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Applications for making money: on the phone + without attachments + TOP of the best


Many people now go to a job they do not like and dream about how to earn money without leaving home. People think that it is impossible to make money like that. But there are ways to make money. To do this, you need a cell phone running on Android, IOS operating systems. Moreover, there is no need to invest additional funds. And special applications for making money will help you make money on your phone. We will talk about them further.

Applications for making money on the phone is a service where a client can receive money that he can spend on pocket expenses.

Why do people like such applications that help make money on the phone so much?

Only here to the client:

  • no additional knowledge and skills are needed;
  • You do not need to enter your own funds into the service. Remember: if a client has found an application on the Internet that requires him to deposit personal funds into the service, then you should not enter them. Such applications are created by scammers;
  • you can choose the place and time where he will work;
  • You do not have to wait a long time for the withdrawal of accumulated funds. Moreover, you can withdraw funds in any way.

Top apps for making money

Applications for making money: on the phone + without attachments + TOP of the best

This top includes the following applications.

This is:

  • VK Target.
  • Globus-Inter.
  • "Yandex. Toloka ».
  • Qrooto.
  • Banners App.
  • Tinkoff Investments.

And now let’s talk about each of them in detail.

VK Target

Applications for making money: on the phone + without attachments + TOP of the best

This application has a user-friendly interface. The user can earn here on a mobile phone and for accounts located on social networks.

And here the client may not look for work and perform tasks. The system will independently place tasks that are attractive to the user on the page on the social network. Moreover, the client is required to enter some data about himself.

This is:

  • floor;
  • age;
  • country and city of residence;
  • number of subscribers.

Remember: in order to earn more money on the phone, the client must create many different accounts on the social network. Each profile must be completed.

The program works with such social networks as:

  • "In contact with".
  • "Classmates".
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram.
  • Youtube.

Moreover, new tasks in this system appear during the day. And the tasks here are standard. The user is required to subscribe to the channel, join the group, like the post or repost the post. The page with advertising will open immediately in the desired application, and it will take 1-2 minutes to complete the task.

People who often visit the service note that the amount needed for withdrawal (50 🪙) is accumulated quickly. The accumulated funds are withdrawn to Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.wallet. The mobile phone also replenishes points.


This is a service that helps you earn passive income by viewing ads and participating in a referral program. Here the client receives exactly passive income, and he does not need to delve into complex schemes for earning money on the phone .

For viewing ads, a small amount of finance is also charged here. And if a person actively works in the program, he will receive a decent amount of money. Moreover, the ads here are unobtrusive, you do not need to enter a captcha or wait a long time to continue viewing.

Making money in this application for making money on android is easy.

The user needs:

  • go on the website;
  • enter personal data and create an account;
  • Confirm account registration by email.

Next, he needs to download the Globus-Inter application. Now the client must log in to the mobile application, wait until the system sends him an advertisement. And she will send them every day. They can be viewed or closed. This does not affect the final payment amount.

Remember: in this service you can get a small or even decent income on the phone. And in order to get more, the client can use the affiliate program belonging to this advertising network. By attracting new customers, a person will have 60% of the amount of money earned.

Remember: in order to receive referral earnings, you must still work in this service, i.e. receive, view advertisements.

The accumulated funds can be withdrawn to Webmoney, PayPal. You need to dial 0.5 dollars.


Applications for making money: on the phone + without attachments + TOP of the best

This is an android earning application created for freelancers. Here, anyone can find a specialist in any field. At the service, the customer must fill in the conditions of the order, and the contractor must evaluate these conditions. Here you can meet specialists in personal services, courier delivery. Also here you can easily find a tutor for a particular subject.

Popular tasks are placed on the "Virtual Assistant", "Computer Assistance" tab. Moreover, there are such tasks where a person does not need to have any qualifications. For example, he can deliver goods, carry out small orders. Moreover, the work here can be done online or remotely. Remotely, the performer can decrypt the video, search for information, i.e. work that does not require a visit to the customer.

In addition, a person can make good money on the YouDo exchange. Basically, the work of designers, web developers, and installation specialists is well paid here. Here executive can fulfill not only one-time orders, but also work remotely. The performers like the service because there are a lot of orders here, but few performers, i.е. there is no competition. Customers choose a contractor based on the price he offered and his rating. Moreover, applications can be submitted as many as the user himself wants, and for the work that he wants to do.

Remember: the higher the rating of the performer, the more experience he has, and the more approved applications he has. Sometimes on this service there are easy orders.


This is a service where a person earns money directly from his mobile. In this system, the user performs tasks.

Tasks are:

  • standard;
  • field.

Remember: the cost and number of tasks depends on the rating earned by the performer. The higher it is, the more approved applications it has. Most of the orders here are based on the fact that the performer goes to the city, photographs the specified building, sends it to the customer for verification.

In addition, here the user can perform various tasks.

For example, he can:

  • analyze texts, images;
  • check the compliance of the materials posted on the site with user requests;
  • fix errors that occur while working with the algorithm.

There are also such tasks in this service that require the performer to have special skills. Before performing them, the user must study the instructions, pass the test. Based on the passed test, he will be qualified, and tasks corresponding to his level will be offered.

Remember: the more the performer gives correct answers, the higher his qualifications will be, and the more money he will earn. For example, experienced professionals here earn $10 a day. They are displayed on a cell phone, Yandex. wallet", through PayPal, Skril.


Applications for making money: on the phone + without attachments + TOP of the best

This is a service where a client can scan receipts and get good money for it. And here the user can not only earn money on a mobile phone, but also significantly save on purchases of goods from partners.

To use this application, the client must:

  • install the application on a mobile phone;
  • scan the QR code from the check that the buyer received in the store. Now this code is on every check.

The client receives bonuses for purchases in such stores as:

  • "Pyaterochka".
  • "Magnet".
  • "Underground".
  • "Dixie".
  • VkussVill.

The accumulated bonus points are credited to the client’s cell phone, transferred to a bank card or credited to the Yandex. Money".

Remember: if during registration the client entered the code: 733727 in the field, then he immediately receives 10 additional bonus points.

In addition, there are a couple of applications where the user can earn money by scanning checks.

These are android earning apps :

  • "Edadil" and "Disconto".

In them, the user can earn on purchases. He can also get a decent cashback for buying goods in his favorite category. The service operates on mobile applications running on the Android and IOS operating systems. The accumulated points are displayed on Yandex. Money”, as well as they can replenish the balance of a mobile phone

Applications for making money: on the phone + without attachments + TOP of the best

In this service, the client receives money for watching commercials. And this is where it pays well. Users note that here you can earn a couple of dollars and do nothing.

To use the service, the client must:

  • register on the site;
  • download the app on your mobile phone.

Further, the user only needs to activate the downloaded application. To do this, he only needs to enter personal information in the form. The user receives money for unlocking the cell phone on which this application is installed.

Users like this application because here they can choose a theme in which commercials will be broadcast. Moreover, there is no counter here, you don’t need to enter captcha, you don’t need to spend time looking for interesting ads either.


This application for making money on the Internet is created for those users who want to earn money by writing reviews. The user needs to download the application, leave a review about this advertiser, and receive money for the review. Advertisers are interested in every user downloading this application, so there are a lot of tasks in this service.

Remember: after writing a review, the program cannot be deleted for 2-3 days. For downloading the app, the system pays 20 🪙 or $0.35. Moreover, the next day, the user can log into the application again and receive money again. Therefore, users already receive 0.35-0.9 dollars for one download of the application.

Additionally, the client can perform a couple of tasks. It will take him 15-20 minutes. 15-20 orders appear in the system per day. Therefore, developers recommend that users log into the system 2-3 times a day. This reduces the chance of missing new orders. Thus, here the client can count on mobile earnings of 500 🪙.

And in this service, the client can earn on new users. So you can get 1-5% of the total mobile earnings. Moreover, the more actively the client invites new users to the system, the higher his rate will be. The accumulated finances can be sent to your cell phone. They can also be sent to Yandex.Money or sent to Webmoney.


Applications for making money: on the phone + without attachments + TOP of the best

In this service, the client can earn money by watching news and ads from a cell phone. Moreover, the screensaver of a cell phone is replaced by messages with advertising. And every time, unlocking the screen, the client is credited with finances. But you need to move your finger to the right or to the left, get paid for it.

Interestingly, the user does not need to watch commercials, so even lazy customers can earn money this way. Moreover, the accumulated finances can be exchanged for cash or gift certificates. Points can be transferred to a cell phone. This is done through PayPal. They can also be transferred to a bank card. Points are credited to the user once a month.


Applications for making money: on the phone + without attachments + TOP of the best

This service is similar to the Yandex.Toloka service. To earn here, the client must complete field tasks, but here these are “missions”. In this service, a client can earn from 100 to 300 🪙. But there are also missions for 1500 🪙. Moreover, the user can take on a couple of missions, the objects of which are located on the selected route. So he will earn more. The route can be viewed on the application map.

In addition, here the client can become a mystery shopper, so earn money. Every day, 10 new missions appear in the application. And if you complete a couple of missions at once, you can earn decent money on your phone.

The tasks here are simple. The user is asked to go to the nearest store, check the availability of certain goods in the store. Moreover, after completing the task, the user must fill out a special questionnaire. The questionnaire is checked for 2 days. Further, the funds are transferred to the client’s account. You can transfer them to Qiwi wallet.

Additional ways to make money on the phone

Applications for making money: on the phone + without attachments + TOP of the best

There are also special services where the user earns money by installing applications. These applications are in demand among users. Moreover, if the client also enters a promotional code, then he will receive 2 times more money. But remember that money is transferred here only in 🪙.

Consider these applications and the current bonus promotional codes in our table:

app name promo code
Advertapp 0b4dg8
AppCent ARBV8P5
PayForInstall B9K4YY84
Appbonus UTDYMB
TapMoney 1455921
“Easy Money” 8B7XAB

In the following applications, the user can also receive money only for downloading this application. But finances are displayed in dollars. Additionally, there are promo codes:

The name of the company promo code
WHAFF Rewards KG59923
Money App 8PTOBL

Applications for earning – Why bonus points were not credited

Applications for making money: on the phone + without attachments + TOP of the best

It often happens that a user has downloaded an application, is waiting for bonus points, but no points are awarded to him.

This happens if the client has previously downloaded this application. When downloading the application, the user must receive confirmation from the developer that the application is being downloaded for the first time. And if the developer has not given such consent or the performer has previously downloaded this application, earned on it, then he will not receive points.

How much can you earn on apps

Applications for making money: on the phone + without attachments + TOP of the best

This indicator is different for users and it depends on.

  • the number of applications used by the client;
  • the type of tasks to be performed. You can earn a lot of money on your phone by installing special games;
  • attracting referrals to the system, their activity;
  • good luck to the user.

Earning apps – What to be afraid of

Applications for making money: on the phone + without attachments + TOP of the best

Often users who want to make money on the Internet are afraid of this way of mobile earnings. People are afraid to download unknown programs to their cell phones to make money. Unfortunately, there is a risk that the password from the user’s application will be stolen, and his money will go into the hands of fraudsters.

Therefore, it is better for the user to download well-known applications for making money and only from official sites. Only such programs for making money are considered safe, there are no viruses in such programs, so they are downloaded calmly.

If the user has found a new application for making money on the Internet and wants to use it, then at first he should read reviews about it. Only in this way the chance to stumble upon scammers is equal to zero.

To sum up: applications for making money on the Internet are not an interesting way to spend your free time. Such earnings cannot replace work. And the user will not receive much money from such applications. It is better to engage in self-development and move up the career ladder.

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