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Automate it: a story about genius, laziness, analog SMM people, free time and SMMBox auto-posting service


We began to work 2 hours less and solve more creative tasks – thanks to the SMMBox delayed posting system. Yes. Now we’re postponing. Automatically. Posts. In social networks. This saves a lot of time. The nerves are intact, the posts are postponed and published on time. It’s about automating tedious workflows. Auto-posting helps you work less and get everything done. We are talking about the inexpensive and convenient SMMBox service. It is like your washing machine. Do you want to know why?

SMMBox makes it clear that

Automation is not scary

If you’re the kind of person who sees automation as the first step towards machine uprising, consider your washing machine. Imagine it doesn’t exist. And it wasn’t.

Automate it: a story about genius, laziness, analog SMM people, free time and SMMBox auto-posting service

Someone thought she was a threat. And no one now has "washers". Production stopped.

How often do you wash clothes, and how many of them do you have? And how many social media accounts for personal use and for work? Imagine that your accounts are your "clothes": bed linen, curtains, tablecloths and other "fabric".

SMMBox is a washing machine. By setting the desired washing machine programs, you get clean clothes. By putting a couple of checkboxes in the SMMBox settings menu, you get a lot of publications of various types of content (photos, videos, text, audio, images) on different sites. And it all works while you’re doing something else.

Still seething from boring work? Then we offer autoposting – you

How we got hooked on SMMBox in a week

Automate it: a story about genius, laziness, analog SMM people, free time and SMMBox auto-posting service
Oh, by the way, automation is addictive because you feel good about it. There is no need to engage in monotonous work, which sometimes happens very, very much. We worked in the free version of SMMBox for seven days and bought it on the seventh day. Two weeks later, the editor said that he was less likely to correct text errors for the authors.

Why automatic – automatic

Content placement is the concern of algorithms and special services. Autoposting frees you up on average two to three hours of time. You no longer play the role of a biological pipeline of manual posting ctrl + c, ctrl-V, you don’t have to guess the dates and switch from one account to another every time.

Man is the brain. This is the same body that invented everything and will come up with even more, if you let it. So don’t be afraid of automation. In the sense that the potential and power of what you have in your skull has yet to be explored. And we will write more about it. But another time.

Where did the analog SMMs from our team go?

We used to call our marketers truckers. Because posting various content on social media is very boring. And for a long time. And just as monotonous as a federal highway. The path of the analog SMM box runs through the corn plowed fields of menus, accounts, saved documents on the computer and archives.

If you are a trucker driving a truck, your task is to drive straight. For a long time. Through the most monotonous places that are on the route. You cast a glance in the right mirror – plowed land, in the left – the earth. Plowed. There is also a rearview mirror. There the view is the same – all the time straight. Road. Same as before.

Or, for example, imagine what it’s like for these truckers from the video. They took part in the project of the Scania car factory – “the challenge of the times". "Giant truck clock". It would be much easier to automate this advertising campaign. Instead of drivers, put robots behind the wheel or, for example, install automatic systems with a programmed route in trucks. Such a project would really defy the time – after all, the mechanism can work forever and require no maintenance. And, probably, would have survived humanity …

Same with posting.

Why society’s illiteracy is a myth

Have you ever wondered where so many posts with content errors have come from over the past 5 years? Marketers who work with content are mostly competent educated personnel. And they do not degrade, do not grow dull and are not sick. But then why is everything so? Why do users increasingly talk about degradation and illiteracy?

Look differently – this is not degradation, but overload.

How does a false sense of general illiteracy develop?

Our team does not have statistics, but we believe that the increase in the number of errors in the content of content on the Internet is due precisely to an overabundance of information. A person cannot and should not process all this. There is, for example, SMMBox for this .

How to Know You Need an SMMBox

If you are already working in the field of Social Media Marketing and this is the first time you hear about autoposting, then there is an easy way to understand whether you need it or not.

Automate it: a story about genius, laziness, analog SMM people, free time and SMMBox auto-posting service

Monitor yourself and your work

Have you noticed that sometimes, in the process of work, you get confused in the dates of delayed posting, media and audio files, make spelling mistakes or typos? When you are an attentive person, check each item before publishing. You are distinguished by diligence, an analytical mindset and rarely allow yourself to fly in the clouds.

So, if you notice that you have become more likely to make mistakes, the volume of monotonous work has probably increased and you urgently need to delegate it to someone. Trust the process of posting and posting to some convenient auto-posting service. It can be SMMBox or one you find yourself.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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