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A familiar millionaire told what affirmations he says every morning to attract money


"If you want to make money, change your mindset."

The most eminent and socially recognized authors carry this idea through their books.

And I agree with them – 90% of the money is in our heads. We are often afraid to take advantage of the opportunities that life offers us. We often don’t even see them, because there are settings in our heads:

  • "money flows like water"
  • "not enough money",
  • "Money is never enough."

We recently spoke with a millionaire friend about this topic and he shared with me the technique of affirmations. It turns out that every morning he starts by programming his mind for success. And this brings him very generous, monetary benefits.

For this technique to work, you need:

  • think of each statement as a fait accompli and try to FEEL your high spirits and happiness from it;
  • repeat affirmations every day. Then, over time, new positive attitudes will replace the old negative ones.

A familiar millionaire told what affirmations he says every morning to attract money

14 money affirmations from a millionaire.

1 I firmly promise to attract big money into my life.

2 I get richer and more successful because every day I make this decision.

3 Money is flowing into my wallet and bank account.

4 I have the skills, time, and energy to build wealth.

5 I vow to receive all the blessings that the abundant universe sends me.

6 I feel like money is drawn to me, like I’m a magnet for them.

7 My destiny is to become successful and wealthy, and I gratefully accept this.

8 I think like a millionaire. My subconscious is programmed for prosperity and abundance.

9 I listen to my intuition, I do not interfere with the flow of new ideas and give free rein to my imagination.

10 It is easy and comfortable for me that money comes to my accounts from different sources.

11 I have many sources of passive income and I am constantly creating new streams and rivers of money.

12 I’m not afraid to act, I’m not afraid to take risks and this attracts money.

13 My choice is to live high, to live richly and abundantly.

14 I am grateful to the Universe for all the blessings that I have and for all the blessings that I will have.

As my friend says, after about a month of daily, conscious pronunciation of these affirmations, life will begin to change for the better: money will begin to come from the most unexpected places, you will begin to see earning opportunities where you have not seen them before.

The main thing is to allow yourself to receive the blessings that will come.

Do you, friends, believe in the power of affirmations and subconscious programming, or do you think that this is nonsense?

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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