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Earnings on boxes: on the Internet + without investments


Interest in making money online is only growing. Many users want to have additional income. One of the easiest ways to get the first money is considered to be earning on axle boxes.

Those who are just getting used to the World Wide Web and considering any options just start with it.

What are boxes

Boxes, postal workers (postal sponsors), SAR. For beginners, these words mean little. But by and large, they mean the same thing – sites where money is paid for viewing ads and completing tasks.

ATS stands for Active Advertising System. Sounds nice and professional. This is specially done in order to attract advertisers. Bux (eng. BUX) is jargon. It translates as "bucks" – dollar. True, it should be noted right away that not all services pay for work in US currency. On most sites, accrual occurs in many 🪙. But the essence of this does not change.

Mailers are the same kind of boxes. Initially, these sites offered only viewing paid emails with advertisements, but over time, their functionality has expanded a lot. There were tasks and surfing. Thus, mailers have become full-fledged ATS.

Benefits of earning on bucks

Earnings on boxes: on the Internet + without investments

Enumerate the advantages of working on the Internet, including on axle boxes, you can endlessly. Those who already receive a stable income note a number of advantages of this kind of employment:

  • Flexible schedule. Work at a convenient time for the user, the main thing is to hand it over without delay.
  • Unlimited income. Rather, it is limited only by desire and the amount of free time.
  • Mobility. You can work from anywhere in the world, even lying on the beach. The main thing is to have access to the Internet.
  • Work at home. This item is especially relevant for mothers with small children. And the kids are supervised, and additional income to the family budget.
  • Emotional stability. Unlike normal offline work, conflicts with the team and superiors are practically excluded.
  • Earnings on boxes without investments. Registration on the sites and access to tasks are free.

Everyone who starts to engage in this type of activity will subsequently find many more advantages. He has one minus – to increase income, you need to actively develop, and not get hung up on only one type of work.

What you need to work on axle boxes

Earnings on boxes: on the Internet + without investments

Stable Internet (preferably unlimited), computer (laptop or their "smaller brothers" – gadgets) and free time. As well as minimal user skills.

It is much more difficult with the qualities that every freelancer should have. This is how those who work remotely, performing certain tasks, and communicate with employers only via the Internet call themselves. In fact, this is a civilian worker, but the word “freelancer" sounds much more solid.

So, the main qualities that are valued in people of this profession (even if they earn money on axle boxes and only master its basics) are patience, perseverance, a desire to learn and hone new skills, as well as decency and responsibility. Over time, a professional approach to completing tasks will appear, which is very much appreciated by the employer.

Box selection rules

Earnings on boxes: on the Internet + without investments

Making money on boxes, especially on the Internet, attracts many users, which is why this field is often met by unscrupulous site owners who completely or partially do not fulfill their obligations to the performers. Thus, newcomers form a negative attitude towards making money on the Internet in general, and not just on bookmarks.

It is impossible to completely insure against scammers. However, minimizing the risk is not difficult. First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the lists of the best books for making money, which are on the Internet in the TOP. There are many resources that provide such information. Further, before registering on the site you like, you should not only read the reviews of other users on the Internet about it, but also “scroll” skam-lists – black lists of Internet resources. The word "skam" itself means "deceit, swindle".

If the user has already registered on the site without learning more about the mailer, there is only one way out – to perform a minimum of actions and order a payout a couple of times. If there is no money in the wallet account of the payment system and there is no blocking of the account, everything is in order. You can continue to work. However, you should not relax and you should periodically check the reviews. This is especially true for those who have built their own referral network. If the book starts to delay payments, the number of ads and tasks decreases – this is the first bell that it’s time to look for a new platform. Otherwise, you can lose the network that has been worked out with such difficulty. You can legally drag it to another CAP using paid tasks. It is better to spend a little money than to start all over again later.

Types of earnings on boxes

Earnings on boxes: on the Internet + without investments

Each SAR is trying to stand out, so earnings on boxes are quite diverse. The best boxes have their own "chip" and an intuitive interface, which attract both performers and advertisers, although by and large earnings on them are divided into three types:

  • reading letters;
  • site surfing;
  • completing tasks.

And now everything is in order. Promotional letters arrive daily in the personal account of the performer. It is advisable (but not necessary) to familiarize yourself with their content. The essence of earnings is the subsequent transition to the advertiser’s website. The link to the service is given at the end of the letter. After clicking on it, a site opens where you need to stay for a certain time. Usually it is 15-30 seconds. There is a special countdown timer. As soon as the time is up, the performer must confirm his presence on the site. To do this, near the timer, he will have to click on a picture or a number. And that’s it, you can proceed to view the next letter. There is nothing complicated.

The next type of earnings is surfing sites. What is surfing in real life, everyone knows. It’s wave surfing. Internet surfing is a short-term visit to advertised sites. That is, the same sliding, only on the World Wide Web. Surfing is manual and automatic. For the first option, of course, paid more. However, in order to receive a reward, as in the case of a letter, you need to confirm your stay on the site.

And finally, assignments. The most profitable option for earning on axle boxes without investments. But it’s far from the easiest. Nevertheless, by bringing the execution of reusable tasks to automaticity, you can consistently receive good money.

Types of jobs on boxes

Earnings on boxes: on the Internet + without investments

There are many tasks on large SARs. They differ in complexity and payment. An inexperienced beginner can even get confused among such an abundance of work. However, to get started, you just need to familiarize yourself with the features of work in each category.

  • clicks. The transition to the site, but unlike surfing here you need to click on the ad unit. In one task, it may be necessary to make 2-3 transitions. In order for them to be counted, the performer sometimes needs to change the IP address. Therefore, if a beginner is not sure what will work, it is better not to try. But this is only until he firmly masters the necessary skills. To confirm the work performed, advertisers in the report are asked to indicate the addresses of the pages (links) where the performer has visited or provide screenshots.
  • Registrations without activity. The meaning of the task is to register on a certain resource. It can be other boxes, mailboxes, applications, games. The login specified during registration is sent as a report. You should not complete the task when the advertiser also asks for a password from the account (if this condition is not specified in advance in the description of the task). Nothing more is required from the performer.
  • Registration with activity. To complete the task, it will not be enough to enter your data on the proposed resource and register. You must either complete several tasks, or collect a certain amount and withdraw it. Thus, other performers recruit referrals for themselves and build a network for passive income or receiving a one-time bonus. The report indicates the login.
  • Posting and articles. The first option involves registration and activity in the form of creating topics and writing comments on forums, posting texts on bulletin boards and clickable links on third-party resources. The second option is to write an article on a given topic or register on text exchanges. For the report, the advertiser requires screenshots, logins or links to pages.
  • Voting. The assignment speaks for itself. You must vote by clicking on the link. Sometimes registration is required for execution. But most often you can log in through the social network. The report indicates the number of votes before and after pressing the button (heart). In addition, some advertisers ask you to send a screenshot or answer a question (for example, what phrase appeared after the vote, or what color the button became).
  • Downloading files. This is installing applications and downloading programs. Screenshot to confirm completion.
  • Reviews. As part of the task, registration is often required. But most often you just need to find the required store in Google maps or similar resources, put stars and write the most natural text. Sometimes in the search engine you need to change the location. To do this, go to the settings and specify a different city. Send a screenshot with feedback for the report.
  • Jobs on YouTube. Video views, ad clicks, subscriptions, likes and comments. Everything is within the framework of this service. Screenshots and nicknames (nicknames) are sent for the report.
  • Subscriptions. On channels, mailings, notifications and more. The report indicates the login, first name, last name, less often send a screen.

It should be noted that some tasks (clicks and posting) are reusable. They can be added to favorites (if such an option is provided by the functionality of the personal account or the task search filter) and performed daily.

How to withdraw money

Earnings on boxes: on the Internet + without investments

How to make money on axle boxes is more or less clear to most users. However, how to get money is the main question that worries beginners.

It’s easy to do. Almost all CAPs work with several payment systems. Therefore, it is enough to be registered in at least one of them and indicate the wallet number in the personal account of the box.

It remains only to accumulate the minimum amount available for withdrawal and order a payment. Usually all this is done in one click, and the payments themselves occur instantly.

How to increase earnings on buksa x

Earnings on boxes: on the Internet + without investments

Earnings on boxes on the Internet can not only be increased, but also made almost passive. True, for this you will have to make an effort, and in some cases, spend a little money. It’s about building your own referral network. A person inviting people to the project becomes a referrer, and newbies registered using his link become referrals. But where do you get such people? There are plenty of ways. Among the free options, it is worth noting the following:

  • Sending invitations to friends and acquaintances by e-mail. With such people, it is easier for a beginner in the world of Internet business to find a common language and, without hesitation, explain the essence of the work.
  • Publication of announcements on free boards. Such resources – the sea. The main thing is to write the text correctly. The only caveat is that ads are moderated.
  • Distribution of invitations with links on social networks. It can be both friends and strangers. In the latter case, you should not do this automatically, otherwise the letter may be considered spam and even complain to the administration. Experienced recruiters first try to make friends with a person, find out his needs and interest in this type of income, and only after that they send a link with a motivation letter.

However, those who spend a little on it are much more likely to build their own network with active users. The main ways to attract referrals are as follows:

  • Distribution of promotional letters by mailers. The cost is low and depends on the number of purchased letters and the duration of the impression.
  • Placement of paid tasks for registration (with or without activity) on the CAP. Their cost will depend not only on how much the user is willing to invest in the business, but also what exactly he wants to receive: an active referral or “dead souls”. The latter are only suitable for resale on the referral exchange, and it’s not a fact that they will buy.
  • Order surfing on boxes. In this case, it is better to create a personal blog or a one-page site. Place banners of the advertised resource on them with an attractive description of the project (or even projects, if the user plans to build several networks over time). Beginners will make transitions and get acquainted with the information. The cost of surfing, in principle, as well as letters, depends on the length of stay of users and the number of impressions purchased.
  • Buying advertising space. This can be a banner, a running line (advertising in a frame) and other blocks both on the resource where the network is planned to be built, and on other mailers. The cost of such advertising depends on the number of days.
  • Hall of Fame. Most CAPs have a place where you can post your avatar and specify a refback (how many percent of your earnings on the network the referrer is ready to return to his referrals as a bonus). The cost of placement on the leaderboard is purely symbolic. But at any time, the user can lose this place, and in order to return, he will need to pay again.
  • Purchase of active referrals. Many mailers have an exchange. Basically, the networks of those who stopped visiting the site are sold here, and the account was deleted according to the rules of the resource. In addition, referrals are also traded by those who are not going to build a network, but were able to register new users.

Building a network is real. It will only happen faster if you combine three or four methods at once. The main thing is to clearly calculate so that later the costs pay off. However, there is one way out – you can not enter money into the Internet, but earn it by completing tasks and subsequently spend it on building a network.

Ways to increase the activity of referrals

Earnings on boxes: on the Internet + without investments

Collecting referrals is not enough, you need to regularly support their activity and motivate them to build their own network. There are many ways to encourage. Yes, in this case, some investments are required, however, they quickly pay off with increased income from referral deductions.

  • Regular competitions. Referrals are required to either complete as many tasks as possible, or earn as much as possible by any means available on the site for a certain period of time.
  • Fixed referrer bonuses. A small but nice bonus. It can be reading every 100 letters, completing 100 tasks, and so on.
  • Establishing a refback. The higher it is, the more it will attract new people and keep active referrals. However, giving away 80-90% of your earnings is not an option. What then will be left for the development of the network and maintaining its activity?

And it’s also worth remembering that a warm human attitude and help building a network to your referrals stimulates no worse than money.

Beginner Tips

Earnings on boxes: on the Internet + without investments

  • If, after registration, a newcomer has become a free referral, he can independently choose a referrer and join his team. You just need to pay close attention to this issue. Specify refback, bonuses, how often contests are held and which ones. You can get into the team by giving your consent and clicking the appropriate button in your personal account, as well as by completing a special task. Many referrers create them within a project. For example, “follow the link and become my referral”. After completing the task, the user receives money.
  • Having mastered the basic skills for making money on boxes without investments, you can simultaneously register for several more. The main thing is that these sites pay regularly. You can get extra money by completing the corresponding tasks on the original site. The approach to this question is the same as in the previous tip. The task is carefully selected, and the conditions are specified. But the main thing is to calculate your own strengths. Unfortunately, sometimes there are unscrupulous advertisers who set obviously impossible conditions, especially if the task needs to be completed within a certain time. For example, a future referrer will require you to get a high status or do a huge amount of tasks in a couple of days. Honest advertisers, if they set such conditions, then adequately pay for this task and give unlimited time to complete it.
  • After registering on several boxes, in order not to waste time, you can simultaneously open them in one browser and thus surf or view letters all at once. While at one time it is just starting to count, at another it is already possible to press the captcha. And so in a circle. The only caveat is the "active window" option. Viewing will be counted only if this particular tab is open. When you try to look into the neighboring ones, the timer stops.

Earnings on axle boxes – Special programs

Earnings on boxes: on the Internet + without investments

For the convenience of users, some mailers create special programs that are installed on a computer and minimized to tray. As soon as there is a new letter, surf site or task, a small notification pops up in the corner of the screen. It signals the need for activity, for example, to select or enter a captcha. Ideal for those who are constantly at home.

However, it is worth remembering that the use of third-party programs for automatically viewing sites in order to increase earnings is prohibited and sooner or later will lead to blocking the account by the administration of the resource and freezing the funds earned on the project.

Earnings on boxes without investments is quite possible, no matter what other users say. It is ideal for schoolchildren, students, mothers on maternity leave and even active pensioners. The main thing is not to listen to those who, for whatever reason, did not succeed, or even did not try to get additional income in this way at all, but believe that they know everything about it.

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