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7 apps that will make you richer (accounting for income and expenses)


Do you remember Winnie the Pooh’s song: "But honey is a very strange thing … Honey – if there is, then it is immediately gone!"? So is the money – just received a salary, here they are and immediately they are gone!

After reading it to the end, you will know:

  • How to control income and expenses with pleasure and without violence against yourself.
  • How to stop spending up to 30% of your money on unnecessary purchases.
  • About 7 cool personal finance programs that will help you get your expenses under control with minimal time and effort.

To begin with, let’s figure out why and how much money we lose?

How to stop wasting up to 30% of money on unnecessary spending

Interesting numbers? This is how we lose our money without even realizing it! How to return them to your wallet? I must say right away that there is no secret secret or magic technique – you need to plan and maintain a budget.

Only the lazy does not know that you can become richer if you keep track of income and expenses. But not everyone keeps a budget. Recently, 60% of families do not keep records of family finances.

That is why most of the many users at the end of the month cannot say at the end of the month where up to 30% of their personal money has gone!

Why can’t budget

  • No understanding of the benefits of budgeting
  • An inconvenient way of budgeting was chosen

I will try to convince you that budgeting is profitable.

What are the benefits of budgeting

  • You really assess the current financial situation.
    Do you really spend a lot or is the problem in low income? Here the terrible truth can emerge – you need to work on increasing income, because. it is impossible to save indefinitely.
  • You will stop draining money, because. find and eliminate "black holes" that absorb money, return up to 30% of the money to the budget without losing the quality of life.
  • Learn to plan and optimize expenses without saving on yourself.
  • Start building savings.
  • You get a financial decision-making system to help you determine which of your spending priorities are yours.

We figured out the benefits of having a budget. But if there are so many advantages to budgeting, why don’t people keep it? Or start to lead and quit?

The main reason is that the wrong way of budgeting was chosen.

If you choose a way that is comfortable for you to manage the budget, then you will spend only 5-10 minutes a day on it. And you will be interested in doing it!

How can you budget

  • On paper (notebook, notebook)
  • Using Excel or Google-sheets in a tabular form that is convenient for you.
  • Envelope method.
  • Use online services, special programs for accounting for personal finances on a computer or phone.

7 programs for personal finance accounting

These programs will make life easier and make the process of budgeting easy and interesting!


Let’s consider them in more detail.

1 Cash Organizer

Allows you to keep financial records of any complexity and structure.

Service functionality:

  • Planning and control of expenses and incomes for different categories.
  • Multiplayer mode.
  • Cloud database with full data encryption. Password protection, 256-bit encryption, a security system in which even the developers themselves cannot access your data.
  • Cloud synchronization between devices (phones, computer).
  • Support for any device.
  • Fully customizable reports.
  • Multi-currency – support for more than 200 currencies.
  • Synchronization with an unlimited number of banks (more than 2000 from 50 countries, including 170 banks recently and the CIS), etc.

Cost: standard version – free of charge, Premium – advanced functionality for 2,950 c.u. in year.

2 CoinKeeper

The application allows you to keep a family budget together with loved ones or take into account the finances of a small company with partners. more than 200 thousand people have recently used it.


  • Budget planning.
  • Planning financial goals.
  • Control of income and expenses.
  • Accounting for even the smallest expenses with the help of tags.
  • Multiplayer mode.
  • Reminder system.
  • Setting spending limits for the reporting period.
  • Debt accounting.
  • Multicurrency – support for world currencies.
  • Data protection with password and encryption.
  • Import transactions from more than 150 banks recently, recognize expenses from SMS, etc.

Cost: Basic version – free, Premium – $899/year.

3 Toshl Finance

Helps over 2 million people around the world keep track of their personal finances.


  • Budget planning.
  • Goal setting.
  • Budget control.
  • Import data from more than 13,000 banks.
  • Multicurrency – supports almost 200 currencies, including 30 cryptocurrencies, constantly updates the rate.
  • Reminds you of the need to make expenses in the appropriate columns, automatically synchronizes with the site.
  • Entertaining – funny monsters help keep track of the budget.
  • Automatic backup – your data is safe even if you lose your device, etc.

Cost: Basic version is free, Toshl Pro is $2.99/mo. When paying immediately for the year – $ 19.99 / year.

4 Drebedengi

The application allows:

  • Plan a budget.
  • Take into account savings on the target.
  • Make automatic input of expenses, process SMS from banks.
  • Connect all family members – multiplayer mode.
  • Plan operations and remind about them.
  • Make shopping lists.
  • Save receipts with photos from your phone.
  • Create transaction and report templates.
  • Keep records in different currencies and on different accounts, etc.

Cost: basic version – free, premium version with advanced functionality – 599 USD/year.

5 Zen money

Application functionality:

  • Budget planning.
  • Connection to the family budget of all family members.
  • Accounting for savings for the purpose.
  • Selection of profitable bank deposits.
  • Import operations from banks, electronic money systems.
  • Accounting for funds in different currencies, including cryptocurrencies, etc.

Cost: standard version – free of charge, extended functionality – 99 USD/month or 42 USD/month if paid for a year. You can buy a license "forever" for 1,249 USD.

6 EasyFinance

The developers position the application as a financial navigator in the browser and smartphone and claim that regular use of EasyFinance will allow you to set aside at least 15% for your goals every month. Allows you to plan the budget of the family and small businesses.

Application functionality:

  • Planning income and expenses using forecasts and the planning wizard.
  • Import and synchronization of transactions from more than 200 banks in 10 countries, including the current one.
  • Budget expenditure tachometer – visual control of expenses.
  • Savings for the purpose and large purchases.
  • Templates and quick entry of operations.
  • Calendar – allows you to make all recurring payments.
  • The program monitors the financial situation in the country and offers profitable solutions for opening deposits and loans.
  • Service notification system, etc.

Cost – 4 packages:

  • free,
  • Light Pro – $99/month,
  • Medium Pro – $149/month,
  • Full Pro (for entrepreneurs, freelancers, investors) – $250/month

7 Alzex Finance

Program functionality:

  • Budget planning and control.
  • Accumulation on purpose.
  • Connecting multiple users with access rights.
  • Accounting for debts and loans.
  • Multicurrency.
  • Synchronization between a computer and phones on Android and iOS.
  • Import checks.
  • Bank SMS recognition.
  • Accounting for expenses by large and small categories, etc.

Cost: the standard version is free, to use the extended functionality you need to buy a personal lifetime license for 590 USD.


Choose the most convenient program for you, apply and increase your income! And if you use another service, then tell us about it in the comments and share how it is convenient for you.

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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