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Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas


Utility bills from January 1, 2020 will increase by 10%. Food prices are going up every day. But the cost of public transport and gasoline is skyrocketing. What to do if wages are steadily standing still? Look for extra income.

And you can look at the vastness of the Internet. After all, the global network offers many legal ways to earn money without investments.

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

Features of working on the Internet

You work from home or a coffee shop with a wireless Internet connection. And you have a free schedule for part-time work. There are several advantages here:

  • piecework wages – the cost of work is discussed with the customer before the project is completed;
  • no reference to geolocation (city, region) – your client is located anywhere in the world;
  • you can receive remuneration on a card, electronic wallets, virtual cards;
  • the number of transfers per month depends only on you – how much you earn, how often you withdraw funds;
  • income less than 20 thousand rubles. the tax authorities do not track – you can not register as an individual entrepreneur or self-employed.

For active work, knowledge in the chosen field is required. As well as stable access to the global network, the desire to develop. And, of course, raise wages.

What professions are in demand?

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

Extra income is always nice. But for it to be, you need to work hard and choose a close field of activity. For example, a bank employee can work remotely as an operator or credit manager on a deal.

Occupations in particular demand:

  1. Copywriter
  2. Editor
  3. SMM specialist
  4. WEB designer
  5. Targetologist
  6. Programmer
  7. Call center operator
  8. Insurance, credit agent
  9. Assistant Manager
  10. SEO Specialist
  11. Contextual advertising specialist
  12. Author of articles on Yandex Zen
  13. Content manager
  14. video editor
  15. Online teacher

The level of remuneration depends on the qualifications of the specialist, the availability of a portfolio. And the second most often affects the choice of the customer in favor of a particular contractor. Therefore, new freelancers do not set high prices for work. Because it makes no sense until they collect enough examples of work.

In these areas, you can work from 1 to 4 hours a day, earn extra money on weekends or on sick leave.


Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

Copywriting is the main or additional income without investment. A copywriter is the author of various texts on the web. They work in 5 areas:

  • Rewriting articles – rewriting information from the source, making the text unique and readable;
  • Copyright – creation of new texts based on knowledge or information search on the Internet;
  • SEO-copyright – writing texts optimized for search engines;
  • Texts for posts on social networks – engaging, selling, informational, hype small texts, humor and entertaining sketches;
  • Selling large texts for landings (single-page sites) with the distribution of information into blocks.

The profession is ideal for those who like to type a lot, read and immerse themselves in a given topic. Wage when working 2-3 hours a day for a beginner – from 5000🪙 per month. But for a professional – from 30 thousand rubles. per month


Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

Additional money will bring editing. An editor is a person who evaluates the quality of an author’s work. His responsibilities include proofreading the text, finding errors, sending for revision if necessary. Preparation of the final version of articles and transfer of work to connection managers for publication.

Salary depends on the volume and qualifications of the editor. On average, for 1000 characters, beginners take 5-10🪙 Pen Master – from 100🪙 for 1000 characters. The speed of work depends only on the person and his skills.

SMM specialist

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

Social networks have taken over the world. And now most large companies have accounts and pages in VK, OK, FB, Instagram, YouTube. All this is an additional income in your free time. Especially for an SMM specialist or a person who manages social networks for an employer.

Main responsibilities:

  • preparation and publication of posts
  • work with graphic editors
  • creation of creatives for targeted advertising
  • communication with the audience, including answering questions in direct and comments.

Beginners are most often only tasked with publishing posts and responding to visitors in the comments. The level of payment – from 3000 rubles. per month A professional SMM specialist receives from 40,000 rubles. per month

WEB designer

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

People with experience in graphic editors can easily become web designers. The cost of the work of a specialist depends only on his skills and ability to be creative. For many lovers of photo processing, such additional income at home is to their liking.

It is easy to find a part-time job in this direction through chats, groups with vacancy announcements. These are available in almost all social networks and instant messengers. Telegram channels are especially popular.


Master for setting up advertising on the Internet and social networks. Target is a targeted advertising campaign for a specific target audience. The goal of a targetologist is to give the client a maximum of interested parties and buyers. But all this at the minimum cost of a click, transition, subscription.

There are many paid and free courses that teach the art of targeting. But for the profession it is desirable that a person loves pivot tables, data analysis. As well as the study of the behavioral factors of visitors to sites and social networks. And he easily worked with identifying the pains of clients or the target audience.

The cost of labor is from 2000🪙 for setting up one advertising campaign.


Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

Among the ways to earn extra money, programming is almost in the first place. There are few specialists in this field, they are highly valued. There is a real hunt for masters of certain coding and creation of convenient sites.

The profession itself will take several years to learn. But on the other hand, income, both basic and additional, will only grow over the years.

Call center operator

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

One of the simplest types. earnings on the Internet. Many companies require specialists on the phone. But maintaining a separate office for operators is too expensive. Employers have found a way out of the situation – to hire remote employees and connect them with special programs – IP telephony.

Working conditions – the availability of uninterrupted access to the network, clear diction, the ability to communicate with customers, silence during working hours.

The cost of labor is estimated either by the hour or by the transaction. To get a coveted part-time job, it is enough to pass an interview via Skype or another messenger.

Insurance, credit agent

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

In fact, this is also a call center operator with remote access to IP telephony. But the task is not just to consult, but to go through a cold customer base and make a deal for insurance or lending.

This type of additional income on the Internet has existed for a long time. Activities are carried out either under a GPC agreement, or by oral agreement, where an agreement and tax deductions are not provided.

Assistant Manager

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

One of the options to get extra money is to become an assistant. Moreover, managers or leading remote specialists are often looking for a person who can collect a database for them, keep records, statistics, search for potential customers.

Most often, assistants are required on a full-time basis. But you can find an option with hourly pay and agree to solve tasks only in the evenings or 2/2, if you have such a schedule at your main job.

SEO Specialist

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

Optimizing sites to improve their search rankings is hard work. The bottom line is to select keywords, analyze articles by copywriters, check the ranking in the SERP. You can figure it out on your own. You can take courses online.

As an additional income, SEO specialists become employees of marketing agencies, whose activities are already related to optimization. Specialists simply find 1-2 ancillary projects to work from home.

Contextual advertising specialist

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

Contextual advertising – advertising in search engines. The work is carried out through the advertising offices of Yandex and Google. Setting up consists in determining the target audience, writing short bright texts, creating layouts or creatives, adjusting the budget or bid distribution, tracking results.

The specialist must accurately determine the relevant key queries, decide what the limit of the amount for the click through is, and analyze the results. Masters receive for one successful campaign from 30 thousand rubles.

Author of articles on Yandex Zen

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

Increasingly popular additional income on the Internet is the conclusion of an agreement with Yandex. You become an official search engine author and write articles for a channel called Zen. The goal of the work is to get from 7000 article rereads per day in order to monetize the work.

You can write about what you like, except for prohibited topics. For example, you can blog about cooking or home art. As soon as there are a lot of readers, Yandex employees will pick up advertising banners and start transferring a percentage for successful advertising.

The advantage of such additional earnings in your free time is official earnings after concluding an agreement with Yandex. All tax deductions are paid for you. And they can provide you with a 2-personal income tax certificate.

The disadvantage is that at first you will have to write for free.

Content manager

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

A specialist who uploads texts, photos and product descriptions to websites through platforms. Piecework wages. It depends on the amount and volume of work performed. To work in this way, it is enough to study the principles of operation of at least one platform, for example, WordPress. And look for orders in this direction.

To fulfill orders, you will need attentiveness, copywriting skills, sometimes editing, a sense of style so that everything on the site looks beautiful.

Since 2017, the demand for content managers for social networks has grown. Their task is to publish ready-made posts on time, sometimes to select photos for them. Such activities are often combined with an SMM specialist.

video editor

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

Creating commercials, mini-films about the company, editing a long interview – the demand for them is constantly growing. Working with video editors and understanding the principle of storyboarding are the main tasks of a remote video editor. A specialist can take a one-time part-time job or find a permanent project on which he will spend 1-2 hours a day.

The cost of remuneration depends on the complexity of the video, its duration, the speed of execution and the qualifications of the specialist. You can earn remotely without changing your main job from 10 thousand rubles. per month.

Online teacher, tutor

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

Additional earnings in free time for teachers – tutoring. Of course, many are accustomed to come to the student in person. But having stable access to the Internet expands the horizons. Now it is easy to get a job in a remote private school or find students from another region or even a country.

The cost of remote tutoring is no different from private private lessons. Teachers with 3 years of experience charge from 500🪙 per hour. Not only teachers, but also translators can master the profession.

How to determine the demand for the selected type of additional income?

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

Understand whether your knowledge and skills are in demand in the role of additional. earning easy. To do this, you need to analyze chats, message boards, groups and telegram channels. For example, you decide to become an editor. Go to the site with vacancies, then to groups in VK, chats in Telegram. And you study how many proposals for cooperation have been made in the last month.

In parallel with the analysis of demand, you study the cost of such services. Next, send a resume or a proposal for cooperation to 3-5 selected customers. And from the received answers, choose the best for yourself. And start working in your free time.

Pitfalls of remote work

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

All ways to earn extra money are good. But there is always the danger of doing a job and getting nothing for it. This is the main pitfall of freelancing. No contract means no guarantee of pay.

How to avoid wasting time?

  1. Look for vacancies on trusted sources. It is better to refer to sites where you need to attach your resume and you can read information about the company. Or choose freelance exchanges. There, a commission is charged for the order and for the withdrawal of money, but there is no way to simply not pay.
  2. When working with direct clients, take an advance payment – from 50% of the total cost. Because in this way the customer will not have the desire not to get a job for the money already given. Or do not pay extra to a good specialist.
  3. You can work under a contract as a self-employed citizen in those regions where this option is provided. For example, Moscow, Moscow region, Kaluga region, Republic of Tatarstan. And in 2020, the list is expanding.

And most importantly! Do not believe that you have to pay for your own work first. There are many scammers on the Internet offering to make an advance payment for taking an order. For example, in 2015, websites were distributed that offered to rewrite the manuscript into a printed version, but in order to receive an order, money had to be paid.

Common types of telecommuting scams

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

The more Internet users and those who want to get additional income, the more scammers who earn on this. In order not to become a victim of fraud and not to lose faith that you can earn extra money from home, pay attention to a number of classic schemes:

  1. Find a job. You are satisfied with the conditions. Go to private messages. Briefly describe what you need to do. And quickly move on to payment terms. Sound some kind of service of safe transactions. They ask for information, such as email. Send a confirmation email. And you will find out that you need to pay a commission of 5-15%. Refusal to pay – the customer is gone.
  2. You are asked to complete a test job. But in terms of volume, it is like a full-fledged complex task. Remember, samplers should not take more than 1 hour of your time. All other options are an attempt to get your work for free.
  3. You are offered permanent remote cooperation, but wages without a contract are only 2 times a month. You have not heard of this customer. But you agree. For two weeks of part-time jobs, more than 10 thousand rubles are accumulated. Because the rate was 2 times higher than that of competitors. And on the day of payment, your client disappears. You can avoid. For example, say that the first time you need payment upon completion of work or once a week.
  4. To access the database with clients you need to pay a fee. This option can only be on freelance exchanges, and then payment is not for access, but for additional impressions of your ads – advertising.

Keep track of how the client behaves and additional earnings in your spare time will bring money, not a headache.

Is it possible to make money on a hobby?

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

What to do to earn money in the evening and on weekends? You can make money from your hobby. Because handmade things are in demand in the 21st century.

The most common hobbies that turn into a source of income are:

  • homemade pastries, confectionery products to order;
  • knitted children’s and adult clothes;
  • tailoring at home;
  • manicure, pedicure, makeup, hairdressing services;
  • tutoring;
  • assistance in bookkeeping remotely;
  • writing full-fledged books to order;
  • production of children’s toys – manual labor;
  • creation of jewelry;
  • production of accessories;
  • making handmade soaps;
  • souvenir products, up to the painting of caskets;
  • furniture manufacturing.

Almost any hobby can be monetized. But only if you understand the principles of online sales. And consider one thing. When your income exceeds 20-30 thousand rubles. per month, you will have to register the activity officially.

Because the tax authorities have the right to check all personal accounts. And find out where the funds came from. Fines will be issued for illegal business activities.

5 life hacks on how to turn a hobby into money

Additional income: from scratch + without investments + for a beginner + ways + ideas

Turning a hobby into additional income in your free time is a trendy idea of ​​the 21st century. Making a profit is easy if you talk about yourself correctly. Among all advertising methods, the fastest work:

  1. Word of mouth radio. You are recommended by clients to friends. The sundress system works great with manicure, pedicure, hairdressers, photographers and make-up artists.
  2. Publish ads on free boards, for example, on Avito and Yulia. Users will find out about you and will be able to contact you directly.
  3. Tell about yourself through social networks. In cities with a population of over 500 thousand people. demand for Instagram. Create a page. Publish 1 photo of works with a price per day. But prescribe suitable hashtags – words marked with #. For example, for knitted things – #childishthingsorder or knit_forchildren.
  4. Open a YouTube channel for those who love to record videos and broadcast live. The buyer has more confidence if he personally sees how his cake is being prepared.
  5. Participation in exhibitions of needlework and goods of own production. Such fairs have been held in medium and large cities recently. To get to them, apply and negotiate with the administration. Please note that food products are sold only with the permission of the sanitary and epidemiological station.

So any of the ways to earn extra money will bring more money. Even if you are a programmer, you can place an ad or open a group on a social network with examples of work in your specialty.

Any profession is the basis for additional earnings. The main thing is to choose the right direction of activity. Then get past the scammers. And get the coveted income without investment.

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