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5 Personal Finance Books You Must Read



I’ll dilute the holiday theme with a book theme a little, especially since it will be very useful to read such books on vacation.

I offer my selection of books about managing your money: from the basics to drawing up a family budget and a personal financial plan. These editions are great for beginners, and the first one can be read even with children.

📖 “A dog named Mani, or the ABC of money", author B. Schaefer.

The book tells the story of a girl, Kira, who meets a talking dog named Mani. The dog reveals to her the secrets of financial literacy and teaches her how to handle money. This book can be read with children. With its help, it will be easier for parents to introduce the child to the topic of money and to lay the foundations of financial literacy at such a young age.

📖 "The richest man in Babylon" by J. Clason.

5 Personal Finance Books You Must Read

Here are the basics of handling your money (there are 5 in total). I highly recommend getting acquainted with this book: it is very small, written in the form of a story about the inhabitants of ancient Babylon in a simple and understandable language. Read in one breath.

📖 "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by R. Kiyosaki.

Robert Kiyosaki tells his real story: he was born into a poor family, but over time he succeeded in the financial field and made a great fortune. The advice rich dad gave helped him to destroy the poor man’s worldview and achieve such results.

📖 "The Path to Financial Independence" by B. Schaefer.

Here are the ideas of the book "A Dog named Mani …", only everything is already written for adults. Bodo Schaefer, using examples from his personal life, tells the main stages in the formation of initial capital, which can form the basis of financial independence.

📖 "How to make your personal financial plan", by V. Savenok.

Vladimir Savenok is a financial consultant. In the book, he talks about how to independently develop a long-term personal financial plan (save for the education of children, for your retirement, etc.) and stick to it.

I have read all of these books and highly recommend them. They will tell you the basics of managing your finances, how to wisely save and save money to fulfill your desires and plans, and will charge you with great motivation in achieving your financial dreams.

Have you read anything from the list yet? Do you have any recommendations on this topic?

If you are interested in such reviews – let me know in the comments and write what topics you are still interested in.

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