times higher than the rate of public positions.

To learn a profession, it is enough to take 3-6-month courses and collect a winning portfolio.

Here are a few more ways to make a living online:

  1. Maintaining a thematic blog on Yandex. Zen (culinary, medical, about motherhood, the secrets of high-quality editing or color correction, review of films, series, books).
  2. Maintaining an account on the same topics on Instagram, Vkontakte, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Telegram.
  3. Creation of a YouTube channel for the release of entertaining, educational videos.
  4. Upload your own music to Soundcloud, YouTube Music.
  5. Using these platforms to promote your own business.

Investment of financial resources is not required. Success is guaranteed by the right ideas, hard work and love for the work performed.

Maintaining the Yandex.Zen channel

The author receives royalties for advertising that is placed in the course of the article by Yandex. For every 3000 characters ̶ 1 advertising banner (for 9000 characters ̶ 3 banners). With page traffic of 10,000 readers per day, the post will bring 300 🪙 (30 🪙 per 1000 views). For 60 monthly posts they earn 18,000 🪙.

It will be possible to withdraw income after providing the site administration with personal documents (passport, payer identification number, individual personal account number). Scanned copies are sent by e-mail, after which a cooperation agreement is sent to the contractor. The work is legal, since Yandex pays taxes for the authors.

Verification of documents lasts 2 weeks, then access to the translation is opened. Payment systems for withdrawal: YuMoney, PayPal. Withholding tax ̶ 13%.

Accounts in Instagram, Telegram

How to make money for a living having an Instagram page? Keep an interesting blog with useful tips, reviews and coverage of personal life. Accruals are made from advertising cooperation between the blogger and the company (or individual). For the legality of transfers, you can apply for the status of "Self-employed".

The cost of advertising (post, video, story) depends on the number of subscribers, the activity of the audience. Therefore, you need to regularly increase coverage with interesting posts, creative presentation of material and high-quality visuals.

The popularity bonus on the platform is a permanent partnership with cosmetic brands, boutiques, online stores. Representatives monthly send their own products to bloggers for testing and promotion.

Channels in Telegram also make money on advertising contracts. But the presentation of information requires a different one. Instead of long posts ̶ concise, useful texts. Exclusive material is desirable, which is not duplicated in other social networks.

Uploading video to YouTube

How to make a living on the Internet, having a channel on YouTube? Choose a niche of interest, shoot themed videos. It can be a channel about personal life, medicine, ASMR content, experiments, makeup, music creation. The main thing is not to violate the editorial policy of the application.

Thanks to YouTube, bloggers earn from 1 million 🪙 per month, gaining an audience of more than 2,000,000 people. The main income of the channel is the number of views. In cooperation with advertising agents, money is charged for displaying publications during viewing. In the video itself, you can promote products of cosmetic brands, boutiques, online games, mobile applications. By adding a referral link or a promotional code to the description of the video, the author receives additional bonuses.

Do not forget to interact with the public, answer questions in the comments. Take into account the wishes of the audience, add subtitles to the video to increase the territorial girth. Launch channel sponsorship by providing subscribers with unique content, special emoticons, early access to view.

Uploading your own music to Soundcloud

How to make a living on the Internet, having an account on Soundcloud? Upload your own tracks, remixes, mixtapes and get paid for the number of plays. To monetize the activity, you need to get the status of the portal’s prime minister (840 🪙/month) and have full rights to the uploaded music.

Regular customers of Soundcloud ̶ video bloggers, editors, musicians, directors. Purchased material is used in commercials, films, vlogs or to inspire music producers.

Share the link to the channel on social networks to increase listening. Use enticing visual material (an attractive cover), a competent but concise description. All profits go only to the author, the music platform does not charge a commission.

Popularity and business development through TikTok

How to earn your living online by signing up for TikTok:

  • upload short, creative videos;
  • shoot collaborations;
  • cooperate with other "tiktokers";
  • advertise products of various brands or own production.

Popularity in the application allows you to participate in expensive projects, advertising shootings. Companies for the promotion of activities send goods for testing, promotion. The advantages of this platform are the independence of payments from the number of subscribers. Views, likes, audience activity in the comments are taken into account.

The task of "tiktoker" is to maintain popularity, to create the desired material. Trends in the application change instantly, so you need to adapt to the needs of the public. Follow the rules of the portal. An account can be instantly frozen for complaints, inappropriate content, or cheating subscribers.

Work on foreign portals

How to earn a living on the Internet when you know English? Register on the Fiverr exchange and complete tasks from customers in Germany, USA, Spain, France, Australia, Belgium, recently. For the performer of this portal, it is important to fill out a profile, indicate skills and attach a portfolio.

At first, you need to complete small tasks in order to increase your rating and gain positive feedback. The average cost of the order ̶ from 5 dollars. After 6 months, the performers come out to pay 100-150 dollars per task.

Basic English or an online translator is important to communicate with the client. The site retains 20% of the earned funds, it will be possible to withdraw them only after two weeks. Rating performers can reduce the waiting time. A transaction request is sent once a day. Withdrawal wallet: PayPal.

Is it possible to make money on creative ideas?

How simple and easy is it to make a living?

Original postcards, business names, themes, video scripts are also sources of decent income. For the ability to think outside the box, create trends and revive the past, companies are ready to pay 500-4000 🪙.

  1. Snafu Designs. The site pays for a detailed description of an invented postcard in English. The average payout is ̶ 7000 🪙.
  2. ru. The customer asks a question, chooses the appropriate answer and pays 1000-2000 🪙.
  3. com. We sell ideas for the design of jewelry, furniture, decor items.
  4. com. Collection of the author’s design of T-shirts, mugs. Payouts depend on the percentage of thumbnail sales.

It is more profitable to cooperate with foreign portals that post more vacancies. You can withdraw funds to e-wallets.

There are many offers to earn money without an employment contract, just choose the appropriate option and develop in the right direction. Education, special skills are not required to earn from 20,000 🪙 per month.

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