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“A dog named Mani” is the key to success and prosperity.


"A dog named Mani" is the key to success and prosperity.

Cover of the book "A Dog Named Mani"

Cover of the book "A Dog Named Mani"

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Today I propose a book theme. Mani the Dog is a non-fiction book for children.


The book tells the story of an eleven-year-old girl named Kira who finds an injured dog. She takes care of the dog and names him Money "Money". The dog can telepathically talk to Kira and explains to her step by step how to handle money so that she can make a fortune, even starting with relatively small amounts. Along the way, Kira meets many adults who support her in her endeavors and she learns that money is not really just money!

In this book, Bodo Schaefer manages to “package" a lot of financial knowledge into a language that children can understand:

  1. how to learn to handle money.
  2. how to earn more.
  3. how to reduce debt and make a fortune.
  4. how to get rid of money worries.

The first step is to set financial goals. For each of them, a "piggy bank of desires" and a "dream album" are created so that you can better imagine (visualize) your goal.

This makes desires more tangible and concrete, and therefore more difficult to lose sight of.

Another important point:

self-confidence or confidence that you can raise the money you need for your purpose. Because if you do not believe in the possibility of achieving a goal, you will never achieve it!

Kira quickly finds allies who believe in her and support her. Her cousin Marcel has a thousand and one ideas on how she could make money.

The real owner of the dog "Money", financial adviser Mr. Goldstern, explains to Kira how her parents can get out of debt. FrauTrump, who is interested in the stock market and financial investments; and Frau Heinen, a bank client consultant who is well versed in the practical aspects of finance.

Young readers are allowed to mentally follow Kira’s actions as she first sets goals, then earns money, and then invests that money and multiplies it.

She always has the dog "Money" by her side, who guides Kira through her adventures until she can stand on her own.

"A dog named Mani" is the key to success and prosperity.

Source https://clck.ru/TSaDi

Source https://clck.ru/TSaDi

We always think that money is not a problem for children, but this is not at all the case, because they hear us constantly talking about money and our own attitude towards it affects the further attitude of children towards money.

So I think it would be great if you read this book and define your own views and beliefs. Consciously decide which of them you want to pass on to your children and which will be useless to them.

The book showed me that I myself (and only to a small extent the circumstances) are responsible for my financial situation and can influence it with my actions.

The hackneyed phrases “we have no money” and “people like us will never become rich”, but there are no laws of nature that are forever determined by external circumstances, “we have no money” is just a starting point from which you can always start act.

Mani the Dog made me delve deeper into various subject areas. Like many people of my generation, I already learned how to deal with money, but more in the sense of “how do I cope with the lack of money.

The idea of ​​making a fortune and letting the money work for me has always been unworkable for me. However, in his book, Bodo Schaefer makes it clear that it is also possible for children from humble backgrounds if they start early, set goals and priorities, and let time work for them.

How did I start the struggle for capital formation? You can read about this in the article: "How I started collecting a pension" portfolio "from scratch".

We can safely recommend this book to everyone, without exception, both parents who want to teach their children about money, and the children themselves.

It is a pity that during my growing up there were no such books. The book can be found, for example, on Yandex Market. Read it, you won’t regret it!

Take care of yourself and your finances!

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