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100 powerful financial affirmations to attract money into your life


Today I decided to go all the way and make a huge list of 100 financial statements that you can say daily for success and prosperity!

Since there are so many strong statements here, you can choose a different one every day or every time you get bored of repeating the same words. This way you won’t repeat the same thing over and over again, always recite affirmations with a fresh eye and still keep yourself on a high frequency to attract money and abundance.

How to show abundance in your life

Manifesting abundance is doable for everyone once you understand exactly what you want and how you want your abundance life to look like. Here are some simple steps for you to do this:

  • Learn to imagine yourself rich and successful.
  • Practice this visualization every day.
  • Set smart goals and define a clear path to achieve them.
  • Speak financial statements that resonate with your goals and put your heart into every word.
  • Don’t let your limiting beliefs about money define your life!

Do money affirmations really work?

Financial affirmations will work wonders for you once you start practicing them regularly and believing in every word you say. It will take some time and dedication, but after a while you will feel natural speaking your affirmations. Make it a non-negotiable part of your daily routine and be open to all the money, abundance and prosperity that comes your way!

I. Financial statements to start your day

100 powerful financial affirmations to attract money into your life

1 I am the owner of my wealth.

2 I was born to fulfill all my dreams.

3 Money flows to me freely.

4 Wonderful opportunities come to me day by day.

5 I release all negative energy because of money.

6 I naturally attract good luck.

7 Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

8 I am in the process of awakening to the truth that my thoughts, words, and actions have a huge impact on my personal success.

9 I am turning into a person who makes amazing financial decisions.

10 I am abundant in all areas of my life.

11 My life is an amazing adventure with fantastic opportunities and experiences.

12 I am worthy of all the wealth that I desire.

13 My relationship with money is healthy, vibrant and prosperous.

14 I attract great opportunities into my life.

15 I am highly motivated, productive and extremely efficient.

16 I am connected to the general money supply.

17 Prosperity reaches out to me.

18 I am attuned to the energy of abundance.

19 If Others Can Have A Lot Of Money, I Know I Can Do The Same

20 I have a lot of wealth and security.

21 I make money doing what I love.

22 I have a positive attitude towards money and know how to spend it wisely.

23 I choose to feel rich now and for the rest of my life!

24 I plan and set all my financial goals because I know that I can achieve each of them.

25 Every day I get richer and richer.

II. Positive statements about financial freedom

26 I can buy whatever I want.

27 I am happy and so grateful now that money is coming to me in ever-increasing amounts, through multiple sources, on a consistent basis.

28 I am on my way to financial freedom.

29 I get money just thinking about luxury.

30 I have complete financial flexibility.

31 Money comes to me quickly and effortlessly.

32 I welcome an unlimited source of income and wealth in my life.

33 I deserve financial freedom.

34 My finances are improving beyond my dreams.

35 I believe in my ability to accumulate huge sums of money.

36 The more money I spend, the more money I have and receive.

37 I let go of all resistance to attracting money. I deserve positive cash flow.

38 I am completely financially free, as all my actions lead to financial abundance.

39 My finances are always in order. I always control my expenses.

40 Money comes to me from all directions, from all situations and from all ways of expressing myself.

41 I am an efficient wealth generating machine.

42 Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

43 My investments are diversified. I refuse to keep all my eggs in one basket.

44 I am open and ready to make millions of dollars.

45 I’m already on my way to financial freedom.

46 There is always more than enough money in my life.

47 Business is my second nature. I am always looking for and noticing opportunities that increase my financial value.

48 There is no limit to the amount of money I can earn.

49 Becoming financially free is possible and anyone can do it.

50 I am financially free.

III. Money affirmations that work fast

51 I am a money magnet.

52 I choose to live a rich and full life.

53 Everything I want and need comes to me with amazing speed.

54 I’m attracting money to me right now.

55 I am in complete harmony with the frequency of prosperity.

56 My income is constantly growing.

57 Money is flowing to me at this moment.

58 I am ready and willing to receive the fantastic state that is available to me.

59 At this moment, new possibilities open up before me.

60 My mind naturally learns to build my income as quickly as possible.

61 Money comes to me quickly and easily.

62 I am open and receptive to all the richness life has to offer.

63 Every dollar I spend and donate comes back to me multiplied.

64 My positive attitude is to attract money.

65 This month I will receive more money than I expect.

66 I have unlimited money.

67 Money is constantly flowing into my mind.

68 I am grateful for the money that flows into my business quickly and consistently.

69 I can make more money.

70 My income continues to grow.

71 Now I feel wealth flowing towards me.

72 Financial abundance within my reach.

73 My thoughts are so charged with the power of prosperity that I can attract money just by thinking about how it fills my wallet.

74 I deserve to earn more money.

75 The universe conspired to make me rich.

IV. Affirmations for financial success

76 I have the power to create the success and create the wealth I desire.

77 Money has a positive effect on my life.

78 I recognize that success is a choice, so I choose to allow success to enter into every area of ​​my life.

79 I have more money than I’ll ever need.

80 I place no limits on my earning potential.

81 I believe in my ability to create wealth and success.

82 I have a positive and fulfilling relationship with money.

83 My income exceeds my expenses.

84 I have the attitude of a person who never quits.

85 I am turning into someone who is very motivated to make huge lump sums of money.

86 Money expands my life opportunities and experience.

87 Money is no longer a problem.

88 Every minute of every day, good things keep coming to me.

89 I am constantly attracting opportunities that create more money.

90 I am constantly increasing my savings and investments.

91 I’m thankful for the abundance that I have, and for the abundance on his way.

92 I’m sure I’ll keep making more and more money.

93 It is safe for me to dream big and act on those dreams.

94 I deserve to be paid for my skills, time and knowledge.

95 I am committed to my vision of success and richly rewarded for my perseverance.

96 Making money is easy.

97 It’s safe for me to become a millionaire.

98 Opportunities to make money are always knocking at my door.

99 My business (work) allows me to live the life I want.

100 I am successful, achieving, healthy and happy.

Just in case you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or having a hard time believing what you’re saying, add one or two affirmations from this list to your daily affirmation session and let them do the work!

  • My financial statements started to work for me.
  • I am getting richer every day thanks to the affirmations I say.
  • Positive affirmations change my life daily.
  • These abundance affirmations work for me.
  • My money affirmations bring me income every day.
  • I feel great and motivated to succeed after making positive affirmations.

How do you always raise money?

100 powerful financial affirmations to attract money into your life

There is no single rule that will make all millionaires instantly rich. But there are definitely a few things you can learn to do so the universe knows you’re ready for all the greatness and cash flow that’s in store for you!

  1. Speak financial affirmations daily with feeling
  2. Be open to emerging opportunities
  3. Surround yourself with rich and successful people
  4. Do not look desperately for money, let it come to you.

What to do when you are sad and stressed

Sometimes you may not be in the mood to repeat positive affirmations and mean it. As I mentioned, you need to put the right emotions into the words you say to make them powerful. Otherwise, you are just wasting time and are unlikely to achieve any results.

But don’t worry!

When you are angry, frustrated, sad, unhappy for whatever reason, and generally not in the best place to empower yourself, listen to a dedicated meditation!

Not only does someone else do the talking for you, but they usually use high vibration music in the background that calms you down and helps you focus on your listening. You can just relax, close your eyes, find a comfortable position and let some person with a nice soothing voice put you in the right state to attract wealth.

Here is a good way to manifest money, try it regardless of your current mood!

Final Thoughts on Using Financial Affirmations

So that’s it! 100 powerful financial affirmations to attract money and wealth into your life.

Read the list, choose a few lines that resonate with you the most, and repeat them at least once a day! Bookmark this page and check back from time to time to diversify your list so you don’t get bored of repeating the same thing over and over.

You deserve a successful and rich life! Accept this fact and open your heart and bank account to all the blessings that the Universe has prepared for you! Imagine how great it will be when you no longer need to think about money!

Good luck on your journey to financial independence!

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