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5 levels of personal finance


I meet a lot of different people. When we meet, we discuss various topics, and due to my professional interest in personal finance, I sometimes touch on this topic. And I ask my interlocutors: What financial levels do you know?

Most often they answer: “A lot of money or little money", “Lack of money”, “Finances sing romances”, “Debts are higher than the roof” and everything else like that. It is they who, so immediately, project their financial condition.

And when I start talking about 5 financial levels, many questions begin about each of them.

Today I decided to share these levels with you.

It so happened that I was engaged in network marketing for 6 years (it is also called MLM, MLM or multi-level marketing). So, even the top leaders confused two basic concepts: financial freedom and financial independence. What can we say, about “simple” networkers, financial freedom, which they promise …

And only in 2014 I learned that, it turns out, there is not only financial freedom and financial independence, but also other levels.

I am very grateful to my financial mentor that then, thanks to him, I understood at what level I was and what I should strive for.

Here we will talk about all of them in the near future. Now I’ll just list them all.

Level 1 – financial danger. This is the level where the majority is.

Level 2 – financial security.

Level 3 – financial stability.

Level 4 – financial independence.

Level 5 – financial freedom.

5 levels of personal finance

There is, however, another level – absolute financial freedom. But at this level is less than 0.01% of the citizens of our vast country. That is why we will not even touch it. Moreover, I myself do not know anything about this level …

We will talk about all these financial levels in the next issues. Simply, within the framework of one article, it will not be possible to tell about all of them.

What financial level do you think you are at?

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