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Both for and against: is it worth lending money


We figure out whether it is worth lending money – is it good or, nevertheless, evil. And what to do in a situation when you need money yourself. And urgently. Reading the article will take 5 minutes.

So, someone is asking you to borrow some money. Is it worth lending money?


It all depends on the situation, as well as the personal qualities of the debtor and your relationship with him, as well as the conditions under which the loan is given. What is important here are both oral agreements and notarized receipts.

"Don’t do good, you won’t get evil." There is such a strange wording calling for inaction. But what if the money is for a good cause? If you are literally saving a person? But is it worth saving damaged personal relationships in the future?

Gave money – wait. There is no escape from the subconscious. If you are a lender, expect your unconscious mind to ask in the background “when will the money be returned?". This increases your tension, and then those around you. And if you often communicate with your debtor, it will not disappear between you either, or even intensify. Do you need it? Are you sure?


But if you refuse a loan, for example, to a friend, who will you be after that? Saying no is always hard. But by saying no, you ensure a restful sleep. Or?… It all depends on the situation. There are circumstances that, by refusing a loan, you provide yourself with even more psychological stress. Especially if a person close to you is in a difficult situation, and he asks not for beer.

Let him go to the bank with it?

There are many organizations that are willing to give money. Starting from banks and ending with pawnshops. But there the loan is issued at interest. That is, the refund amount will be more, sometimes much more.

Generous and kind pays twice

“Milok, give me a thousand!”

Single donations of small amounts will not make you poor. Of course, if you "do not give the last". Such situations should be avoided and understand the psychological reasons for financial sacrifice. After all, this is probably one of those internal barriers that prevents you from earning more.

Note: Read more about the relationship with the energy of money in this article. She is not esoteric. Truth.

Getting involved in complex money stories, you run the risk of not getting your money back and, in addition, being in the role of a debtor, and thus you will already have to look for money in debt in order to pay off even your own debts.
And deceived and used. This is a complete failure. Of course, this is exactly the same situation when a friend is tested in trouble. This way you will learn a valuable lesson, find out who your real friends are. But at the same time, you run the risk of losing a lot of people you previously thought you could rely on.
Getting rid of illusions is useful. But the price of this procedure is always consistently high. Not everyone is willing to pay. And is it necessary?

Drive 🪙, relative!


The relationship with the borrower plays an important role. If this is your friend, is he able to keep his word and return this money? Will it not turn out that your friend decides to go abroad, for example? If there are only three variables in history: the borrower, the one who gives out the money and the case for which this money is given out, then the biggest risk here is that your friend simply will not return the money to you.

But what if the situation is more complicated? If your friend owes some other people? What if he manages the money differently? If then these people will look for him and “come out” to you? How to be in such a situation? You "hit" on all fronts. The risks are obvious.

Minimize risks:

  • First, do not lend to friends or relatives. If they do not return the borrowed amount, you will lose them or quarrel. Of course, if we are not talking about issues that relate to life, death and health.
  • Secondly, when borrowing a large amount, draw up an agreement or at least certify a receipt with a notary.
  • If you still want to help, then do not infringe on yourself in this situation. Lend exactly the amount that you are not sorry to lose.

Is it worth lending money to you?

What to do if you urgently need money

Both for and against: is it worth lending money

1 When you are in the role of "asking", the main thing here is to return. Therefore, before looking for opportunities, weigh your position. How will you return? This is an important question.

2 Justify. The person who will give you money must understand what he is getting himself into. Well, and, of course, feel like a benefactor, and not a participant in a murky deal.

3 Need a large amount? Do not look for someone who will give it to you in its entirety. If you have time, break that number down and borrow from different people. Make a schedule for renewals. Simplify your refund process.

4 If you need urgently – do not substitute people and yourself. Do not use the services of quick loans, so as not to get deeper into debt. Collect all valuables and sell. This is a livelihood. As opposed to reputation.

How to return

Don’t waste time. Give back gradually if it is not possible to return the entire amount. For example, get a job if you don’t have one and give a tenth of your income. So you sooner or later, reimburse the entire amount.

Note: Money is not just a means to an end. This is energy. And you also need to be able to work with it skillfully. We want to say here that if you have savings, think about how to make them “not just lie under the mattress”, but work for you. Don’t let the energy of money stagnate.

There is a law of fifty percent. Its essence is that half of the savings must be given away, spent, borrowed or donated, and then they will return to you with a profit. Therefore, try to accumulate not debts, but money and let them circulate in profitable investment and charitable processes. Let everything you do come from abundance

Good luck!

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