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How bloggers make money and who pays them


Being a blogger is exciting and fashionable. Such a profession brings a lot of advantages to life: independence, free schedule, huge scope for creativity, friends and like-minded people, but how do bloggers make their money? And not Ksenia Sobchak or Olga Buzova, but ordinary people? After all, talents should not starve. If blogging takes time, but brings three kopecks, then it is better to go to work in the office. This article provides comprehensive information about the salaries of bloggers in social networks like instagram, tiktok, vkontakte and youtube.

How bloggers make money on Instagram, VKontakte and TikTok

Today, a blogger is anyone who shares information on the Internet. Moreover, information can be of any kind, starting from your opinion regarding the situation in the city, and ending with the creation of cool videos. Most beginners are interested in how bloggers make money on Zen or Instagram. Although this application is already beginning to yield to Telegram in terms of convenience. In addition, you can blog on Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok. The main feature of social networks is that they are suitable for publishing any content: short posts, articles, videos, stories, photos and infographics.

Affiliate rewards on native advertising

Native advertising is an unobtrusive mention of a product, service, service or other community. Usually bloggers choose the following formats:

  1. Review. The author writes a useful article or shoots a video, and at the end leaves a call for a targeted action.
  2. Demo. For example, a blogger posts a photo of himself wearing the advertiser’s clothes. Or shoots a story about visiting a new restaurant.

In fact, native advertising on social networks has the same principles as direct advertising on YouTube. The cost of a custom post depends on the social network, subject matter, popularity of the blogger, and the actual reach of the posts. For example, one organic seeding in a telegram channel with 10,000-50,000 subscribers will cost the advertiser 300-1500 conditional units. Instagram rates are higher. And the cheapest is native advertising on Vkontakte.

Bloggers on Instagram and Telegram can already earn if they have more than 1500 subscribers.

How bloggers make money on aliexpress

Various CPA networks help with this. These are sites that, on the one hand, cooperate with various large brands (not only aliexpress), and on the other hand, with bloggers. She acts as an intermediary in the transaction. So stores can massively buy advertising from hundreds of bloggers, just such a CPA network will help them with this. Bloggers advertise services or products of stores and earn money when a sale occurs through their link. So, through special links, banks can sell debit cards or even credit cards from bloggers.

The most popular CPA networks for making money on a blog on Instagram and Telegram:

  1. Perfluence – The largest affiliate rewards platform. Pays to attract customers. Many brands (programs) for cooperation

How bloggers make money and who pays them

Revenue statistics for affiliate programs in Admitad

The scheme is the following.

The blogger registers his blog in the system > Finds a brand for advertising > Gets a special link (so that the store knows who the buyer came from) > and advertises this link in a review, in an article, or in his telegram channel. Blog readers buy from the link, the blogger gets paid. Everything is positive.

Automatic display of ads

In this way, bloggers on Vkontakte are now earning. Open communities that are at least 3 months old can connect to the market platform. The content must not contradict the rules of the social network.
If the application is approved, targeted advertising will begin to spin on the blog. On average, for 1000 impressions, a blogger earns 15-20 conditional units.


The ambassador is the face of the brand. He actively uses the goods and services of the company, participates in its challenges and other promotions, forms a positive image. Such work is offered to the most popular bloggers with several million subscribers.

How bloggers who have their own website make money

Text blogs were at the peak of popularity in 2007-2015. At that time, search engines had not yet put a spoke in the wheels of SEOs and webmasters, and users watched TV more often than Youtube. But today the rules of the game have changed. There are a lot of sites, they are difficult to promote, and people spend hours on social networks and instant messengers. Consequently, classic text blogs are gradually losing relevance. Although they can still earn money.

contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is text ads with links that lead to the seller’s website. It makes no sense to post it on a young blog. First you need to achieve at least 500-1000 unique visitors per day, and only then apply to Google Adsense or Yandex Direct.
A blogger who has added a contextual advertising code to the site receives payment for clicks. The cost of the latter depends on the following factors:

  • topics;
  • traffic region;
  • competitiveness of the request in the ad.

For example, a blog about finance in English can bring in $2-5 per click. But on a project about cooking, the cost of the transition is unlikely to exceed $ 0.20.

How much do bloggers earn on contextual advertising? The financial result primarily depends on the niche and attendance. Most popular authors get $200-300 per month.

Banner advertising is a bright graphic block with a hidden link that leads to the seller’s website. The blogger is paid for clicks or 1000 impressions. And if the author cooperates with the advertiser without intermediaries, he can ask for a fixed amount for the time the ad is on the site.

Teasers are a kind of banners, only with provocative content. For example, “In 2021, fabulous wealth awaits the three signs of the Zodiac!".

How bloggers make money and who pays them

Such ads should not be placed on a blog with a serious topic. Teasers are relevant on the following sites:

  • news;
  • entertainment;
  • women’s;
  • about traditional medicine;
  • about the household;
  • about the garden.

How much do bloggers earn on banners? The exact figures again depend on the subject and attendance of the resource. But on average, the income is the same as when placing contextual advertising.

Custom articles

Advertisers often turn to bloggers with a request to write a selling text about a product, service, service, information product or brand. This way of earning is suitable for authors who have expert knowledge in a commercial niche. For example, they are well versed in cosmetics or gadgets.

The cost of a custom article can reach up to $500. But usually owners of blogs with less than 10,000 visitors ask for $20-30 for work.


Lead generation is the collection of contacts (email, phone numbers) of potential customers. This way of earning involves writing articles that lead the reader to perform a targeted action, for example, contacting a legal clinic or a medical center. For each lead, a blogger receives 500-3000 conditional units from partners.
A special form is added to the site to collect contacts. Usually it is in the middle or end of the article.

Placement of external links

Blogs with high attendance rates and ICS attract webmasters. The latter may contact the blogger with a request to place external links. This is necessary to promote sites in the search.

Links can be leased (temporary) or permanent. The price of the first is very low – from 5 conditional units per month. The latter are 10-15 times more expensive, but they cannot be removed. To quickly find customers, bloggers register on link exchanges:

  • Zenlink;
  • Rooke;
  • Sape;
  • Miralinks;
  • Setlinks;
  • Gogetlinks.

Unfortunately, the described way of earning is now losing ground. The reason is in search engines, which can lower the site in the search results or impose a filter due to the placement of a large number of external links. To avoid such sanctions, you need to publish articles in which the links look organic.

How Do Youtube Bloggers Make Money?

Today, video content is ahead of text and photo blogs in popularity. Youtube is a goldmine for creative people. However, for a good income, a YouTube blogger must have many skills: be able to write scripts, shoot on camera, edit videos, select keywords, and create clickable covers. Let’s figure out how YouTube bloggers get paid and how they make money on the views of their subscribers.

Official hosting partner

To become an official Youtube partner, you need to get at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing on the channel in the last 12 months. In addition, the published content must comply with the rules of the site. So, hosting prohibits monetizing videos that contain scenes of violence, profanity, tobacco products, dangerous actions.
After connecting the channel to the affiliate program, Google AdSense ads start spinning in the video. The blogger earns money on commercial views (if users do not turn off the video for a certain period of time or go to the seller’s website). Cheating is easily recognized and punished with a ban from the advertising account.
In addition, a blogger can connect to Youtube multi-channel affiliate programs. They offer more loyal conditions, convenient ways to withdraw funds, but only 25-35% of the income is shared.
In general, placing Google AdSense ads brings YouTube bloggers a meager profit – up to $ 100 per month. The exception is channels that have more than 1 million subscribers.

Direct cooperation with advertisers

To start making money in this way, you need to gain at least 300-500 thousand subscribers. These bloggers are paid directly to advertise the brand. Advertisers knock on popular bloggers themselves, while the rest of the guys are looking for orders on specialized exchanges:

  • Epicstars;
  • Prolog;
  • Labelup;
  • Plibber.

The cost of advertising integration in Youtube is on average 3,000 conventional units, but often reaches up to 10,000-20,000 conventional units. The mention of the product should be creative and unobtrusive so that viewers do not unsubscribe from the blog.

YouTube users who subscribe to the channel can watch ad-free videos and chat in a closed fan club. In this case, the hosting transfers part of the profit to the blogger and charges a small bonus for views.

So far, the described method of earning is only gaining popularity. Basically, people make a paid subscription to streamers who broadcast games.

Common ways to make money for different bloggers

You can earn money on any content project. The more authority a blogger enjoys, the easier it is to monetize his work. Today, the following methods have been invented to generate income:

  1. Participation in affiliate programs (CPA networks). The task of a blogger is to motivate subscribers to follow the link and take the targeted action. For example, sign up for an online game, sign up for a course, or buy a product. Then the affiliate owner will share a part of the profit as a percentage of the product cost or a fixed amount for each lead. With the right choice of offers in CPA networks, you can earn 30,000-80,000 conditional units per month.
  2. Collection of donations. Some subscribers send donations to their favorite bloggers. Most often we are talking about small amounts – 100-1000 conditional units. To collect donations, you need to connect a special service to the blog. For example, site owners usually use Yandex.Money and PayPal, and YouTubers use Donation Alerts.
  3. Provision of services. Blogging is one of the most reliable ways to promote your personal brand. After all, customers are happy to turn to popular people. Thanks to blogging, psychologists, nutritionists, photographers, designers, copywriters, lawyers and representatives of other intellectual professions earn good money on the Internet.
  4. Trade. Bloggers can sell both other people’s goods and their own (for example, handmade). It is convenient to accept payments through the online cash register.
  5. Infobusiness. Bloggers with expert knowledge sell e-books, online courses, conduct trainings and seminars, and provide paid consultations. The infobusiness is a very profitable niche that can bring in up to $100,000 a year.
  6. Public Speaking. The most charismatic bloggers are sometimes invited to conferences. The speaker receives a percentage of ticket sales.
    Finally, a blogger can apply for a stable job in a related specialty. For example, to become a content manager of a large project, an SMM marketer or an art director. And salaries in the digital niche are quite high – from 40,000 conditional units per month and above.

How much money bloggers make bloggers on the Internet and who gives them money?

Always the most popular question regarding money is the question “How much do bloggers earn per month?”. It is noteworthy that people are not so much interested in “How?” and where?". The answer to the question of how much bloggers earn depends on the topic.

The total income of bloggers is realized through the Youtube affiliate program. It is clear that marketing agencies cooperate with bloggers and sell ads on their behalf to third-party organizations, but most often bloggers are paid by YouTube itself, due to ads built into the video.


Thus, blogging is a highly paid and promising industry. But due to the high competition, newcomers cannot earn normal money in it. In order for a blogger to start making money on the Internet, you need to spend many months acquiring useful skills, creating content, and promoting a personal brand. Only a person who sincerely loves his job can become a successful blogger and receive money.

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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